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Laviania Thandayithabani is a consultant with proven success. She has extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development and consultancy. She deploys innovative strategies and new technologies for learners and professionals.


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Brazos Minshew

2 September 2017

Laviania Thandayithabani has been a delight to work with. Her instantly met us in person and walk us through buying principles and more experienced. She was there when we thought ambition was lost. The whole team has been magnificent to work with. I will definitely suggest her to friends and family and relatives. More...


Robert Gachon

29 June 2017

Awesome experience..... I decide by myself or by the influence of the power of marketing? If the product you are looking for is the same, so why will to pay more


Laviania Thandayithabani is an expert consultant who has successfully delivered services at Robert Walters. She is expert in sales strategy, leadership, networking and public speaking. She spends his time with people, helping them become better.

Laviania Thandayithabani is team leader and visionary with a pattern of achievement throughout his career to date. His areas of expertise include consultation in Banking, Finance, Operations & Insurance.

Laviania Thandayithabani areas of expertise include consultation in Banking, Finance, Operations & Insurance.



Laviania Thandayithabani is known as consultant and mentor. She has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of areas like banking, financial services, operations & insurance. She is an active member of Robert Walters. She has over 8 years of working experience with the US Department of Transportation's Region VII Research Center.