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Churchdown, Gloucestershire



Churchdown, Gloucestershire


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Martyn Collier

1 August 2011

I decided I needed a personal trainer for two reasons:<br /><br />1) I’d been going to the gym for a long time and got into a rut with a few standard exercises.<br /><br />2) I was going to have an operation on my knee and needed help to get back up to speed afterwards.<br /><br />On both accounts Lee has been great he has taken me through a series of very varied sessions which have been interesting and effective<span id="moreReview235294" class="hide"> working muscles that I haven’t used for years. He tailored them to the areas I could use just after the operation and gradually brought in my legs as I recovered. Now about five weeks after the operation thanks to good work by the team at Gloucester Royal Hospital and great rehab from Lee my knee is well on the road to recovery and I am really enjoying my sessions at the gym that are far more effective than they ever were before. Instead of going backward during the last few weeks I feel I am moving forward. As well as being very knowledgeable Lee’s pleasant encouraging manor gets me to do a lot more in the gym than any other method would ever do.</span> More...


Gordon Sinclair

27 July 2011

Lee always ensures that you are confident to do the session, and asks if you are OK through out the session.<br />He explains what a particular exercise should be doing i.e. what muscles should be working.<br />I have found Lee very helpful and would recommend him as a personal trainer More...


John Carter

26 July 2011

I am in my 60s and about a year ago I decided on a more structured approach to feeling physically fitter. I work in a demanding and stressful profession so having a regular personal trainer like Lee has considerable advantages. He is very encouraging and a motivator and with his training background, knowledge, experience and personal approach I feel confident in working with him to improve my<span id="moreReview233553" class="hide"> fitness and strength. We do regular boxercise and stretching routines as part of the programme. Thanks Lee for helping me feel fitter and healthier.</span> More...


Tracy Marfell

25 July 2011

I use Lee for my personal training and general fitness following a back injury and found him to be an inspiration in helping me to regain my self confidence and my figure. He is willing to work with you and produce a personal programme to suit your fitness levels. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their fitness. More...


Anne Hanson

24 July 2011

Lee Burby helped me to lose over 4 stones in weight and get back to full fitness after a double hip replacement. He was great to work with and planned a really good programme which certainly worked for me.