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Le Petit Garden

West Hollywood, California

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Le Petit Garden

West Hollywood, California

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Le Petit Garden is a Do-It-Yourself gardening studio on Melrose Avenue and go on-location, too!

Every guest makes their own potting mix and leaves with a boxed, potted plant!

Our potting workshop is hands-on, fun and educational. We guide you step-by-step, explaining the different 'ingredients' in your soil 'recipe'.


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Derek Nelson

7 September 2019

This place is 5/5 is all aspects! I love the concept of this store. They have a beautiful selection of plants AND an excellent selection of really nice pots. They are setup so you pick a plant, pick the pot, and then repot it in a nice repotting area in the middle of the store. Such a good idea! When we arrived the employees were very friendly and helpful in our answering questions. The prices were very good as well. All of the plants looked perfectly healthy and happy and there was a nice variety to choose from. If you like indoor greenery hurry up and check this place out! More...


Tereza Ghazaryan

23 July 2019

Such a cute little place! Perfect for organizing intimate events or just dropping by to learn about plants. I had my baby shower here and all my guests loved both the space and the experience! They called it unique and unlike any other shower they have been to. Huge variety of plants and pots, which is exciting. The staff is super helpful. Highly recommend! More...


Nancy Bowman

30 June 2019

Great experience for children and adults. Great help from the staff there as well.


Amy M.

17 May 2019

This place is so cute and I can see how it can be a great place for private events too. They also have a kids table.I'm very happy with my pot and plant. I chose the money tree plant but they have a wide selection of different types (pythos, pinks, peace lilies, etc.). There is free parking on side street. They close at 7 pm, not 5 pm like is says on Yelp! More...


Lou E.

8 May 2019

This place is really cool. Fun date event if you come here for the potting class as well. Elijah was super knowledgeable and helpful about plants and they're very meticulous about plants. There's specific soil mixes for whatever type of plants you pick. The prices actually include the pot, the plant, and the potting toppers. Super reasonable - my gf and i were wondering how they made money lol. More...


Helen K.

8 May 2019

Bought a Groupon for two and had a fantastic time.  So you pick a pot. Under the pot there is a price and that price includes a plant, soil, nutrients, and topper for a little extra. Elijah was so helpful, he understood the plants and explained how to keep them alive and was very patient while I spent 20 minutes looking for the perfect pot.  (I am very indecisive...lol)All in all, it took about 40 mins (a lot less if you aren't indecisive) and the outcome was beautiful!!I would come here without a Groupon, the prices were surprisingly not too expensive considering that the shop is in the middle of Melrose St.  They have free parking in the back, they said repotting the same plant is free in the future, and did I mention how awesome Elijah and Andrew are? More...


Esha S.

30 April 2019

Buying this for my friends birthday was the perfect opportunity to do an activity not revolving a hangover. We had the best time (we all love plants) but also Elijah had a lot of knowledge about all the plants and soils. I work in the hospitality industry and will definitely be recommending this as a fun activity for my clients to participate in! More...


Malvinder kaur

27 April 2019

I dont know what resume to send them that is my problem


Ally L.

6 April 2019

I always passed this place every time I would go to Melrose and thought it was super cute. Yesterday I went in and the two workers had a great attitude and were so helpful. I was excited to get my first plant and the woman helping me was so informative as to how to care for my plant with water and how it needs indirect sunlight. If you are looking to get a plant I suggest you come here. There are a variety of plants to chose from, pots, and decorations. You really can personalize it as to how you want. More...


Nicole N.

1 April 2019

I had a wonderful time at Le Petit Garden!! Its perfect for any date/special celebration, and great for those who are looking for personalized gifts/DIY workshops. First: you get to pick a pot/vessel and the price comes with a plant (petit or regular size). Then you get to select a plant for your pot. After, staff will walk you through the type of soil mixture you need depending on the type of plant. When you're done you will be given watering instructions and also have the option of adding in decorations and other soil toppers.My friend and I were walk-ins and were greeted by one of the staff members. He was super nice and knowledgeable about the plants. He not only asked us about the lighting in our apartments in order to help us narrow down our choices, but also explained about the different types and purpose of the dirt/rocks you add into your pot. There were a wide variety of cute pots as well as a couple of plant/wall backdrops for good pictures!!It was a little busy on a Sunday but the attention of staff/overall workshop duration were great! Street parking was fine in the neighbors behind Melrose. I would definitely come back with friends and family for a special hands-on experience! More...


Hannah K.

22 February 2019

came in on valentine's day with my mom while we were spending the day in LA. I unfortunately forget the name of the girls who were in there helping us at the time but they were fantastic! the overall process is very simple and easy for any age (besides the tough decision of picking the plant and pot you want) took me about 30 minutes to decide on what i wanted and they were so understanding and patient with us! they also helped with the many questions about which plants to get since my mom lives back on the east coast! thank you so much for the fun and interactive experience! i'll definitely be back! More...


Christina J.

18 February 2019

I love the idea of this shop. You get to choose and build your own plant, which makes it extra special and personal. I wanted to do something different with my friend for her birthday, so instead of getting flowers I decided to take her here to build her own. And I'm so glad we did. Our experience was memorable thanks to Jay. He was so informative, kind, and patient with beginners like ourselves. Fun and easy activity to do with friends and kids (they have a small childrens section) and will definitely be coming back! More...


Karissa S.

9 February 2019

My sister and I went to Le Petit Garden yesterday and each did 2 plants. Jessica helped us, and the whole experience was amazing. Will definitely be back for more fun! More...


Sandy D.

26 January 2019

My sister and I took their planting workshop and had the best time. In the workshop, we got to pick our pot and plant, make our own potting soil, and repot your plant. They have the cutest assortment of pots to pick from, all in different price ranges. I had such a hard time choosing the one. They have large array of plants to choose from too. There were plants I hadn't ever seen before. We both picked jungle plants, ones that were not easy to kill.Jay, our instructor, was very kind and patient. We told him our plight about not being able to keep plants alive and he told us which plant option was best for us and which to stay away from. He was very knowledgeable about what soil was required for our jungle plants and showed us step-by-step what was required to care for our plant. After repotting our plants, we got to pick toppers to go over the soil. The topper gave our plants the finishing touch. The studio atmosphere was very serene. Plants covered the walls from floor to ceiling. The colorful pots lined the shelves. I walked into the workshop and immediately wanted to take photos. This was definitely a great place to hang out on a lazy Sunday.After we finished, I wanted to make a second plant, but decided I'd have to come back another day. I definitely will come back to make additional plants or maybe host a fun gathering with some friends. I definitely learned a lot and had a ton of fun. More...


Shelby F.

17 January 2019

What a great concept! I never write reviews but I'm writing because I have been so blown away! I purchased a plant back in November and it recently died. The staff happily replaced my plant and are some of the friendliest people I've ever met. They take time to explain the various plants to you and the process of properly planting in a pot. There are a lot of places to get plants/pots in LA but no where offers close to the amazing customer service they offer here. Highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about botany. More...


Tori J.

13 January 2019

This place is AMAZING!!! Jessica and Jalen had such great attitudes and were incredibly knowledgeable. I loved the personal touch and the prices are affordable too! Thank you for such a great experience. I'll be back! More...


Frankie Miller

27 December 2018

What a wonderful experience and great idea. Love the whole concept of this.


Savannah G.

20 December 2018

Totally loved this place! Brought my friend here for her birthday and we both loved it! They have a great selection of pots and plants and even have little cute plant toppers. All the employees were really sweet and had a bunch of information and knowledge behind the plants. The prices were reasonable and there was even a section for kids as well to do their own planting which was super cute. Would totally do this again and would recommend it to anyone. More...


D Z.

1 December 2018

Great staff, beautiful plants and a charming way to add live to my house. It was so fun to plant my new money tree plant.


Grace E.

13 November 2018

I had such a lovely experience getting my peace lily and succulent. The staff is so kind and incredible.


Diana Zollicoffer

4 November 2018

Beautiful plants. I had a great time planting my birthday gift.


Leighann K.

25 October 2018

Such a great idea! Came in here and was able to create the succulent of my dreams. You get to pick your own pot, plant, and pot toppings. Really reasonable pricing too! I would definitely recommend for a date night, or even just a Sunday Funday for the kids. More...


Carly Oros

25 October 2018

I went here today to make a potted plant to commemorate my grandma's life, and Jessica was so helpful! I have never really planted anything before and she was super patient with me and answered all of my questions. I definitely recommend this place! It was super cute and very fun! More...


Marlene A.

18 October 2018

Love this place!  I got a succulent in Aug in such a tiny pot and now it's growing so big I had to move it to a bigger pot.  It's so healthy and beautiful.  I definitely recommend to go and get one or give as a gift.  I think I will need to buy another bigger pot!  My succulent stays outdoors it has rained on it and it gets direct sun.  I do live near the ocean so the morning mist and night fog is something my plants love. More...


Ana D.

18 October 2018

This place is great! They have a ton of different plants and pots to choose from at very reasonable prices. I also  love that we get to plant them ourselves, I recently went and Maria was super helpful and nice. Definitely coming back!


Danna S.

14 October 2018

Great, fun, unique experience for people looking for something a little more involved than just going for coffee/drinks. Knowledgeable staff, straightforward instructions, nice variety of pots, plants, and accessories to choose from. The whole thing took about 30 minutes. I'd definitely recommend and go again. More...


Alexann Teets

10 August 2018

My son loved to make his own plant! And everyone was very helpful and friendly !!!!


Mike D.

28 July 2018

This place is great! You pick a pot that you like, and the price on the pot is the total cost for everything w/ the plant. You mix the soil yourself and pot your own plant from a wide selection of plants. They have great pot styles. I think it would be a cool place to bring kids, too. More...


Susan K.

7 June 2018

What a super cute spot! I was looking to go on a date somewhere different, not your ordinary cooking classes, building your own bear, painting on chinaware, dinners, coffee, movies... you get the point...but potting your favorite plant? Awesomeness! I would also recommend for children as well! Affordable prices! Super friendly staff! what more do you want? :) More...


Yestin DJRedHoT

27 May 2018

Best plant ever , great friendly staff, and thank you so much . A+ & 5 Stars


Marlene C.

7 April 2018

I was so happy to have had bumped into this place by accident. It's like a build a bear workshop but with beautiful tropical plants!!  They also give you tips and tricks to help you take care of your plant(s) The concept is very simple,1) you pick your pot 2) pick your plant(s) 3) plant your plant in the pot you chose4) DECORATE 5) Cry because it's the cutest freakin thing in the world More...

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I love being surrounded by clean air, as most of our houseplants are natural air purifiers, and gardening on a daily-basis - it's therapeutic!

Moving to LA from NY definitely brought more sunshine into my life, but ironically, less greenery. I decided to bring the outdoors inside. Customers choose their plants from our living wall. Gardening is good for you. My wish is to make it easy by providing an open and inviting space furnished with potting tables, and including all of the tools and materials you'll need to pot your plant.

We know what we're talking about. It always frustrated me going to a local hardware store or nursery, where my plant-related questions couldn't be answered by the staff, or worse, were answered wrongly. At Le Petit Garden, our horticulturists guide you, step-by-step, from choosing the plant that will thrive in your space's natural light to potting it in a stylish container of your choice. From potting, to watering, to pruning, to fertilizing, to re-potting, we're here as a destination and a resource for all things houseplant.