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Language Learning Network is a service that provides both in-person and online language instruction. We combine high-quality instruction and affordable prices to ensure that language learning is achievable and accessible.

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Karen Buzzi Ghosh

23 July 2018

My 3 year old son has been in Sean's Spanish class for the last few months and he has picked up many words and phrases. He is very excited to speak Spanish at home. It's not easy getting a group of 3 year old children to focus, but it is clear the children love taking Spanish with Sean and learn a great deal from him. More...


Joannie Padilla-Perry

23 July 2018

My 9 year old daughter attends the Language Learning Network Spanish classes and it has been a great experience. They work with you to ensure kids won't miss a class so you do get your money's worth! My daughter use to hate the idea of speaking Spanish but thanks to Sean and his team, she loves it. They go out of their way to keep it fun and interesting which is important to get the kids' full attention. More...