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Lasting Impressions are a reliable and trusted premium painting and decorating company. Our painters, decorators and property maintenance specialists are highly talented in their respective fields and work with all types of residential and commercial painting and decorating projects.


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James D

24 January 2015

Lasting Impressions took on a mammoth project when they agreed to help us move in.
We purchased a very nice 3-bedroom house, but it required a significant amount of work to prepare it for the future.
First, all the (fake) beams and DIY enhancements needed to be stripped back - no small task.
This was hindered by the prior occupant's pets leaving unwelcome guests, which John personally resolved.
John doubled up as project manager, bringing in everybody who was needed to deal with each problem as it arose.
When you invite Lasting Impressions into a project, you are not only inviting in the best decorators you will ever meet - you are inviting in professionals and perfectionists. They not only require the best of themselves - they require the best of anybody they work with.
They are able to recommend people of all trades they have worked with in the past.
Of course, as with any recommendation you need to undertake your own comparisons - but you can certainly be sure of a quality delivery.
If this is your first redevelopment, Lasting Impressions will look after you. John checks every step of the work, even when he is not working on site.
If you have any experience or opinions, they will listen to you and work around your needs and team.
You can be sure that long after the project is complete, Lasting Impressions will live up to their name,
Most important in a project is management of cost and time. John worked with us every step of the way to ensure we always understood the cost & time impact of every decision we took along the way.
At the end, the project completed on time, and to budget, to the expected quality (and beyond.) This is the single biggest praise you can deliver to any workmen,


Toni Wing

16 August 2013

A higher level of decorating which I have never came across before. John and his team really do give an extra 10% in everything that they do. In terms of customer service, they are up there with Disney and the Hiltons, but on a small business level. A proud 5 stars. More...

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