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We specialize in small businesses, namely bookkeeping, payroll and company registrations. This helps us focus only on specific client needs thereby making sure you the client are satisfied with our service. We have seen our clients businesses grow simply because they have left the bookkeeping to us while they concentrated on the expansion of their business.

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14 April 2019

Charlene was of great help to me. I started my salon and had no clue what and how I was going to see if I was actually making a profit. I hired Lazare Business Services aka Lazare Bookkeepers and Accountants. I was skeptical thinking I’ll be losing money by having a bookkeeping company but this is the best decision ever. Charlene has made my life easier I don’t know if I have made hers easier. But she had helped me with organizing my finances, I plan my finances and I am able to see what is actually happening in my business. More...

Thank you Nompu. Always a joy to see our clients satisfied.


Bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, company registration