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Leader Self-Defense is an exclusive program that offers face-to-face and online coaching in self-defense, fitness and self-improvement.

We empower vulnerable people with both the necessary mindset and skills to become the best possible version of themselves and fulfill their own needs and desires.



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Coaching sessions are divided into three segments: 1. Yoga (the warm-up) – focuses on your breathing, balance, flexibility and core strength, 2. Calisthenics (the workout) – focuses on your strength, stamina and endurance using body weight and random resistance intensifiers, and 3. MMA (the training) – focuses on your application of rapid, powerful strikes, escapes, throws and submissions. We also provide Individual Goal Adaptable Coaching.

There is no real secret to gaining your dream body. You must have discipline, motivation and consistency. Without those three things, you will never achieve anything of value.

I love the idea of inspiring people to be the best possible version of themself, while empowering them to fulfill their own needs and desires.

Saavy businessmen like Shawn "Jay-z" Carter, Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki have all inspired me in many ways to turn my passions into businesses.

My whole life revolves around self-improvement; being the best possible version of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, professionally and financially. Being a black belt, an Iraq veteran and a civil servant for the City of New York for 10 years, I will bring all of my experience and passion to each training session.