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Andrew Hartman

27 May 2018

My husband and I tied the knot on July 29th, 2017 between Santa Rosa and Calistoga at a private estate. We had the most amazing day and in large part thanks to Lally. She is incredibly detail-oriented, perfection is her norm, and she has the most contagious positive energy. Her professionalism all throughout the entire process was truly amazing. From initial calls, to finding the right venue, working with vendors, working with both of our families, all the way through to the day of the wedding making sure everything was just right; she brings her best to every situation. We were extremely impressed by her efficient yet calm presence the day of the wedding, which is exactly what we needed. We would 100% recommend Lally as a wedding planner, and a planner for any event for that matter. More...


Lindsay Gartland

27 May 2018

Lally is a wedding wizard! She is organized, responsive, on top of everything, and most importantly she truly cares about her clients and will make sure your day is incredible. You won't worry about a thing other than having an amazing time.Our wedding was May 28, 2016 in St. Helena on a private estate with 165 guests.I'm writing a long review because in the early stages of planning, it would have been nice to have something like this to help us understand how to figure out what type of planner we wanted to work with and how much we wanted to take on ourselves.As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. We initially hired a cheaper planner, and it cost us 5 months of wasted time where nothing got done - in fact we went backwards- and we were constantly frustrated. You should definitely cut budget on things that aren't as important to you, but a good planner is not something you should cut! Our wedding was especially challenging because it was on a private estate. We had at least 10 individual vendors from the typical ones like catering and florist, but also things like lighting and porta-potties that we wouldn't have known we needed. If this is your situation, do not underestimate the amount of work it takes to understand what vendors you need, select them, know if you're getting a good deal, etc. Not to mention coordinating all of their dropoffs and pickups the weekend of your wedding itself. After seeing our property, Lally knew exactly what was needed and which vendors to work with. She knew where it was possible to save money and where it was worth it to splurge.Working with Lally to plan the wedding made it more fun! She gave us a very helpful checklist at the beginning of each month to help us keep track of the things we have to do. We had meetings with her in person from time to time, some with vendors and a few random phone chats. We emailed almost daily during the more planning-intensive times, and she was incredibly responsive. When there was a task that I just didn't want to deal with (for me it was choosing florals), she was always able to help simplify it.Lally goes above and beyond: 3 months before the wedding I had a dress crisis after some alterations didn't go as planned. I call Lally at 10pm freaking out and she calmed me down! then she graciously attended my next fitting with me and even got me a last minute appointment at a bridal shop so I could check out other options. It ended up sticking with the original dress, but it was remarkable how much she was able to help me through that crisis.The weekend of our wedding was an incredible success! I cannot say enough good things. It was the best day/weekend of my life, and I didn't have to worry about anything. I've been at other weddings where this is not the case. When you don't have a planner, or only a "day of" planner, things just get missed. You and your family do NOT want to deal with the coordination of vendors and decorations on the weekend of your wedding. After the fact, we found out about a few minor things she was able to fix without us or anyone even knowing about it! I.e apparently one of the servers showed up to the wedding drunk and made a scene - but no one knew about it because Lally had the situation totally under control. She totally went above and beyond to make sure we had the perfect weekend that we will remember for years to come.She even found a few ways to save us money. A few weeks after the wedding, we got a few surprise refunds from vendors who had apparently made mistakes! wow!Lastly, Lally is truly a delightful person. She loves what she does, and it shows in her work.Thank you Lally for your truly amazing work with our wedding! More...

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