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Andrew Bernier

29 September 2019

Alex and Corey Larrison (the rad tag-team couple that makes up Larrison Photography) did an absolutely phenomenal job of documenting our wedding in both photography and video. The moments they captured were done in an intimate and personable manner that were both candid and posed. They were fun and able to joke around all the while not feeling intrusive or overbearing when with family and friends. Scrolling back though our album and video, there were several times we said "I can't believe they caught that," or "I had no idea that was happening." They always seemed to be at the right place at the right time, and definitely had the eye and wherewithal to pull us aside and capture the evening sunlight perfectly. In short, their authenticity as a couple and as a working partnership made hiring Alex and Corey a super easy call. The edited finished product, along with super quick turn-around of select photos to immediately share afterwards, was easily worth investing in this local business. Do yourself a favor and stop shopping around for photographers, link up with Alex and Corey and lock them in. It will be one of the easiest and best choices you make for your wedding. More...


Ally Cohen Pucillo

27 August 2019

We have used Larrison Photography for our wedding and for both of our children’s newborn photos. We love Alex’s ability to capture sweet candid moments. We look forward to many more family photo sessions in the future. Thank you, Alex! More...


Kevin Summers

2 June 2019

This husband and wife team are exceptional! High quality professionals who are so much fun!!


Sarah Erickson

24 April 2019

Alex and Corey are amazing! They made us feel so comfortable taking photos on our wedding day. They knew exactly where to go to take the best photos at our venue. Also, we got married in the rain and Alex and Corey captured it perfectly! Our 1500+ photos they sent were all absolutely stunning. We are able to relive our wedding day every time we look through them. I would recommend them to all! More...


Emily Barnett Cyr

8 November 2018

We loved working with Alex and Corey! They are so easygoing, open, and fun. They accommodated our dogs for our engagement photos, and were total troopers in the rain for those. Alex and Corey also worked so hard to capture the feel of our wedding day - none of our photos felt contrived or forced; they were all genuine. We received over 1,200 photos from them so quickly, and got our 10 minute video back within a matter of a few months. All were beautiful, and our family and friends are all happy with how they look in the pictures, which isn’t an easy feat! We are so, so glad we worked with Alex and Corey, and plan to work with them again for holiday and family photos! More...


Christina Wirth

9 August 2018

Larrison Photography did a beautiful job on my engagement and wedding pictures!!! Alex and Cory are really great to work with and are so personable. They work really well with all the other vendors and are really easy going. They do an amazing job of capturing all the little moments and making the most of any weather situation. There pricing was also a lot better than majority of other photographers and you get so many excellent pictures! More...


Nathalie McConnell

9 August 2018

Working with Alex and Corey was one of the highlights from our wedding. They listened to what we wanted and made us feel very comfortable. They were also super easy to work with, being flexible to our needs. You could tell that having beautiful wedding pictures was just as important to them as it was to us. Speaking of the pictures, they turned out amazing! They were a perfect reflection of our relationship, fun, silly and full of love. The photos really captured all the great moments of our night and felt like us. I would highly recommend Larrison Photography to anyone! More...


Jamie Marie Corrill

13 July 2018

One piece of wedding planning advice we received was to make sure we felt comfortable with our photographer and videographer because we’d be spending as much time with them as anyone else on our wedding day. (It’s true!) When researching photo and video options, many of our friends recommended Larrison Photography, so we decided to check them out. During our first meeting with Alex and Corey, they painted a clear picture of how they operate wedding photo and video, we admired samples of their work, and laughed with them. We told them we’d be in touch soon. Soon was about 30 seconds after we walked out the door. I felt great about how things went, looked at my fiancé, Caleb, and asked, “Do we really need to keep looking?” We immediately ran back inside to tell them that we were in and left feeling great about finding ‘the ones’. From that day on, through engagement photos, wedding photo planning, the big day itself, and seeing the photo previews trickle in post-wedding, we have stood by our choice all the way. Alex and Corey made us laugh, were easy to talk to, and facilitated our photography and videography in a way that felt organic and natural, but they did so much more than make us feel comfortable. They made us feel lucky to work with such a professional, thoughtful, creative, patient, talented, and sweet husband/wife team. Hands down, without a doubt, we recommend these two for any photo and/or video needs. They’re absolutely fantastic! More...


Katy Kopp

20 June 2018

When it comes to getting your photo taken, it can be very awkward and uncomfortable. We were referred to Alex and Korey by our friend. It was hands down the best referral we have ever received. They were so friendly and easy going right off the bat. They travelled to us to take our engagement photos at a location near and dear to our hearts. They never made us feel posed. We got to just hang out and get to know them while camera clicks were happening in the background. Our wedding day was nothing short of perfection. Alex and Korey documented our day to perfection. They never missed a beat. Even when Kamran and I were alone taking pictures, we hardly noticed them there mainly because we felt so comfortable around them! They meshed so well with our personalities and allowed us to do things that reflected us as a couple, such as Kamran getting to skateboard! We will forever use Larrison photography for future moments in our life that need captured. We love you guys!!!! More...


Kate Hendrix

9 March 2018

I’ve meaning to write a post for so long on working with the Larrisons. We did photo and video for our wedding in July 2017 with them & they rocked it!!! Check out our wedding video and some of our pics to see for yourself. We cherish every picture and second of video!!! Thank you Alex & Cory!! More...


Maggie Filipow

20 February 2018

Wow! The Larrisons are fun, easy-going, and most importantly such TALENTED photographers! We loved their natural photography style, we just got to be ourselves, which is exactly what we we were looking for. We got married in a large park and they did wonderfully scoping out great spots for our photos. Also, they are just cool cats who you want to have around on your wedding day! We got our photos back pretty quickly, too, which made everyone happy and excited! More...


Hannah Russell

9 January 2018

My husband and I both detest getting photos taken, so finding a wedding photographer was difficult. But Alex and Corey are absolutely amazing. They let us feel at ease and comfortable, and they didn't over-pose the photos, which is what I especially hate about getting my picture taken. They are professional to the core. Both my husband and I come from large families. Between my nieces and nephews, and my husband's, there were almost 20 small children in the wedding, and Corey and Alex handled the situation superbly. The pictures are spontaneous and gorgeous, and I've had so many friends comment on how exquisite the quality is. I even have family members who are extremely particular about photographers, and when they saw the engagements, they immediately told us that we absolutely had to have the same photographer for the wedding. We didn't want a huge wedding package with all the trappings, and they were willing to negotiate something that worked for us for a phenomenal price. I would definitely recommend them! More...


Victoria Nicole Fonticiella

9 January 2018

To put it simply, Larrison Photography was the perfect fit for us and they exceeded every expectation we had. To explain it more thoroughly, Corey and Alex did more than just take pictures of our wedding reception, Corey and Alex managed to capture the true feelings of the best moments of our new life together. My husband, Nelson, and I could never thank them enough for the memories they've helped us hold on to. More...


Aly Howard

4 December 2017

Alex and Corey are an adorable couple. They made us feel comfortable in front of the camera (which we really are not). They knew how to be helpful but not pushy. They had answers to questions we didn't know we had! They were the best. Can't recommend enough. Thanks again guys! More...


Maddie Schulte

13 November 2017

Alex photographed our family at Ault Park and we had a lovely experience. She was easy to work with and the pictures turned out great! We would definitely recommend!


Britt Breeze

10 November 2017

Alex and Corey were absolutely amazing. I’ve known Alex since our time at Xavier together, and the second I got engaged I knew I had to have her and her husband as my photographers/videographers. They traveled from Cincinnati to Akron for our wedding without hesitation. The day of, everything was so easy with them - absolutely seamless. Also, they have a great sense of humor, which makes everything seem much easier on a semi-stressful (but memorable) day. The photos turned out absolutely stunning. I love how they captured everyone naturally; nothing was overly posed or too filtered. It was everything we wanted and more. I would recommend this business to ANYONE! � love you guys! More...


Amanda Hobson Barnett

25 October 2017

My husband and I moved to the greater Cincinnati area when I was 31 weeks pregnant. One of our first priorities was to find a photographer. Alex was able to answer all of my questions quickly through e-mail and worked with us to find dates for maternity and newborn photos. Larrison Photography is professional, talented, and fun to work with! We are so glad that we found them and plan to use them for all of our family photos. If you are looking for beautiful photos that you can cherish forever choose Larrison Photography! More...


Alex Rice

10 October 2017

Corey and Alex were the perfect combination of well prepared, but ready to be a little spontaneous. They kept us organized and on task while taking photos with dozens of family members, but they were never bossy or over the top with direction. When one of our preferred locations for photos wasn't available on our wedding day, they ran with it and we were able to take some of our favorite pictures in another location. Their style is 50% documentary, 50% traditional, which was exactly what I was looking for. They were willing to work within our budget, and helped put together a package that gave us everything we needed. The photos were delivered on time, and we had so much fun going through them all! (Warning - they will take THOUSANDS of photos, and it's going to be hard to decide on your favorites!) I'd recommend them to any couple getting married, or anyone looking to hire talented, flexible photographers for any occasion. More...


Lindsey O'Neill

27 June 2017

Alex and Corey are amazing photographers! They have always made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. They provided us with wonderful maternity and family photos that we will forever cherish!! I cannot say enough great things about Larrison Photography! More...


Luke Sillies

22 June 2017

My wife and I had been to a few wedding where our friends had the Larrison's, and we were always blown away at their pictures. So when it came time for us, it was a no brainer. They are awesome. Incredibly personal and are able to keep you natural, making for great photos. They really make the actual wedding day calmer and relaxed. Shooting with them was just fun. The final product however is always the question. And the Larrison's don't disappoint. Their ability to frame a shot and get dramatic lighting was crazy. We did dark sunset shots (in a slight drizzle) over the city, and Corey was leaning over a railing to get the right light. That is dedication. 100% recommend them. More...


Mark Moore

11 June 2017

I recently worked as a DJ for a wedding that Alex and Cory were working as well. They coordinated with me all night long so they were able to get all of the shots they needed and the party never missed a beat. Larrison Photography was a pleasure to work with and I will be recommending them to all of the couples I meet still looking for a photographer for their big day! More...


Davida Casey

8 June 2017

Shopping for a wedding photographer can be a BIG deal – especially when you are on a budget. You have to balance the anxiety of whether or not the photos will turn out right and whether or not you can really afford a big time professional. Originally we had decided to go with another photographer but there was a time conflict and I was left floundering as to who else I could trust to capture such a special moment in my life. I was so, so, so lucky to find Larrrison photography. They are a husband and wife team who truly love what they do and of course are professional AND affordable (win, win!). They somehow have the supernatural ability to remain astonishingly calm despite the chaos going on around them. Half of my family was late for the family photos, my sister got sick, my dad was freaking out, my future husband and step son were running behind and I was trying to keep everyone happy and the Larrisons just flowed with it which put my nerves at ease. They laughed though stress and did so while capturing amazing photos. Leading up to the big day they remained in communication, allowing me to communicate my expectations and which photos were most important to me. I never once felt like an inconvenience. We only did photography, not videography, but I will definitely reach back out to them for video needs in the future. If you are still on the fence - as I was at first - I would recommend just meeting with them for a consultation. After that initial meeting I was sold and was not disappointed the rest of my journey with them. Now I have amazing photos (and I’m picky) to keep for the rest of my life. I feel so lucky! More...


Lauren Knight

16 April 2017

Larrison Photography does a great job at photographing any event! They traveled to Florida for my wedding and we couldn't be happier with our decision to have them there. They are flexible with requests and always excited to give ideas for what will look best. They are also making us a wedding video which I know will be AMAZING! I've been recommending them to friends for a long time and was so excited for them to finally shoot my own wedding. Many of our guests even commented about how fun, excited and professional our photographers were! They really care about the work they do and I would highly recommend them! More...


Tom Hansen

9 December 2016

The Larrisons have done a number of photo projects with us (couple, birth, christmas, family). Every time I am blown away by their professionalism and personality. They always bring the best out of us and our kids (which is sometimes hard to do, haha). On top of that, the pictures turn out great, and we cherish them for years. More...


Sherri Pauley Springer

9 December 2016

Alex photographed our family of seven at Smale Park. She did an outstanding job! She herded us all in and captured some beautiful photos. She is a gifted photographer and so, so easy to work with. We highly recommend Larrison Photography! More...


Natalie Hesford

13 September 2016

There are no words for me to say that are positive enough about Alex and Corey. They make you feel so comfortable and really catch just amazing and beautiful shots. They are affordable and professional and just fun to be around! I recommend them to anyone who is looking for an affordable photographer AND videographer for their big day because they will be NOTHING but happy! I CANNOT wait to see the rest of my wedding photos and video!They also did our engagement photos, which came as a package deal with the wedding, and they were SO beautiful! Seriously, reserve them. :) More...


Jordan Kingsley

7 July 2016

Alex and Cory did such an incredible job on our engagement photos! Our session was a blast and we were given 100+ beautifully edited photos that captured our love and personalities perfectly. Alex and Cory are so kind, and have a special way of making you feel relaxed in front of the camera. I would highly recommend Larrison photography to all of my family and friends. They provide a gorgeous product that is affordable, and unique. I can't wait to have them shoot our wedding in May 2017! More...


Dawn Tompkins Boston

6 July 2016

We are so thrilled with our wedding photos taken by Alex & Corey of Larrison Photography. As we share these photos with family and friends the consistent feedback is that they really captured the essence of our love and the wedding and that the photos are so fun and vibrant. In addition to the photos of the wedding party and the guests, we especially love the photos of the smallest details - the flowers, the champagne, the centerpieces, our bare feet, and our rings. These are not your typical posed wedding photos, they are more like works of art. I'm amazed that they captured so much, without being intrusive or demanding. They just both know when to take a beautiful shot, and the results are just stunning. Thank you for being a part of our day and sharing your talent with us. More...


Rosie Ratliff

19 February 2016

Larrison Photography is all around fantastic! Alex&Corey took our engagement pictures and we loved how they turned out! We received a lot of complements on our pictures. Alex&Corey made the photo session fun and comfortable. I love that we were given over 100 pictures to download. This allowed my fiancé and I to print whenever we wanted, share to whom ever and to have and treasure forever. If you are someone who wants great pictures that provide lastly memories, Larrison photography is for you! More...


Jessica Zeller

18 December 2015

We had such a fabulous experience with Alex and Cory. And our pictures were absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much.


Kylee Galloway Lowe

24 November 2015

Alex and Corey did a wonderful job for our engagement photo shoot - they fit us in on an October weeknight, had never met us before but made us feel very comfortable and took some great pictures! I've received so many compliments and have had many people ask "how are you going to pick just one for the Save the Date?!". I really like that Alex and Corey both take photos - Alex got the straight-on, if you will, shots and Corey got the more candid shots (us not looking straight at the camera). This created a great mix of photos and they turned out fantastic! More...


Rachel Randall

30 October 2015

Larrison Photography did our newborn session for our son, Jonah. Alex is friendly, professional, patient, and, most importantly, she takes stunningly beautiful photos. She came to our home and captured some great moments. I'll be contacting them again for family sessions in the future! More...


Kat Hansen

19 May 2015

I love Larrison Photography and just how much they love to capture cool moments for you. They are soooo good at what they do!


Catherine Ann Mote

12 May 2015

Even though I wait to long to get her for my wedding. I love her pictures. (:


Annie Joerger

9 January 2015

Our wedding day was everything we could've ever dreamed of....and Alex and Corey captured it perfectly!! They were amazing to work with!! Thank you so much for everything!! More...


Nicole Makin

15 May 2014

Perfect!! Couldn't have done better!


Natalie Jenkins

3 May 2014

Alex & Corey are wonderful! Very patient and great at making you feel comfortable during the shoot.

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