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Landmark Credit is providing the services of Credit repair with the best strategies.

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Andrew Wilson

22 August 2019

landmark is great! They do it right and have your best interests in mind.


Stephanie Hill Frazier

22 August 2019

I had some things on my credit report that were reported incorrectly. They worked with a law firm for me and had those things removed. (Plus I have money coming back to me). They also taught me that I needed at least one credit card (I have always been scared of them!) so I can build a credit history, which I don't have much of. My numbers are steadily going up now that I'm implementing what they said. Also, when they handed if off to a consumer lawyer, they stopped charging me, because there was nothing else for them to do. I really appreciated that, as a lot of companies might have continued to take my money each month while we waited. Very glad to recommend them! More...


Andrew W

22 August 2019

Great company that does what they say! Most places lie and take money not landmark


Joanne Murski

21 August 2019

It was slow going in the beginning but that was due to my part. Once they explained what I needed to do my credit rating started really going up. They called me monthly to remind me to bring in any letters from the companies that they were helping me with or that would show my ratings and positive things were happening with my credit. They gave suggestions on what I could do help improve my credit and I did those things. They recently just called to let me know that a case had been settled and I would be receiving a check, which is always great to hear. Yes, I will recommend this company to my friends and family that are having trouble with their credit. Thank you Landmark More...


Stephanie F

21 August 2019

I appreciate how up front the process of working with Landmark has been. They have removed incorrect things from my credit report, even getting me a refund on those things. They taught me I needed to have at least one credit card to build a credit history, which I have never done, as I have always been leery of credit cards. Their help has definitely increased my credit rating! More...


Joanne M

21 August 2019

They helped raise my credit score by sending me monthly statements and calls to remind me to send my letters in and offering suggestions to help with my credit. I'm very grateful to Landmark for helping me. More...


Sam Roscoe Deere

19 August 2019

I cannot recommend Landmark Credit Repair enough. I was just informed I will be receiving a Check back from a dispute that was won in my favor. Thank you landmark for the great work! More...


Marsha Cathcart

7 August 2019

Landmark Credit has been working on my credit and they keep me updated every month on their progress. Their staff is very helpful and professional to visit with.... Today I received a phone call from them about them getting a negative mark off of my credit report, which I am super excited about. Then she goes on to tell me that not only did they get it removed from my credit but the company had to write me a refund check!!! Yayyy. That made my day!!!! If you need any help at all with your credit score, don’t hesitate to give them a call!!! You will be so glad you did!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More...


Amanda S

16 July 2019

I have had nothing but great experience with this company. After just my first set of disputes went out I had several collections deleted and even a repossession removed!! Also had a collection company write me a check for violating my rights! DEFINITELY recommend!! More...


Joe M

16 July 2019

I used Landmark Credit Repair a few years ago. Before my scores were so low I couldn't get approved for anything. Once I started with Landmark, I was told I would see results in as little as 30-45 days, and believe it or not I actually did! In that short amount of time I had already seen many old accounts drop off of my reports. During this time I was advised to get a credit card and start using it for gas and groceries etc. After about 7 months I seen my scores go from 480 to 720. I was even able to purchase a brand new vehicle with a low interest rate! Their system worked well for me. It's hard to get through this world with bad credit. That's not a problem for me anymore thanks to Landmark. More...


Jerry Torres

29 May 2019

Ms Lindsey just called and told me I'm getting a check back from a dispute! I Highly recommend this company! It's hard to honestly have bad credit and try to fix it! Money is tight! I finally have a great job and can afford to try this. I thank God I found Landmark! Truly a Blessing!! More...


Doretha Faniel

16 May 2019

I recieved a check for 250.00 from landmark credit repair for getting a collection off my credit report. Thanks landmark credit repair for all your hard work.


Mike Mladan

28 April 2019

I can't say enough about Landmark credit repair. I was the biggest skeptic when it came to a company claiming they can improve your credit. Boy was I wrong. I've had other credit repair companies work on my credit with absolutely no results. Lindsey with Landmark convinced me their staff will work hard on my behalf. I gave them a try. Let me just say Landmark kick butt and took names. My credit is now clean and I now have a new start in life. Not only did Lindsey get all negative items off my report, I received money from some of the creditors for violating the way they were reporting my debt. Clean credit and money in my pocket, That is a direct result of Landmark credit repair. Thank you Landmark and thank you Lindsey. More...


Eric Raef

25 April 2019

I recommend landmark credit repair to anyone with credit issues. They fight for you against debt collectors that take advantage you, and sometimes are able to get money back from these companies. It is not easy to find companies with Christian values in this industry that are more on your side than there own. I want to say a personal thank you to Lindsay and everyone at Landmark. More...


Vivian Burrell

6 April 2019

Landmark Credit Repair is highly recommended by me bc they explain every procedure to you in detail. There is no hidden fees and they keep you informed on how the disputes are going. They also got me $250 back from a client during a dispute More...


Shereece Jogie

22 March 2019

Landmark has worked wonders for my husband and I. I am so thankful for all they done.The staff is very helpful and take time to explain the process.


Stephen Brown

19 March 2019

I've been with landmark for awhile now and they have done really well. I've even received a check from them for something in violation on my credit report.


Kelessia Battee

2 March 2019

Amazing!Very helpful and friendly.


Juan Orozco

1 March 2019

Great Service thanks for help me to repair my credit.


Vzquez Israel

18 February 2019

the best there is. I totally will recommend them


Christopher Gilbert

17 February 2019

I started 5 months back they took everything off within the first 2 months, they were nice and professional. my credit up to 740 cause of them!


CeCe Davis

23 January 2019

Amanda in the Tyler TX office is amazing, very caring, knowledgeable, also my credit has been quickly improving


Donnie McLean Jr.

23 January 2019

Crystal with Landmark Credit Repair does an AMAZING job! I highly recommend her and this company.


Angelia Johnson

15 January 2019

Amanda calls and keeps me informed of how things are going. I've seen a increase. I appreciate everything Landmark us doing to improve my scores on all three bureaus.


Sylvester Kennedy

11 January 2019

Yes I do recommend landmark credit repair they have brought my credit score from 530 to 640 and it is steady rising. Amanda always call to update me on what they're doing and what they're going to do next.


Darrik Ward

7 January 2019

Great experience they are awesome.


Nancy Duke Emerine

19 December 2018

they did great job ,and Cryatsl Socia is awesome,sweet and professional


Tiffani Victoria Klessig

14 December 2018

They fix your credit and one of the collection letter that I received from one of my collection agencies. landmark got me money back because of what the collection agency put in the letter. It's against the law of what they put. More...


Julio Gonzalez

10 December 2018

Crystal has been HUGE help since day one and always keeping me informed through the process. I feel they genuinely care about helping you out. 10 out of 10 would recommend to everyone looking to get a second chance with their credit More...


Samantha Morrison

5 December 2018

Brittany at Landmark Credit Repair called me to check in and give the a thorough update of everything they have done for me. Hearing the small, but many accomplishments reminded me once again why I chose to work through them just 6 months ago. Great things are happening and I recommend them to anyone! More...


Xavia Turner

5 December 2018

Amanda Sowell! I was at work when I got the email about the deletion of a bunch of items that I thought would be impossible to get off my credit. I literally had three people to read that email to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Thank you! Thank you! For your Awesome work More...


Jessica Rose Kenrick

3 December 2018

Amanda has been great! She always takes the time to talk to me and answer any questions I have and she's gotten stuff off our credit reports that I didn't think was possible. Like a very recent vehicle repossession. Amanda and Landmark Credit are great at what they do and I recommend them to everyone. More...


Will Hart

30 November 2018

Crystal has help me towards reaching my credit goals. Have recommended several people to use your services.


Misty Flowers Avant

27 November 2018

Amanda Sowell is the sweetest person. She has worked hard and helped raise my finances credit a great deal in a short amount if time. She keeps us up to date and is always available if we have questions. Very knowledgeable and helpful More...


Dustin Michiel Morman

24 October 2018

They have worked wonders for me! I would go into great detail, but long story short the best $$$$ I have ever spent and will continue to spend until they are finished with me!


Jose Gonzalez

23 October 2018

Brad and his team are incredible. They have been working on my wife and my credit for a month now and already see a huge improvement. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help with there credit. More...


Romero Rocio

3 October 2018

Fast, easy and affordable


ReShod Hicks

23 September 2018

Landmark is very helpful and the staff took time out to explain the process and how it works. With me being very inpatient they contacted me several times through out the process to update me on my status . I even received a check from a creditor who did not remove their account off of my credit... at first I was skeptical about the process but I can honestly says it works and I have seen a tremendous jump in my score. #trusttheprocess #itreallyworks More...


Prentice Holland

7 September 2018

I have been with them less than three months and my score has gone up 153 points and we just started. Everything they have told me they have done. No complaints


Gregory L Fleck

7 September 2018

Brad and his team at Landmark Credit Repair did an amazing job of helping Lisa and I Restore our credit.


Kristi Lynn Holland

6 September 2018

They've gotten my husband's credit score way up in just 2 months we are extremely satisfied and can't wait to see how far it goes up after a few more months!


Joel Horton

6 September 2018

They are effective and professional. I have seen a steady improvement in my credit since I contracted with them. They contact me periodically with updates and the staff is very knowledgeable .


Kenneth Denman

6 September 2018

They get the job done...always answers my questions and most of all...great results


Michael Wolfe

14 August 2018

Landmark Credit Repair has been my credit-saving knight in shining Equifax blasting glory!


Melissa Adkins Keys

4 August 2018

They do what they say they will spencer stewart and ethan are excellent in professional manor they are well educated in this area and great at reaching out to others


Steven Stewart

4 August 2018

this is a great company to deal and work with, a1 all the way, thank you so much


Ethan Cantrell

2 August 2018

I’ve seen some friends lives changed because they got their credit fixed, now they are riding in a brand new Ford truck!


Tammy Heard

6 July 2018

I recommend everything that you think that they can’t do and can tell you they can. We’ve only been a client a couple of months and they’ve improved my husbands credit already. We’re in the process of buying a house and she doesn’t see a problem. We already have a house but have to rent it out because we live in Midland now. My husband’s job pays more than anybody else would than in Tyler. I can’t wait to see what else they can do before it’s time to close in February. More...


Tidjani Camara

10 June 2018

I have known and been around Brad for about 10 years. While I haven’t needed help with my credit, we’ve been around similar circles of people, and I have seen his actions, and witnessed feedback first hand from multiple people, so if anyone close to me needed help with their credit, I would not hesitate to send them to LandMark Credit Repair. If you’re looking for a great way to get your credit score where it should be.. Landmark credit repair is the solution. They have reasonable rates, friendly employees, and are a company that gives back to the community (Brad is the founder of Gamers for Christ, a company dedicated to help children in East Texas)... Thank you Brad for running a great company and changing the lives of so many! More...


Adrian Burton Mills

8 June 2018

Sometimes we fall on hard times or go through trials and trauma that change our lives in a way that's hard to recover from. Divorce, job loss, illness... Just plain "growing up" living and learning....The list can go on. Landmark can give you the second chance you deserve to fix your credit! Landmark has given me that second chance and it's a very empowering feeling! More...


Steven H.

25 May 2018

Brad and his team is working hard to get things right. My score has went up from 530-630 in a months time. The last 6 months was a little slow but they were able to expand and finally offer me help.


Bishop Brown

22 May 2018

Great customer service & great company! I would recommend that you try them!


Jennifer Loving

19 May 2018

I highly recommend Landmark Credit Repair!! They took my credit score from a 563 to a 720!!! The entire staff that I communicated with was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They will do the hard work for you and also provide you with tips that you can do that will help improve your score faster. Keep in mind this is a process, so don’t expect your score to go up 100 points in the first month. I have known the owner, Brad, for several years now and I can tell you he is the type of person you want to be around; he has a love and passion for helping others and it shines through in so many different ways, but especially in how he serves his community! Definitely a class act guy and business! If you’re looking for credit repair help, this is the company you should use!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More...


Clay Iglehart

17 April 2018

Landmark is Very Professional & will take care of you


Philip Shinalt

10 April 2018

My wife had NO credit and medical bills on her credit. As of today she had bought another car withou a co-signer. Credit repair works.


Richard Hirst

12 February 2018

Brad is a man of integrity and tremendous wisdom in the area of credit repair! When we started working with Landmark Credit Repair our credit suffered from many incorrect reportings and inaccuracies. Brad and his team were able to get things properly handled and cleaned up off of our report in a very timely manner. We went from a score in the mid 600’s to almost an 800 because of their diligence and understanding of the laws concerning credit reporting. Because of this, my wife and I have recently received the financing to build our own business, really taking things to the next level! I highly recommend Landmark Credit Repair! Thanks Brad and to all your team! More...


Johnna Blalock

19 January 2018

Great place! Great people! Extremely helpful! I was completely defeated by my credit score not long ago. Landmark was the best choice I made! I was completely uneducated about my rights as well as how many errors truly are or can be on your report. These things significantly hurt you when trying to purchase a vehicle or home. My daughter had some health issues when younger and I had over 60 medical bad reportings on my credit!! Even though creditors say Medical isn't really frowned upon, this was KILLING my score and credibility. Within 30 days I would say half were removed. Here I am a year later and I do not have even 1 negative reporting on my credit! Landmark worked consistently on my file and helped me resolve all outstanding issues. I am forever grateful and am glad to say I just FINALLY purchased my first home! :) More...


Roderick Brooks

10 January 2018

I stand behind Landmarks work 1000%. They done an awesome job for me about 5 years ago. We were able to buy our first home and now looking to buy our second home! If you want good quality work and fast results give them a call! More...


Raymond Jones

29 October 2017

i think that this company is the best in the busyness at repairing your credit ..wish i still had the funds to continue with them..but when i do get my financial situation corrected..i will use them in Tyler,Tx More...


Lina Rodriguez

30 August 2017

Within a month my credit score went up 100 points. They are awesome I would recommend them if you need help repairing your credit.


Rickey Davis

26 August 2017

Great company. I used them in order to get my scores up to get into our second home. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and patient and seen an immediate impact on my scores jumping over 70 points in two months for myself and 65 points for my wife. We will continue to use them even after we move in to our home. More...


Tanesha L.

20 July 2017

I used this company in Tyler, Texas to repair my credit. I was skeptical because of the many scams that are out there, but I found this is a reputable company and the helped me immensely. I was able to raise my score using this program from the 450's to 690's. I was approved for a home loan and refinanced my car to get a lower interest rate. They removed many negative items from my credit reports and I am glad I used this service. I suggest to anyone if you are trying to improve your score, this is the place to go. More...


Amy Amy

6 June 2017

Brad and his team got my credit right where I needed it and fast! I was working up to buy a home and now I have been approved! My dream of owning my own home is finally coming true and I would not of gotten here without God and Brad, who is a true man of God!!! Thank you Brad Young!!!! More...


Heather Herron

7 May 2017

Great people, great service. Answered all of my dumb questions lol I would recommend these people to anyone looking to improve their credit.


Alex Benitez

8 February 2017

They did an amizing job on my credit, I went from under 500 to 710 credit score in 3 months. Very affordable and I would recomend to anybody with bad credit.


Christina Ann Meadows-Fleming

29 November 2016

If your looking for a great way to get your credit history cleaned up .. Landmark credit repair is the way to go. Reasonable rates, friendly employees, and a company that gives back.. They have gotten about 38 deletions off my husbands credit report.. Thank you Brad for running a great company and offering your help. More...


Marcus Bell

29 November 2016

These guys are proven to get the job done. I send everyone that I know to them to get their credit repaired... If you're having credit problems, make sure you get with them!


Valarie Farmer

16 July 2016

Landmark Credit Helped me restored my Credit. I give Landmark Credit a A+.They help me a 100%. I recommended anyone to Landmark Credit. I start with a very low credit score within a years time Landmark improve my score to 700. More...


David Green

13 July 2016

Thank you Brad Young for taking the time to speak with me today. I received a call today from a creditor about an old credit card I use to have many years ago (2002). I was very unaware of how to handle the situation until I spoke with you. Your knowledge and expertise has been very beneficial towards getting my credit in good standing. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and I would highly recommend Landmark Credit Repair to anyone who is wanting to improve their credit. More...


AnthonyBonnie Yarbrough

22 June 2016

My husband and I became clients on May 15th, 2016 and I just checked my Credit Karma account and my credit score has risen by 23 points!! Thank you so much Bekah and Landmark!! More...


V M.

19 April 2016

Get your credit fixed, have sent many people here and they have had astounding results. Thanks Brad!


William Ross Wright

21 April 2015

I am a mortgage broker (since 1999) and have utilized Brad Young's expertise in helping my clients get their credit scores higher so as to maximize the lowest interest rates on their home mortgage loan. Landmark Credit has been the reason many of my clients have either qualified for a mortgage or the reason they were able to get a MUCH lower interest rate on a home mortgage. By getting Landmark Credit involved, my clients have realized a lower interest rate which, in most cases, averaged about a $150 to $350 LOWER monthly payment! The owner (Brad Young) is a professional. He is a GREAT man of faith and TRULY believes in doing what is in the best interest of his client. I strive to find business owners such as Brad... I only wish there were more people who operated on the level that he operates Landmark Credit on. Do yourself a favor and hire this guy to be a trusted advocate for you... You will be glad you did and I assure that you will be singing his praises! More...


Michael Hancock

25 February 2015

Bradley and his staff are truly top notch. I had looked into other credit repair services before finding Landmark. They all were very pushy and didn't explain things so that I could understand them. They wanted me to sign a contract that honestly I didn't know if I could stick to. Of course if you break that contract guess what they do to you. That's right, straight onto your credit which pretty much defeats the whole purpose. Landmark takes the time to make sure you understand what they are doing for you. They were able to get my score raised significantly and the tools and tips they taught me to build my credit brought it up even more after I was done. That's the other great thing about Landmark. You only use them as long as you feel comfortable. When you think they've helped as much as they can, you can cancel with no repercussions. I only gave them 5 stars because it won't let me give them more. Thanks for everything Brad and all the folks at Landmark Credit Repair. More...


Jamie Kimbley

25 January 2015

I had a great friend that bought a house had it built ground up from getting his credit repaired through landmark credit so I decided it's time to get my credit better, I did for a while then had few things come up but now I'm going back through them but they stand by their word, keep in contact with you, always letting u know standing on your credit n things come off and all kinda things but I'm very pleased with their service and will be always.. I would recommend them to anyone cause they stand by their word always... Very honest people I trust.. More...


Cindy W. Odom

3 November 2014

Brad Young and Landmark Credit Repair are Awesome!! My Credit was in the low 400's and I wanted to buy a House. Landmark helped me get it cleaned up not only that, but they also taught me how to take care of my Credit. I am now a proud Homeowner!! I could not have achieved that dream without Landmark Credit Repair. Their Staff is courteous and helpful and the consultation is FREE! More...


Laura Martinez

25 October 2014

I have been blessed to be apart of landmark if your not tought the importance of good credit growing up there is going to be a day that you are going to need help fixing it.The main reason i went into landmark is I heard God's words being talked about through the busniess owner on the radio and my spirit drew me to landmark its about your furture. More...


Chris Harry

24 September 2014

This is an honest top notch company I would recommend them to anyone! Owners heart is in it to win it for you!


Heather Donaho

18 September 2014

These people are amazing and are doing wonders for My and Chris' credit. They always answer my questions and are happy to help when needed. I completely recommend Landmark Credit to anyone wanting to clean up there past debt. More...


Eric Alvarado

7 January 2014

Been working for Landmark credit repair for over two years. Seen many of my clients get back on track with there credit!! And just found out that we are in the top ten in the nation in credit repair!! More...


Mark Stephens

19 June 2013

LandMark is Changing the Game of Credit! Their word is their bond!!!!!!Don't wait Call today! and watch your credit be REBORN!

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