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The Digital Marketing Umbrella
- social media marketing
- social media management
- Web Design
- etc. (You get it...)

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12 January 2020

I'd highly recommend Landingfish for all digital needs! They offered a wealth of knowledge and drove our SEO efforts. We are small business who needed assistance optimizing our webpage. Not only were they able to help with this, but they also managed our social media accounts. Amazing work!! More...

30 July 2018

We reach out with a limited budget and request a long of value. We were a small business in Houston, Texas looking for web design and social media management. Landingfish team really help us get on track with our online efforts, in return they earned out long-term business partnership. More...

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It needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate but more than anything it needs to have visibility in the SERPs!

I always like to start with what are you currently doing? As well as, “If we were to do everything as you would like us to, what would that look like?

Being able to help small to medium sized business offload tasks that are often a detriment to their business, while not going over their marketing budget.

Working in the corporate world was great but I saw an opportunity to do the same thing on my own while providing more value and decided it would beneficial to my future clients as well as myself. My team is composed of staff who feel the same way!

We offer large agency solutions at a much lower cost. Our whole value proposition is helping small business achieve a way to outsource digitally marketing so they can focus on their business.