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Rodney Gibson

28 May 2015

Leapfrog is always courteous and prompt on addressing any issues we may have.


Marshall Curtis

28 May 2015

The Leapfrog team always provides top level service and support. Their team is always responsive and thorough weather dealing with crisis, general issues, projects or questions. We appreciate the documentation of all activities and communication of the Leapfrog team. I am always impressed that they make me feel like I am your only customer and my question or problem is their sole priority. I have worked with Leapfrog Technologies for nearly 10 years and can honestly say that they have performed consistently and set a very high bar for consultancy and support organization to compare. More...


Melissa Sperk

28 May 2015

Any trouble I have had with my account Leapfrog solved right away. Real happy with this service.


Veronica Meyer

28 May 2014

“I contracted with Leapfrog Technology Group to implement a network for our business; the project had major business impact, allowing us a network where one had never existed. We had an immediate time line and there was business pressure to implement quickly. Leapfrog came in and presented several options with both pros and cons enabling executive management to make informed decisions with regard to customizations specific to the way our business operated and our budget. Jeff was the prime contact for the project and demonstrated the ability to transition between a technical role and a management role when appropriate. The skill to ‘bridge the gap’ between the technical and functional made him an excellent facilitator between Leapfrog, our management and the lay people. In my experience, I have found it to be rare that a person possesses this exceptional ability. Their work was of the highest level of honesty and integrity and the quality of their work consistently exceeds expectations. I highly recommend both Jeff and Leapfrog Technology Group without reservation.” Veronica M Director of IT, Kay Home Products More...


Ivona Kutermankiewicz

28 May 2014

Juan from Leapfrog refused to give up on fixing up Windows 8 indexing problems on my computer. He tried different solutions until he came up with one that worked. I am in real estate and need to have a very accurate index of all of my items in Outlook; Juan saved me. Before Leapfrog looked at my issue I was considering buying a new computer just for archiving my Outlook items. Leapfrog is the best! More...


Simir Shah

29 May 2011

I own a small Real Estate company and needed a remote solution since most of our agents do not come to the office, I asked a couple of consulting companies for a solution but the cost was out of our budget. I brought in Leapfrog to do a network assesmement and they came up with a cost effective soltion that did not break the bank. They also trainined our whole staff with a Custom Windows 7 and Office 2010 class that has really helped usa pick up our prodcutivity. We use Leapfrog on a regular bases and are always surprised with the amount of knowledge and proeffsionalism they bring to the table. They are truly a wonderful technology partner! More...


Kathy Hirsekorn

26 October 2009

In preparing for 2010 projects and budgeting, we were really facing challenges on bridging the gap between them. We decided to bring Leapfrog in for an assessment of our entire network. Server to desktop and all the processes in between. Money well spent... These guys are right on the cutting edge. So smart and creative and really took the time to focus on our BUSINESS and how technology can better support what we do, something that I have rarely experienced when talking to IT folk. After the initial phone call with Jeff their owner I knew we were in the right place, backed up even further by their team, the assessment and true assistance in identifying where and how we can improve, always keeping in mind that $$ is a large factor for small/mid size business. Jeff is a seasoned professional, he isn"t just an IT guy... he understands business extremely well and we found that imperative to the success of our relationship. There isn"t that disconnect that you so often feel when looking at the big picture and long term success of your business and how technology can better help you achieve it. Leapfrog understands the partnership and fuses that into every suggestion and proposal. We have not only happily taken their suggestions, we hired them to plan, implement and train our staff. We have also elected to keep them on what I would like to call "retainer". Their support packs are incredibly affordable, easy to budget and our staff receives A+ support and assistance on ANY technology. The partnership we have formed is one we value and expect to be very long lasting. Thanks Leapfrog! More...