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Andre Card

25 July 2019

Great customer service and my experience was great, I'll definitely be going back there for business...


Dawn Bonavita

21 July 2019

Marcia was extremely Helpful to us with a project we needed to get out ASAP...she guided us through step by step in a friendly, patient and courteous manner! Don't hesitate to use her for all your business needs. Did I mention she's also a Notary I highly recommend this small, locally owned business. Dawn Bonavita More...


Meghan Wikberg

22 May 2019

The most amazing customer service ever. It feels good being treated like a human being by people who care. This is how all businesses should operate. Support local, small businesses, it keeps the money local! More...


Julio Morello Jr.

22 February 2019

Only reason I stopped by when I needed to fax something was due to the reviews. Now I see why, the most helpful staff you can imagine. So many services there other than faxing too. Good to support the local small business where they actually care. More...


George Lusk

22 August 2018

Great convenient location! Fast service! Very friendly staff. Highly recommend!!


Ashley Rojas

22 August 2018

She was so helpful and so sweet and lended a helping hand without hesitation ! I will definitely go again when I need a document faxed !


Samantha Timbs

22 August 2018

Marsha was lovely helped me put my package together, with a huge smile on her face!


Nick Caviello

22 August 2018

I was in a jam...had a.package that had to get out on a Friday. I missed fedex pickup, so she assured me she would call them and they would come back....o was doubtful...I called a little while later and she confirmed she got it to pick up. great small business that we should support. plus she is funny, kind person. More...


Erica Reneè M

25 September 2017

Just found Le Ambiance, I have an online business & ship out daily. So glad I found this business. The owner is fabulous!! So friendly, knowledgeable & helpful!! I will use Le Ambiance from now on for all of my shipping needs. I love that she does every service imaginable & is open late but you can't beat the customer service!!! Thank you!!!! More...


Le Ambiance MSBC

22 August 2017

GREAT!!! Service, Clean, 1 Stop Shop! Yea!


Ken Fendt

7 August 2017

Met Marsha this morning and she is awesome. She will be handling all my shipping needs from here on out. Great service and friendly. Put a smile on my face.


Debbie Fendt

27 July 2017

I had the pleasure of doing business here this morning. The owner was VERY nice and made me want to do business with her again!


Ricky Bowen

10 February 2017

Fast professional service with a smile, faster than the regular post office.


Negus Ogun Ra El

19 April 2016

Black owned and operated by a Jamaican lady. That's what's up!!!


Le' ambiance msbc I.

26 March 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! we needed this "1 STOP & SHOP" Le Ambiance MSBC... THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO THEY GET THE JOB DONE!WARM FRIENDLY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, VERY CLEAN ENVIRONMENT...this place is a GEM, why did'nt i think of this? More...