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Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training

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Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training locationRedditch, Worcestershire

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We offer dog day care Monday to Saturday, dog training classes from Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Puppy Foundation up to Gold as well as dancing with dogs, Rally'O and starters classes. We have qualified staff in training and animal behaviour so are able to offer one to one training sessions to deal with problems such as lead pulling to behaviour consultations to deal with more serious behavioural issues such as dog to dog aggression. We have a designated puppy area, Puppy Creche for dogs under 6 months of age where we offer manners training and socialisation. Lakeside is also fortunate to have a dog wash which can be hired so you can bath your own dogs or we have a pet dog grooming service if you would like someone else to get wet on your behalf. We are able to offer work placements and volunteer places to enthusiastic dog people and have recently taken on a full time apprentice.

Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training Reviews


Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Jim Robinson
5 11/05/2018 Jim Robinson

Fabulous centre for dogs. Everything under one roof. The trainers are very experienced and really care about the welfare of the dogs. Definitely worth trying the "talking dogs scent work" scenting classes if you get a chance. Both of our dogs absolutely love it. And the coffee is excellent too.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Heather Hall
5 24/11/2017 Heather Hall

Absolutely amazing!
Molly has been attending Lakeside ever since she was a pup. She gets so excited when we arrive and can't wait to see the trainers and her doggy friends.
We have used alot of the services offered by Lakeside Dog Day Care at various points. Molly has regularly attended day care, passed her puppy foundation and bronze good citizen award (now working towards silver) and also had a lot of fun with Rally training. We have also attended the short courses for lead walking and handling, which were very informative.
The grooming service is great! Nothing better than picking your dog up freshly washed with claws trimmed and worn out from having so much fun with the dogs and staff.
The staff are very friendly and always willing to answer questions, even if they aren't just about training. I received some great advice regarding a supplement to help Molly with a joint issue.

Would and have recommended Lakeside to many people. I completely trust them and know that Molly is in safe hands with them. I would not have been able to cope with Molly if it wasn't for the socialisation, training and advice that Lakeside has provided.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Lucy Varley
5 24/11/2017 Lucy Varley

My dogs love their weekly visit to doggy daycare!! The facilities are great and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and have been instrumental in helping our little rescue dog to develop and become more confident. Would highly recommend all of their services.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Kerri Allen
5 24/11/2017 Kerri Allen

My dog has been going since he was a puppy & he's over 2 now. He adores it here, he drags me to the door & is tired out when he gets home. The staff love him like he's their own which I really appreciate & I never worry about him when he's there because I know he loves them & they take such good care of him & he has a blast there. Definitely recommend!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Roger Mabey
5 24/11/2017 Roger Mabey

Our beautiful girl, has been going to Lakeside Dog Day Care for over two years, from a puppy. She goes for 2 days a week and has been to training classes as well. She cannot get out of the car quick enough to get in to play with all her friends and greet the staff. We cannot fault the staff, who are brilliant with all the dogs and are as pleased to see the dogs as the dogs are to see them. They are always at end of the phone if you have any problem and will go out of their way to help you. The feedback at the end of the session is very good and they would soon inform you if they have any problems with your dog. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody looking for day care for their dog. Well done and thank you all at Lakeside.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Vicky Hill
5 24/11/2017 Vicky Hill

My dog has been attending Dog Day Care for over two years, he is always eager to attend, and gets excited when he walks through the door, eagerly greeting the staff with a waggy bum.
I have full confidence leaving him in their care, where he gets to play games, learn tricks and have cuddles.
100% recommend 👍🏼

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Amy Bright-Smith
5 21/11/2017 Amy Bright-Smith

The staff are very caring and knowledgeable. The staff do a fantastic job of looking after the dogs. Our dogs enjoy going to the training sessions. As soon as they both get in the car and know where they going they get very excitable because because they both love going there.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Julia Bridge
1 27/10/2017 Julia Bridge

Lock small puppies in corridors alone if they don't "fit". Not even a call to owners. Dont actually teach people but expect you to figure it out and try to isolate owners with anything but a small cute perfect dog.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Martyn Groves
5 28/07/2017 Martyn Groves

Fantastic place and really helpful

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Martyn Groves
5 21/06/2017 Martyn Groves

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Robert Bishop
4 15/06/2017 Robert Bishop

Very friendly staff,all ways ready to give advise on any aspect on dog training.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Becky Campbell
5 Becky Campbell

Think this place is an amazing idea!! Our dog has been twice now and we intend to make it a regular occurrence. The staff are lovely and security is definitely a priority which is really reassuring for a pet owner. Very disappointing to see negative comments from people slamming a small start up business in today's market, it's 100% their choice how they want to run their Business.

Regardless its really great to see people who are so passionate about dogs. Love the idea and only hope it gets more popular!!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Gill Russell
5 Gill Russell

I think the whole set up is excellent, wish the girls every success and hope they go from strength to strength. Yes, Staffies are nice dogs, unfortunately, they do have a bad reputation, unfounded, but could put a lot of people off taking their pets to the Centre.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Kaytiee Louisee Thomas
1 Kaytiee Louisee Thomas

Very unfair how there singling out staffies.. I did want to take my calm 3 year old staff to there place but I think ill go else where as they only offer one to one training for staffs.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Ellie Moore
5 Ellie Moore

I owe these ladies a lot! They helped me train my over active, very strong puppy! We have just come back off our first holiday and it was so rewarding to see how happy he was off the lead on the beach and in the sea! And he came back to me (and mostly ignored other dogs) every time! So proud of him and I owe it all to this company!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Phil Budd
5 Phil Budd

Amazing!!! When ever we take Daisy we know 100% that she will be looked after!! And what's even better is that she is always so excited to go! That tells me she thinks it's amazing too!!!!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Vanessa Lealan
1 Vanessa Lealan

Thought the idea of a dog day care was fantastic until I found out you don't allow staffordshire bull terriers, it should not be based on the breed it should be on the temperament of the dog, my staffy is an amazing dog and would of really benefited from this, it's this kind of attitude that gives beautiful staffys a bad name !!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Emma Hanson
5 Emma Hanson

I took my 2.5 year old cross breed today for her first training session and learnt lots. We had visitors tonight and following what I was advised to do she was a different dog, no jumping up at all and very calm. Thank you so much. Can't wait until the next session.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Kevin Cokayne
5 Kevin Cokayne

First class our girl loves it she can't wait to get through the door .It has made her the well balanced social dog she is.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Dawn Metcalfe-Molinari
5 Dawn Metcalfe-Molinari

All dogs need to socialise to be happy and healthy. The staff and facilities at Lakeside are amazing. Complete peace of mind for me and a day of play and cuddles for my dogs - what more could I ask for?

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Susan Higginbotham
1 Susan Higginbotham

what a shame - I live in Redditch and have an adorable staffie. I miss out on lots of day trips as I don't like to leave her for too long. Had been told about the day care and it sounded like a fabulous idea - then have just read comments saying they don't take them. Just phoned you up myself in case this is hearsay and someone at your centre confirmed you do not take bull breeds at all due to the fact if a fight broke out it would be very difficult to get a staffie off the type of dogs you have there. Real disappointment, I work on two FB pet sites and would have been more than happy to support and promote this fabulous business idea but no way I can do that given the decision you have made.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Rebecca Martin
5 Rebecca Martin

I came to the open day today with my dog Otto who had the best time! I've never seen a group of happier dogs! The place is brilliantly set out and two of the most knowledgeable people to look after the dogs. Would recommend to anyone!!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Karen Turner
5 Karen Turner

Woudn't hesitate to recommend Lakeside Dog Day Care- my Rosie had a great time playing with all the dogs over the last few weeks while we were having work done at home. Everyone is really friendly (dogs included) and its so nice to know that your dog can get to play with other dogs of good temperament in a safe and secure environment. Wishing you every success for the future.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Lou Joanne
5 Lou Joanne

Just had one to one training, absolutely brilliant. Will be signing up for bronze starter class. Couldn't recommend it more, we got so much out of just one hour. The trainer is a genius! Thank you. Louise and Luke.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Sue Bevan
5 Sue Bevan

Everyone who owns a dog/dogs should come here . As a boxer owner (4 of them ) they obviously enjoy themselves , playing in a safe environment and no one makes issues of any accidents. Gail and Sharon are great, full of good advice and hints and again if your pooch a little naughty no issues are made about it . I love the way my. 2 pups have been able to socialise with other dogs and become a little independent from each other ,
After working in an emotional job I find lakeside dog day care almost therapeutic and enjoy going , probably more than the dogs !
We enjoy the play parties and the puppy training.
Look forward to the washing area to be up and running and il be there with my 4.
I can't praise them enough here , for us , well we love it !

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Roz Dilly
5 Roz Dilly

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Gail and her team for allowing us on hire their fantastic facilities for our reunion day for our Romanian rescuer and all our dogs. Your facilities are first class we could not fault anything about them. Thank you so much it was a Pawsome day x

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Heather Hall
5 Heather Hall

Molly attends the puppy crèche on a regular basis and absolutely loves it! She pulls like crazy to get inside when we arrive and is completely worn out and sleeps all evening when we pick her up.

Molly is really benefiting from the socialisation she is receiving (which is very important as she's a Rottweiler).

We also attend the puppy training classes which we find very useful.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone with a puppy. The friendly staff and the advice they have to offer are fantastic!

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Faye Austin
5 Faye Austin

Been going to training classes for a while now. We've passed the bronze. Working on silver now. My boy goes to dog day care one day a week and comes home pooped so I thinks he totally enjoys his time there. We've also had one to one training to help with a car issue which was brilliant. His progress is steady and good. So all in all I can say lovin this place,the training and all the staff. Thankyou guys for helping us raise a friendly, healthy and happy dog

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Tim Bence
5 Tim Bence

What a fantastic place. When I pull up outside my dog cannot wait to get in to see her friends.
You can obviously see that they know how to treat dogs well especially when introducing new dogs to all the existing pack. They separate small and larger dogs when they first go in in the morning so that they have time to welcome each other.
Our Jack Russell clearly enjoys herself there and cannot wait to go back each day.
I highly recommend Lakeland to look after your best friend. Fantastic place.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Michelle Chaffin
5 Michelle Chaffin

Excellent my dog is loving it. And for all those who have posted negative comments because they don't take staffies have you considered it might be due to the insurance!! I know people who have staffies and they are amazing dogs not a bad bone among them pardon the pun.....but as you know yourselves having a staff the insurance is considerably more. Mabey as a new business this was not an option? Just think you should not behave as a type cast staff owner and go in for the attack first and look at the bigger picture??

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Lee-Ann Bailey
1 Lee-Ann Bailey

Booked my dog in on Monday-to go in Thursday, reason-we’re moving house. They message me at 6.15pm the night before to tell me I need to bring in her record of vaccinations. I explain everything is packed, can I bring it next time (already a stressful time) no!!
Not the first time I’ve been let down by here.

Review of Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training by Hazel Mercer
5 Hazel Mercer

Lovely, professional, friendly and helpful staff. My two puppies get so excited when we pull up in the car, and they can’t wait to see the staff and other dogs. I’m so grateful for the attention they are given, allowing them to socialise with different ages and breeds of dogs, in a safe and secure environment. Thank you

Lakeside Dog Day Care & Training

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Dog Grooming

Pet dog grooming offered, clipping, scissoring, bathing and nail clipping

Dog Grooming

Pet dog grooming offered, clipping, scissoring, bathing and nail clipping

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