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LaPayne Photography specializes in the creation and marketing of panoramic photographs in the USA and several other countries. Many of the images are large sporting events in MLB, NFL, NBA and college sports venues. We have a complete picture framing shop and we do photographic printing on site.


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Rick Langlois

30 June 2019

Wow. Brad has been making panorama photos for around forty years. I would say he has made impressive panorama photos of more cities around the world than anyone else on Earth. The same for sports stadiums! Check out his website and buy some prints while you still can! Once Brad retires I don't think you'll be able to get them. More...


ray hughes

4 May 2019

We did some photos with Brad years ago. Still some of the best pictures we have! Super happy! Great people!

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The best photographs are those images that satisfy the needs of your client. Sometimes those images may be exactly what the client envisions and sometimes the image may be something entirely different from what was envisioned, but which the client may be more excited about than what that original vision was.

What is the deadline? What sort of vision do you have for the image(s)? What will the images be used for and what formats will you need? What size of image files will you need for your purposes?

Working with different clients on all different sorts of projects and often in many different locations.

A love of panoramic photography and photography in general and we just kept adding services that we needed and as it turns out, so did many of our clients. Like the picture framing.

We have most everything that a client will need under our roof.