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I provide Meditational Hypnosis, Inner Soul Child Healing (healing from trauma, wounds, triggers from a Soul level into the physical), Soul Akashic Records Readings, Sound Healing Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and more. For more on my services please see my website at these links http://www.



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I love to see people shine into the Soul they are, helping them to move from being stuck in olde patterns and traumas and into their magnificence.

Inspiration is being In~Spirit or inspired, an inner soul calling from deep within your soul and from Source/God (whatsoever you choose to call such) guiding your life and you feel exhilarated, fulfilled being and doing such in a flow as if time stands still and there is free from being any time and it feels like a natural thing to you. Those whom do sport call this ‘being in the zone’. It is a calling in which you feel as if you are free from ever not doing such, you are called, guided, compelled by something greater than you, Source/God flowing through you to be and do such within such inspiration. It has you wake up everyday feeling blessed in how may I help, how may I serve?That is who I Am and where I live my life from is this inspiration.

So, what inspired me to launch Diamondlady and the DiamondLight Soul Centre?

Wanting to help often it is that you see someone or something as ill or a problem to be fixed, healed, etc. Being of service is whence ye see that person or situation as whole and as Soul and as already and always, in all ways healed, integrated, and then it is what can I give, how may I serve to remind ye of yer magnificence, to make yer life shine brighter than what I already see in ye of yer magnificence. This is who I Am within the healing work I live, BE, and give to the world for this is how Jesus healed the ill. He was free from ever seeing someone as ill, he saw them as whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful simply as they are, simply as he was/is, as Source/God is and as they are as Source/God incarnate, made in the same likeness and image as Source/God. Whence I Am assisting/helping another soul, this is who I Am in being in service.

This inspirational call from Source/God and humanity. For me on my path, there is nothing that brings me more joy and fulfilment then being guided by the Divine, being in~spirit, inspired and since I was that wee lass and even right now until this very moment and shall always be until my last breath on earth, nothing brings me more joy and fulfilment than to see another person move from being in pain, trauma, stuck, free from any purpose or direction in their lives and for me to be able to be that clear conduit for their own healing and revealing of their soul and its purpose and to see them shine! Thus, out of the natural flow of my God/Source given spiritual gifts I feel called, compelled every day, every moment to assist all of humanity through these gifts given me.

To me, although in every day life such would be called a ‘business’ and in practicality of this earthly life one can call it such I suppose. Yet for me, it is about transforming the consciousness of this world from one of war, hate, hurt, pain and into who we really are which is Love and all the attributes of Love that we often forget how to be consistently such as loving kindness, compassion, caring, giving, showing another you love them and telling them, co~creation, co~operation, empathy, compassionate listening, community, freedom, union, the benefit of all, gentleness, tenderness, softness, real, raw, vulnerable from the heartiness, generosity, how may I serve, what may I give, how can I assist, what is the loving thing to say, do, be in this moment, upliftment, encouragement, seeing the God/Source within one another and all. My life is dedicated to this purpose and this is what the in~spirit~ation (inspiration) was and is for Diamondlady, the Diamondlady website, the DiamondLight Soul Centre, and all of who I Am, what I live, BE, and give to all.

Because you feel the deep calling within your heart and your soul and you are open, willing, and ready to shine into the magnificence you are. I Am here willing and ready to walk this path with you, holding your hand as we dive deep into healing which has you remember that you are already whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful as you are. I care about being able to assist you into your own healing and seeing you shine. I invite you to hear the call from the Universe, Source within you and if it guides you to me, then know I Am here for you.