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Providing caring, professional pet care services for almost 12 years. Fully insured and bonded, tons of references and positive reviews, convenient online booking and payment options and caring staff with a love of animals.

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Karen Shapiro

18 July 2019

Jessica was terrific with all our pets (2 dogs, parrot, guinea pig) during a recent vacation. She was persistent in gaining the trust of our older curmudgeon and we could enjoy our vacation knowing that all our pets were being well cared for.


Sarah DelVecchio

12 September 2018

I can’t say enough good things about Leashrly Life and our walkers, Jessica and Carol Lynn. We know our dog Gus is in good hands with them and they give updates after every walk. They are beyond accommodating, coming even on holidays and weekends as needed and Gus has stayed with Jessica for overnight visits. It is so nice to have people we trust to take care of our little guy! The website makes it so easy to schedule or cancel appointments and they really do go above and beyond. We love them and so does Gus! More...


Amy Ricci

7 September 2018

We've been using Leashrly Life for almost a year now and it goes us such peace to know that our pets are in good hands when we are not home! Jessica walks our dog 2-3 days each week, our dog stayed her while we were on vacation, and she has also cared for our special needs cat while we've been on vacation. Jessica genuinely cares for our pets and I know that our dog Daisy looks forward to seeing Jessica! Everyone at Leashrly Life has been so easy to work with and scheduling and bill paying is easy too! We are grateful for the wonderful service they provide! More...


Laura F.

7 September 2018

We've been using Leashrly Life for over a year now, since we first brought home our puppy.  The online scheduling is incredibly easy, and it's nice not to have to worry about your primary walker's vacation schedule or sick time. Vacations are always communicated in advance and you are offered the opportunity to meet anyone new who is coming into your home beforehand if time allows, or at least warned that someone new is coming if it's unexpected. Be aware that walkers sometimes bring their children along with them. For me, this is a bonus, I'm happy with the additional interaction, but it still surprised me the first time.  We have had a couple of issues here and there but the client coordinator, Ann Marie, has always been very responsive, both during the week and on weekends when needed.  One thing I wish I'd known earlier is that you can update a notes section on the website with information about your pup, which is where any substitute dog walkers will look for pertinent information.  Our main walker, Jessica, pointed this out to me and helped me determine what would be useful to put here. More...


Maria O.

24 August 2018

Leashrly Life is great. Our guy is almost 6 now, and we couldnt imagine out lives without them! Reliable, Dependable and FUN. Our dog loves his walker. She's been with us since he was 5 months old. Thank you!! More...


Kate Notman

22 August 2018

Leashrly Life helped make the last year of our old dog Katie's life a wonderful one. Marilyn took care of her every day while we were at work and we always knew she was being given the best care and attention. When Katie passed, Marilyn was as affected by it as we were. More...


Katy O'Leary Meszaros

17 August 2018

We have been using Leashrly Life since we moved to Walpole 3 years ago and would recommend it to anyone in the area! Our regular walker, Nancy, is incredibly reliable and makes sure to tire out our dog each day while we are at work. She also takes adorable photos of her :) On days that I work from home, I am able to see how excited our dog gets when Nancy arrives -- it is the highlight of her day for sure. On the rare occasions when Nancy is unavailable, Anne Marie always makes sure to provide us with a substitute -- we have never had to scramble for coverage. Thank you! More...


Andie M.

6 August 2018

I've had a great experience with Leasherly Life!  Have been using them for a few months now. Communication has been fantastic with the owner.  Scheduling and bill pay is easy & online. And most importantly, We adore our Walker "D..." who is so caring for our special needs pup - we get pic & email updates after walks!  Can't say enough great things. More...


Patricia Mullen

1 August 2018

Jessica is just amazing. She takes extra special care of our elderly dog even carrying him home from a walk yesterday. We are so very grateful!


Vincent S.

24 July 2018

We have been using Leasherly Life for over a year now every time we travel or need to go away. Being the owner of 2 Boxers it is important to us to not send our girls just anywhere. Our experiences with Leasherly have always been positive and very accommodating. All of their care providers always make an effort to give updates to us during their stay and ensure we know exactly how they are behaving while we are away. Everything from the reservation process to the drop off and pick up make it so easy. I highly recommend using Leasherly Life for those occasions when you cannot be around for your furry four legged friends. More...


Frank Reilly

20 July 2018

I've used Leashrly Life to walk my goofball yellow lab for about 10 months. Extremely reliable and easy to work with. Thank you Jessica and Ann Marie!!!


Karen L.

20 July 2018

I have owned dogs for over 30 years and this is my first time using a dog walking service.  I deeply regret not doing it sooner and wish I could afford for Diana to walk my dogs every day!   She comes every Tuesday and Thursday and not only walks them but gives them love, treats and refreshes their water.  I have two old ladies both are sweet but one can be very moody - she just loves Diana.  When I leave in the morning I always say "It's a Diana day" and both dogs start wagging their tails.  Every visit Diana will text me a picture of one or both of them with a couple of sentences about their visit.    In additional I appreciate that the payment process is paperless - I get invoiced via email and can just pay it online.   Could not be a happier customer!! More...


Caitlin K.

25 April 2018

I used Leashrly Life while I was dog-sitting for a couple months for a friend. We had Craig come every weekday during lunch to walk a VERY energetic doberman. I was so impressed with the communication and the service. The dog LOVED Craig (he would wait by the door around noon each day!) and I would get a text every afternoon assuring me the walk went well and the dog was OK. They are very accommodating to my ever-changing schedule - the online booking is awesome. Thank you Ann Marie and Craig!!! More...


Alex Bowdoin

3 December 2017

I am so Pleased with Leashrly Life!! A Lovely young woman trainer to help me with my 5 yr old rescue, a female foxhound. Then I stupidly twisted my ankle and texted my trainer, who then texted her boss who then set up a dog walker for me, who come to find out we have already met as he is walking one of my neighbors dogs every morning.....I highly recommend Leashrly Life!! More...


Kendra M.

1 November 2017

We use Leashrly once a day for dog walking. So far, so good!Pros:-The dog walker is conscientious and prompt. We have an alarm system that gives us a time stamp of when she comes and goes, and she always arrives within her window and stays for the set time we paid for. She does things like wipe muddy dog paws, which is something our last walker at a different company didn't do. -Dog walking prices are cheaper than all competitors in the area-We had a slight snafu with the dog walker at first, and Leashrly staff stepped up and made it right-Amazing, super user-friendly online payment and scheduling system. We will be using Leashrly for overnight pet setting soon. So far, Leashrly set up a meet and greet with the pet sitter at their home so we could see the environment and feel comfortable. Our last dog walking/pet sitting company didn't do this. More...


Katie B.

12 April 2017

We hired Leashrly Life to walk our two Jack Russell Terriers Dallas and Lucy when we moved to Walpole from Cambridge. We have been impressed with the service and professionalism which is above and beyond any services we used in Cambridge. Anytime we have had something come up last minute they have been responsive and accommodating. Andrew has been so patient with the dogs as they transition to life in the suburbs and as we navigate the aging of Dallas who is 15 now. More...


Allan Rosman

13 February 2017

Totally unequivocally the best dog sitting facility in the state! Professional courteous comes highly recommended by me and my military community


Kenny G.

28 November 2016

We signed up for a frequent dog walking visit, hoping our puppy would get a quick walk in while we were busy at work. We didn't expect the level of service excellence, expertise, and energy that came with our walker. Jess is exceptional. She takes her job seriously and truly connects with our dog Bones like a professional trainer. She makes the most of her visit, constantly switching up activities - even practicing dog training standards that lead to great obedience. We can tell she has a passion for animals which results in Bones receiving more than just "a quick walk". She is mindful and respectful of our home which greatly contributes to our positive service experience. Overall, the business is excellent to work with and makes it extremely easy for us to add/adjust appointments to meet the demands of our busy schedules. We are grateful to have found a trusted dog walker and local business. More...


Jason F.

29 December 2015

My wife and I have been using Leashrly Life for almost 6 months now and we could not be more pleased with the service they provide! Our dog walker, Anne Marie, has been reliable, professional, and we know our Roxy is in good hands whenever she comes over. The online booking tool is very convenient as well. I highly recommend this company! More...


Reba R.

4 January 2015

I highly recommend this company, they've done nothing but treat us right! Very professional dog walkers & cat sitters, our guys loved our gal! Lisa, the schedule coordinator is so kind and proficient with everything she does. Thank Yall very much! The boys look forward to seeing Yall soon! More...


Lauren O'Malley

23 December 2013

We couldn't be happier with Leashrly Life! They have been walking our dog Stanley for four years. They have helped us with walks, overnights and even a health scare or two. They have always accommodated us and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you! More...

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