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With offices in London, Harrogate and New York, we deliver sales, management, leadership, finance and customer service training locally, nationally and internationally.

Founded in 2002, we offer you a team of highly experienced and successful business professionals with a proven capability to deliver behavioural change to transform your business. All of our training associates, as well as the directors of the business, have blue-chip experience in the areas in which we develop and deliver training courses to ensure that our training is practical and delivers lasting results.

Our aim is to improve the selling skills of those involved in sales; transform customer service by showing how to deliver exceptional customer experiences; and inspire people and deliver lasting results through our leadership and management training programmes.

We delivery courses in-house at your premises or via one day open courses throughout the UK.

Our courses are accredited by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM), The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the CPD Standards Office.

Lammore Consulting Ltd Reviews

Lammore Consulting Ltd Reviews

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Nicolas Philippe-Desneufbourgs
5 15/08/2016

This course taught me how to get the most out of a customer.
- how to deal with a stumbling block.
- how to deal with different types of people.

I found the trainer really helpful and very insightful. The main thing is to try and apply the techniques to your day to day. Sometimes you can't use all of them at once but at least if you follow the template you are sure to get the results you need. It certainly aided me in my progression and that is why I thank Lammore for all their hard work.

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Helen Whitehouse
5 15/08/2016

I walked away from the training course actually remembering stuff and implementing it when returning to my marketing suite. I felt that the role plays and interaction that was required of us was very useful, we were gently coaxed to participate; in turn helping to retain the valuable selling tools being conveyed to us. Simon made the four day course enjoyable with his enthusiasm for his work, knowledge in the industry and his fun attitude - I really felt that he was interested in what we were saying, plus we had a laugh!

Well done Simon! Thanks very much.

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Alexander Dowling
5 15/08/2016

There were a few main points that I took away from the course, however I feel the most useful one is that quite often less can be more. From a Sales point of view you can been overly keen to unload all your knowledge and information onto the potential customer and rather than impress them, you just end up either overwhelming or confusing them. By keeping your questions short and "clean" and keeping to the three phrase rule it allows them to talk more and for you to gain a better understanding of what they are looking for- this in turn makes it easier to match their needs with a relevant apartment and highlight the features and benefits to them - the more Socratic questions you can ask the better.

I'm a big advocate of ERRICA and believe it is a very useful tool to help gain commitment and close.

Although this is the second time that I have completed this training I still found it beneficial.
Everyone who participated on the same days I did were all fully engaged and enjoyed the course. I think the final day with the written and practical tests are vital to the whole course as they make sure that there is a definite focus throughout the four days.

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Jeremy Dade
5 15/08/2016

I now have a sound understanding what motivates the customer to buy, and how to relate the product to it. Once your ego has recovered from the initial bruising, the course was rich with insight, regardless of how much you thought you knew about selling. Highly recommended.

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Nana Gbadyu
5 15/08/2016

I found the training very engaging and effective. It thought me to listen more, talk less and ask lots more question than usual when dealing with clients. It was also very interesting learning how to interact with different group of people based on their characters. Overall best sales training I have had so far. Thanks Simon.

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Anthony Walker
5 29/07/2016

This course was a big reminder of the value of asking questions to find out exactly what the buyer is looking for, as well as probing for more details and to really listen to what they are saying. And of course to recap from time to time to confirm understanding!

Simon is also dynamic is his presentation style, which made the four days easy to remain engaged and learn ideas - I normally would be nodding off on the first day.
Thank you Simon for making the day fun!

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by John Banson
5 26/07/2016

Great course, with great delivery and useful information! It's taught me to think outside the box as well as provided a good foundation to my approach to sales. Would happily attend again!

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Claire
5 26/07/2016

This was a really helpful course and I learnt a lot of helpful tips. I now have more structured conversations when making sales calls to customers.

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Danielle Whiteford
5 25/07/2016

The whole programme was really educational and helpful.
Learning a process to help me sell, the psychology behind selling and how to close were probably the most important parts for me. Simon was fab!

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Sara Davies
5 25/07/2016

I've now learned how to ask questions first to identify customer needs, and then provide the 'credible' solution. Thank you!

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Jenny Harrop
5 25/07/2016

I attended both the SSP training course and also the working as a team within your business. Both were very insightful to be a part of. As a Sales Manager with over 12 years experience it is sometimes good to refresh your skills and knowledge. Learning new ways to entice your customers and also to win over the tricky ones. This training course certainly gave me lots of food for thought. Thanks for the excellent training experience.

Lammore Consulting Ltd

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Google Reviews

Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Martin Leggett
1 year ago

Lammore are a first class consultancy team .The sales programes designed around our buiness have brought success,enjoyment and the Lanmore team almost became one of us which made the whole process ebgaging

well done to you all and look froward to many more workshops

Martin Leggett
Head of Sales and Marketing
Barratt David Wilson

Martin Leggett
Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Ben Thompson
1 year ago

Brilliant trainers, I have taken part in their sales training, thought provoking and entertaining. Absolutely changed the way I now sell.

Ben Thompson
Review of Lammore Consulting Ltd by Neil Turner
1 year ago

interesting and informative, everyone in sales would benefit from training from Lanmore

Neil Turner
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Sales Training

Give your sales team the skills they need to succeed. The Single Sales Principle® is our flagship in-house sales training programme. It received the BESMA Award for “Sales Development Programme of the Year” and is accredited by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM). COURSE INTRODUCTION Sales follows a simple formula. No matter which way you look at it, it always comes back to a single, fundamental principle: the Single Sales Principle®, which states that ‘people buy when a compelling need is matched with a credible solution that offers perceived value’. The course helps you to understand the reasons why people buy, and exposes many sales myths. We also introduce you to the “DECIDE” sales process, a methodology designed specifically to achieve and maintain the highest level of results. The course typically runs for 4 days over a chosen period of time, in-house at your offices, however we do run one day sector-specific sales skills including: - Key Account Management - Tele Sales, Cold Calling and Appointment Making - Objection Handling - Field Sales - Time Management CONTINUED LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT To ensure that the skills taught during your training are engrained and developed, all delegates gain access to Single Sales Principle® Membership. This is achieved using an online refresher course with tutor-led reaccreditation, sales Masterclasses and sector-specific sales coaching and support. CLIENTS Our sales training is used by sales teams worldwide including: Nestle, the BBC, NHS, Google, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Black & Decker, BT, Iceland, Masterfoods, P&G, Yell and Lloyds Banking Group. We'd welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.

Management Training

Our flagship management training course, ‘The Principles of People Management’, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), covers all aspects of management from both a strategic and tactical basis. COURSE OVERVIEW: You will learn how to create the right culture for your team and identify the key areas of leadership that will drive your business forward. You will then learn the key managerial skills required to execute your strategic plan. This will include how to deliver effective one to ones, team meetings and coaching sessions. A FULLY TAILORED APPROACH: Lammore tailor every course that we deliver to the exacting needs of your business, including sector, branding and business terminology. We meet with key stakeholders to fully understand your business model and internal working processes. This makes our courses specific to job roles and learning outcomes. Prior to the commencement of training we spend time with your employees to understand in-depth what they want to achieve, plus any performance enhancements we can make to ensure that each person can put in to practice what they’ve learnt. OUR TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Management is a simple process, and at Lammore Consulting we believe that: ‘A manager’s role is to give people the direction (the what), motivation (the will), strategy (the how) and capability (the skill) to succeed.‘ We call these the ‘4 Pillars of Management’. THE MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE: Managers are often promoted into managerial positions because they were good at the job itself. But being good at your previous role doesn’t necessarily make you a good manager. All too often managers are given little or no training, and are asked to learn the required skills ‘on the job’. OUR TRAINERS HAVE BEEN THERE AND WORN THE T-SHIRT: Our trainers have all held senior managerial and leadership positions within large corporations. They understand the challenges you are facing because they would have faced them too. COURSE DURATION Typically 3 to 4 days. FOCUSSED, SKILL-SPECIFIC COURSES We also deliver 1 to 3 day courses in: - Communication Skills - Time Management - Appraisal Skills - Coaching Skills - Experiential Learning

Leadership Training

'The Art of Leadership' TRUES LEADERSHIP: True leadership is a very personal concept, and, using the three key elements of vision, passion and action, we show how to harness personal styles and capabilities to create powerful and effective authentic leadership behaviour. Our leadership programmes run from one-day seminars to fully integrated 12-18 month programmes, and regularly include experiential elements. We consider each of the elements – what they mean, how to use them, and how to create the perfect balance. THE ART OF LEADERSHIP: We firmly believe that everyone has the potential to show great leadership, but also that there is a challenge in ensuring that their potential is released. We work on leadership training at all levels throughout organisations; the building blocks are essentially the same, but the way they are put together can be very different. VISION: Vision lies beyond goals and targets. It answers the question “Why do I get out of bed in the morning?”. It says as much about what you’re not as what you are; and it moves you away from the mundane into the realms of dreams. Our programmes are designed to create and clarify the vision through developing the ability to raise your sight-lines above the short- and medium-term to the long-term. PASSION: An area often missing in the workplace is the desire and willingness to show real, genuine passion. Using some rather unusual techniques, we get people to explore sharing their passions openly with others, enabling them to practice in a secure environment actually opening up to others in a very personal way. People follow people, not processes, so leaders need to share themselves. Organisational pragmatism is the enemy of personal passion. Our leadership programmes help create a balance and reconciliation between these two, so that enthusiasm and energy can be maintained (in the individual and in the team) through the tough times, whilst appreciating the essential need to work within a broader context. ACTION: Vision and passion without action will never move beyond the “fluffy”. Action is needed, and we rigorously focus on how to make stuff happen; how to enrol and engage others; and how to create the desire in others to follow you. One particularly powerful tool we use is Patrick Lencioni’s “Five Dysfunctions”, which looks at how and why teams fail, and therefore what leaders need to ensure happens to ensure success. We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.

Customer Service Training

“The Customer Experience Principle” is a 1 to 3 day customer service course, focussed on helping customer service teams deliver a greater experience to their clients. COURSE INTRODUCTION - THE FORMULA: Does ‘your’ team need customer service training to ensure they always deliver a 5 star experience? A customer’s experience is the gap between what we deliver (execution) and what they expected from us (expectation). Customer Service TrainingThe larger the gap, the more emotional the experience becomes. For example, a very large positive gap will create a 5 STAR customer experience, or 5 star customer service, i.e. something we will probably tell our friends about and remember for a long time. A large negative gap will create a “horror experience”, or a 1 STAR experience. This is the ‘I’ll never go there as long as I live’ moment. THE BENEFITS OF GETTING CUSTOMER SERVICE RIGHT ARE HUGE: Imagine what your business could be like if you had a limitless supply of free, motivated, highly trained salespeople and brand advocates selling your products and your service for you, all day, every day. Imagine if they, for no reward, would tweet, blog, hold court with groups of people, or even shout from the rooftops about how wonderful you are. Imagine how credible these advocates would be – unpaid, with no hidden agendas, but with a real love for you and what you do. However, despite the incredible rewards on offer, and how easy it appears to do (we all “know it when we see it”), truly great customer service is rarely delivered, and so exceptional customer experiences are few and far between. By definition, “exceptional” customer service is not “normal”, and therefore the bar is always being raised. We use a very simple formula for understanding where 5* exceptional customer experiences come from, and where it doesn’t.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

As the title suggests, our finance for non finance managers course is aimed specifically at non finance managers. We firmly believe that financial understanding throughout an organisation can lead to far better, far smarter decisions, and far better relationships with customers, suppliers and partner organisations. COURSE INTRODUCTION: Unfortunately, in many organisations, finance is seen as rather a “dark art”. There are extensive misunderstandings between finance teams and the rest of the organisation, and non-finance managers tend to shy away from financial concepts. This makes it tougher to link operational decision-making with financial understanding. Finance courses are often approached with rather a lot of trepidation. A combination of expectations about being bored and bamboozled at the same time tends to put people off! At Lammore, we hold true to our guiding principles to Inspire, Entertain and Make a Difference on our finance programmes just as we do on all our other programmes. Financial understanding is essential for anyone in any sort of operation where commercial or budgetary decisions need to be made. People who understand the basic principles can ask better questions, gain clearer insights, evaluate options coherently, and ultimately be more successful. WHO IS THE COURSE FOR? Who is the course for? Our Finance for Non Finance Managers courses are designed specifically to help these groups, amongst others: - Operations managers who have budgetary, P&L or project responsibility - Sales managers who deal with big-ticket items and need to understand their customers’ financial decision making - Senior managers/directors who need to make investment decisions - Organisations who want to extend accountability for financial success to everyone.

Professional Qualifications

Lammore deliver accredited qualifications in sales, leadership, management and customer service, accredited by the ISMM, ILM, CPD Standards Office and the CMI. SALES QUALIFICATIONS: We offer Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) qualifications at levels 3, 4 and 5. You can view the criteria for each level and download course information by clicking on the link below. MANAGEMENT QUALIFICATIONS: We offer Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualifications at levels 3, 5 and 7, and focus on the most important areas for each. To download flyers for the different levels, please click on the link below. ILM QUALIFICATIONS: Lammore are a recognised Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) provider, and the ILM endorse our management and leadership programmes. Students receive certification endorsed by the ILM. CPD STANDARDS OFFICE: Lammore are an official Registered Provider with the CPD Standards Officet. Our Customer Experience Programme (CXP) is accredited by the CPD Standards Office. FUNDED APPRENTICESHIPS: Funded qualifications that increase knowledge & boost productivity. At diploma level, the qualifications include sales, management and customer service. Funded is available up to £1,500 per participant.

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