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Britt Y.

31 July 2019

I hired Jenni to do a sound bath twice. First for me and my son in our home. My son is autistic and I wanted to see how he would respond to Jenni and a sound bath. Well, he LOVED it! I also felt so relaxed after that I could easily have taken an hour nap. The second time, Jenni did a sound bath at one of my healing events. She once again knocked it out of the park! It was such a beautiful, relaxing and releasing way to end our healing workshop. I highly recommend her sound bath experience for any group, workshop, corporate event, etc. What a beautiful way to treat your employees, colleagues, clients, family and friends. Jenni truly has a gift. She is warm, friendly, honest, and intuitive. I also tried a Reiki session with her and it helped me to release some blockages around my third eye and crown chakras. I left feeling more open and grounded. Thanks so much, Jenni! More...


Erika E.

16 April 2019

I magically stumbled across Leading With Light this month and I have to say that I am so excited I did. Jenni is quite amazing all around. She has such a calm and beautiful approach and made my first Reiki experience smooth sailing. She made things peaceful and calm and explained to me in great detail what I would experience as well as a perfect recap to the session. She also followed up via email with all my questions after the session. I also walked away with some beautiful crystal water/essential oil spray that was the perfect match for me and I love using it every day. I highly recommend Jenni's serviced for Reiki and look forward to returning one day. More...


Iyesha L.

5 April 2019

I met Jenni a little over a month ago. Talking with her for the 1st time was so easy & comforting. I explained everything I was going through, a lot I didn't quite understand. Jenni was very informative. It was nice to hear our story was quite similar. Long story short, I made my appointment for a Saturday. By Thursday, I was feeling like total crap. I called Jenni, she was able to squeeze me in after her "Reiki Pop Up". She even invited me to the "Reiki Pop Up". I was hesitant on going because I wanted to go straight home to lay down. But I went! And thank God I did. She pulled so much crap out of my head. Within less than 10 min, I felt a lot better. I still saw Jenni later that day for my full service Reiki session. It was simply magnificent!!! Her office was a perfect temperature, being that I was freezing my butt off Lighting was perfect. I was super relaxed. I laid down, closed my eyes, & went into my own little world. That was the best relaxation I'd had in quite some time. And honestly, I didn't want to leave. This was my 1st Reiki session. I didn't know what to expect. But my session was absolutely PERFECT More...


Suzie L.

11 March 2019

Jenni is deeply intuitive and brings a lot of hard earned wisdom to her work. The intelligence and work ethic that made her successful in the business world help to ground her reiki treatments, and her emotional and energetic sensitivity add something unique to her life coaching. If you want guidance reaching your goals from a heart centered foundation, I highly recommend working with her! More...

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