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Traditionally accountants help with your figures in a historical and reactive way. They would review what happened last month, quarter or year. At LeaskAS we're not in business to be a traditional accountant. Our number one priority is YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and helping you to maximize growth and profit by helping you take control of your business. We want you to achieve greater financial success both personally and professionally. So let's look at business decision making reimagined with LeaskAS, can you afford not to?

Proactive, not reactive
There is a marked shift happening, not just in this industry and our profession, but globally, to cloud-enabled systems. No longer do organisations have to spend thousands of pounds on expensive IT infrastructure and licences to take advantage of the latest cutting edge business applications. Business owners need information at their fingertips, organisations make real time decisions. Accessing applications from a Smart Phone or tablet has become second nature and why should you have to go into the office to produce a quotation or print a report? This ease of access and increased use has significantly increased the amount of data we generate in our daily lives. People say ‘knowledge is power’ but in the new economy you also need ‘context’. I often hear clients complaining that they “can’t see the wood for the trees”, that’s because they need help focussing on what’s important, the ‘context’.

Looking forwards, not backwards
At LeaskAS we partner with the leading cloud application providers to deliver a service to you which improves your decision making and business agility. At a practical level we partner with the leading cloud based forecasting and reporting provider. We work with you to leverage your accounting data and together to find patterns in the numbers to drive your business. What is your gross profit margin right now? What does it mean? How much should you set aside for the tax bill? Can you afford to expand nationally or regionally? Traditional systems didn't allow us to work together in this manner.

Great companies don't succeed just because they have a great service or product. They succeed because they know what's coming. For example, by forecasting growth and considering different scenarios of how the future might look. That means they know where to invest, how to allocate resources and what preparations to make for each stage of their journey. Our methods and procedures allow us to do all of this and more with you. And it is presented in a beautiful way on any device that’s easy to understand, not just a wall of numbers!

The future
At LeaskAS, it is important that we continue to innovate and to support your business. Our business experience coupled with market leading software is our commitment to you, to help you run your business more intelligently; achieve greater results with less effort and to finally enjoy the figures.

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Leask Accountancy Solutions

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29 Mark Antony Dr, Heathcote, Warwick CV34 6XA, UK

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Leask Accountancy Solutions Q&A

Company Q&A

What kind of accounting services do you provide?

A comprehensive service. From bookkeeping through to strategic planning. I specialise in Cloudbased accounting, this means that you are in control of your accounts and we share the information in real time. Via these webbed ledgers I can ensure that you are recording your data correctly and that it is in the format you need for either legal submissions or analytical planning.

Why is it so important for businesses to hire a great accountant?

As a business owner or manager you are more concerned to ensure that you are making the key decisions that drive your business growth or maintain the market share that you value. By delegating the number work and hiring a great accountant such as myself I will not only ensure that your historic records keep you legal, that the tax you are paying is efficiently calculated, that all the forecasting provides your business with a competitive edge but also that access to finance is secured when needed.

What do you love most about your job?

My job allows me to work with many fabulous teams. These people are driven by the desire to make their business the best in its own niche. I thoroughly enjoy bouncing ideas off these teams as to how to provide the best service that they deserve. As an outsider to the management team and their staff I am in the privileged position of being able to spot things when the team I'm working with can't see the wood for the trees. It is very rewarding to pass on my knowledge and see these companies thrive having applied my suggestions.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having worked for many years in large corporates I decided to set up my own business initially to get more of a work/life balance. However, working with smaller companies has allowed me to bring a smarter way of working that is taken for granted in the corporate world. By highlighting these shortcuts, processes or procedures, time and effort can be reduced by many SME and so make them more effective and efficient, This ensures that THEIR goals are identified and reached much quicker.

Why should our clients choose you?

A client has said of me "I have recently engaged Leask Accountancy Solutions and my only regret is not doing this a long time ago. Julia has a highly professional and ethical attitude to her work and my business. She demonstrates a clear understanding of how businesses work which is more than just adding up figures or making the bank account balance.
Julia uses the information from the figures to inform her suggestions in relation to growing a business, very refreshing.
In the short time we have worked together Julia has made suggestions which go beyond accounting, supported me personally in understanding the accounts and responded confidently to any requests, queries or concerns I may have had about my business and my accounts. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leask Accountancy Solutions as a highly competent professional service. "
So why are you waiting? Contact me today and find out how I can become your trusted adviser.

Services provided by Leask Accountancy Solutions


Tax Advisory Services

Leask Accountancy Solutions works closely with an independent team of Chartered Tax Advisers specialised in tax consultancy services. They are members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation with over 100 years of wide ranging tax experience and based in Warwickshire

Getting your business ready for investment

The essential things to bear in mind when planning to ask someone else to invest in your business is to ensure that you have prepared thoroughly and address the following points:- Get professional support. The hook to get them interested. Your Category of One. Thorough Understanding of your market. Relevant Experience and Qualifications . Route to market. How much do you want to borrow (loan) or apply for (grant). Financial Statements. Future Vision.

Preparing, Analysing and Acting upon Management Information

Summarising and reviewing key data will future-proof your businesse. To support your decision making process it will be very useful to use an all-in-one forecasting and reporting tool. You will then be able to report on your businesses with confidence in where thy‘ve been, how you are trending today and where you are going. By regularly monitoring your situation you are being proactive not reactive and working positively on the future of your business. Our number one goal is that you will get clarity and confidence in your figures. How well do you know your business? What‘s your net income? What is your gross profit? How are you doing in comparison to last month? Or budget? How much are you spending on wages versus income? How‘s your cashflow looking? We will get your KPIs set up for you and your team so you have the answer to all this and more, in seconds. It‘s your business and we will make sure the information you need is personal to you.

Cashflow Analysis

Your cashflow is vital to the survival of your business. Most profitable businesses fail due to cashflow problems. 1) Make sure you know how and when cash is coming into your business. Do all of your customers pay on time, what happens if they pay late? 2) Know when cash is going out of your business and what for. Identify any cash commitments and forecast when you will pay them, for example, are you able to pay your next VAT and Corporation tax bills 3) Understand where your businesses cash is tied up. This could be highlight the fact that the money tied up in stock could be better used to pay suppliers. 4) Understand if all of your assets work effectively for your business? Could your empty office or desk be rented out to earn some nontrade income? Do you need to own all of your business’ vehicles and office equipment or could you lease these at a lower monthly cost? Virtual Assistants (VAs) are cheaper than employing staff and you can switch the associated cost on and off as needed.

Work history from Leask Accountancy Solutions

Work History

Business Accountant and Trainer

Leask Accountancy Solutions

From August 2010 to present.

I established Leask Accountancy Solutions in 2010 providing traditional bookkeeping and financial services to Midland’s based SMEs. With client businesses covering a range of sectors from manufacturing to services through to training and education, it was clear they all benefited from more than just bookkeeping so I evolved the services I provided to deliver on-demand Management Accounting and business guidance as their “Finance Director as a Service”. By offering an annually contracted service I cater for regular financial events as well as call-off services at an agreed and predictable cost. Most clients I work with require an intense initial engagement to help them better understand the actual state of their businesses and how their goals translate into actions in terms of a Business Plan. From there I provide services and advice to address specific needs such as: • how to access alternative funding and support options • product and service cost analysis and pricing strategy to maximise profits • cloud based financial systems implementation and reporting • financial awareness education and training (up to HNC standard) • develop and implement growth strategies to access new markets Over the last two years, my portfolio of clients has shifted to larger, higher value SMEs who have a need for more strategic advice in order to prosper in a difficult economy. My core clients are generally limited companies with a minimum of £500k turnover who already have a finance function dealing with their historic compliance work but do not have any senior strategic financial experience to plan and forecast in house. Generally working at Exec/Owner level, I work as part of the leadership team augmenting their existing Finance/Accounting teams to provide more strategic advice and guidance around business development and growth based on a solid understanding of the finances and operation of the business. The saying “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it’ is very relevant, save that my view is most businesses “don’t measure” rather than “can’t” and that is where I help. Through helping them understanding what is important, I can look at what actions can be taken to open new markets, reduce unprofitable products and services, drive better value from suppliers and improve your position with their bank. By regularly reviewing these key business indicators, the business can track that it is keeping on plan, making adjustments as necessary. By highlighting the business’s current and future cashflow needs it can be quite easy to identify when strategic investment is needed for growth, and that is another area where I provide support helping businesses access the many types of loans, grants and funding from both the private and public sectors such as Growth Accelerator, bank loans, invoice discounting and peer to peer funding. As much of the time is spent educating Exec’s how to interpret key indicators within their business, I formalised my training experience with the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Level 4 qualification, which also allows me to deliver Finance Modules to HNC level through a number of Further Education establishments.

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