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Jamison L.

8 August 2019

I found this company through yelp and found excellent yelp reviews. Messaged Ryan through Yelp and we communicated back and forth till we set a date. He charges very reasonable rates, all around nice guy, and even offered to clean our gutters if they needed cleaning. He also provided a receipt after he finished and advised us to get our solar panels cleaned once a year. We just got our solars powered on a week agafter waiting almost half a year so I wanted my solars cleaned in time for Summer. He did a great job and sent me before and after photos. Definitely will be contacting Ryan every year to clean my solar panels. More...


David Fox

23 July 2019

This is his second time coming and he is really professional and meticulous . And on time !The panels look brand new ! Thank you


Flp L.

8 July 2019

Ryan did a great job. He did not just clean our solar panels, he also installed netting around the panels. This solved our pigeon problem settling underneath the panels. The pigeon droppings collected in the roof gutter and front home walkway. He removed the droppings and hosed down the roof. I was getting tired of sweeping our walkway, plus this can also create health problems to us and our pets. The pigeons never came back.Problem solved. Thanks Ryan. More...


Michael Goehring

30 June 2019

Courteous, professional service- just what we hoped for.Ryan was on time, personable, and did a fantastic job cleaning our panels. He also uncovered the fact that our house painters had sprayed paint on the panels- which Ryan then cleaned off - something we never would have known otherwise. We will be using him again and again. More...


Michael G.

11 June 2019

Courteous, professional service- just what we hoped for.Ryan was on time, personable, and did a fantastic job cleaning our panels. He also uncovered the fact that our house painters had sprayed paint on the panels- which Ryan then cleaned off - something we never would have known otherwise. We will be using him again and again. More...


Allen C.

9 June 2019

Ryan did a great job cleaning my solar panels. He arrived on time and was excellent with his communication through Yelp. He even put some caulking to help with a gutter leak. He is really into his job. He even cleaned some solar fan panels for attic ventilator at no charge. More...


Robert B.

1 May 2019

Ryan cleans my solar panels every 5-6 months. He always goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and also offers additional services if need be. My roof and gutters were filled with leaves and he offered to clean both of them for a very reasonable price. My solar panels always look brand new after he's done and the energy production is much more than compared to when it's dirty. Everything from pricing to customer service has always been A++ with LA Solar Cleaners and I would highly recommend Ryan and his crew. Thank you!!!! More...


Gerri Fedoroff

28 December 2018

Ryan is always on time, very friendly, and does an amazing job.



28 December 2018

Ryan is very friendly and explains the cleaning process very thoroughly. He did an excellent job of cleaning my solar panels. I will definitely continue having him clean my panels every 6 months. I highly recommend his service. More...


p t.

17 December 2018

Ryan was very professional and thorough. He cleaned my panels and rainwater gutters.I would recommend his services highly.


Richard C.

18 November 2018

Ryan does an Incredible Job.  Super nice guy, comes on time and is very careful.  Checks for broken roof tiles before and after just to let you know if you have any broken tiles and also to take responsibilty if he breaks any.  I Highly Recommend Ryan.  Use him and you will be Thanking me for this recommendation. More...


Jeri J.

14 November 2018

Ryan was very professional and did an amazing job on cleaning our solar panels. He responded quickly via email with a quote and set up an appointment right away. He was very honest and explained that we could even reschedule in case the Malibu fires were still producing too much smoke.  Check out the before and after photos. I Will definitely recommend him to friends and family and use his services in the future. More...


Marge B.

1 October 2018

Ryan did an excellent job on our solar panels. He also checks to see if we have an broken tiles and checks the gutters. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.


Sharmie C.

27 September 2018

This is the best find since getting our solar panels!! Keeping them clean increases their efficiency and lowers our electric bill! Ryan has been providing this services for us for 3+ years and does a phenomenal job!! He shows up brings his supplies and cleans up in an organized and timely manner. My kind of home service worker! Plus he's so nice! We've consistently used L.A. Solar and been very happy. I would gladly recommend this company to anyone! More...


Matthew C.

20 September 2018

Ryan was fantastic. He did an amazing job for a great price. My solar was producing about 25kwh every day in September. The day after he cleaned my panels, they produced 38.5kwh. What a great job. I'm going to be using him at least twice every year. More...


Jessica W.

17 September 2018

I just had the most wonderful experience with Ryan from LA solar cleaners, he did an incredibly beautiful job, super friendly.I highly highly recommend him. Great  Pricing More...


Scrappi R.

7 September 2018

This is my second year using Ryan. He is a very good at what he does. I see a difference in my panels' performance once he cleans them. He is the real deal!


Kimberly M.

6 September 2018

Ryan was fantastic at every step from my initial contact through completion.  He is a real professional, did a fantastic job and was very reasonably priced.  I will not use anyone else!


Vanessa X.

3 September 2018

This is my 2nd time that Ryan came and clean my solar panels. He does the excellent job as always.  My solar production increase by 10% the next day after Ryan clean them.  His price is very affordable and service is great. I definitely will use Ryan for the solar panel cleaning again More...


Jeff F.

25 August 2018

Ryan has been cleaning my panels for at least 6 years. Professional,  quick, and reasonable.  5 stars here!


QtinPink G.

25 July 2018

Ryan is very nice and informative. He responds very fast, I called him and he showed up the next day!


David F.

23 July 2018

Ryan came today and did a fantastic job. We have not had our solar panels cleaned since we install them two years ago. He did an excellent job restoring them to their original look.  He also cleaned many of the leaves on the roof that were not part of the original estimate and did not even charge me. We will definitely use him again when our panels need to be clean. Highly recommend this company.   I am posting before and after pictures. More...


Tim W.

27 June 2018

Last September we had Ryan clean our solar panels for the first time. He did such a great job that we had him clean the panels again this morning. He did another great job. I can honestly recommend this young man to do a super job on your panels. If you have solar panels, they will need cleaning to capture all of the Suns rays. Ryan is always on time and your solar panels will work more efficiently More...


Jamison L.

15 June 2018

I found this company through yelp and found excellent yelp reviews. Messaged Ryan through Yelp and we communicated back and forth till we set a date. He charges very reasonable rates, all around nice guy, and even offered to clean our gutters if they needed cleaning. He also provided a receipt after he finished and advised us to get our solar panels cleaned once a year. We just got our solars powered on a week ago after waiting almost half a year so I wanted my solars cleaned in time for Summer. He did a great job and sent me before and after photos. Definitely will be contacting Ryan every year to clean my solar panels. More...


Patrick K.

4 June 2018

Responded right away. Competitive price. Was running a few minutes late for scheduled appointment and texted me. Great communication. Provided before and after pictures. Highly recommend. More...


Cel A. Mercado

27 May 2018

Was very pleased with the work done. Ryan did a grest job and cleaned my panels to its original shine. Will recommend him to everyone.



27 May 2018

Very nice and helpful you man; excellent job at reasonable price. Definitely will call again.


Nelson P.

29 April 2018

Ryan is the best. Emailed yesterday for a quote and received it within a few hours. Very reasonable and offered to clean the gutters for a nominal fee. Came the very next day and was punctual, especially on a Sunday!Went up the roof and told me gutters were clean. Washed all 26 filthy panels and found a few tiles that needed repairs. He offered to do them for free, which I thought was great customer service. Upon further inspection of the other areas of the roof, more cracks were found and asked if he could fix those if he had time. I paid for his additional time as he needed to get supplies.Entire job took about 3.5 hours and couldn't be happier. Ryan is independent, cool and honest. He took before and after pictures to show his work, which shows integrity. He mentioned he also cleans windows too, so I will definitely use his services again in the future. I will update this review to show how much more the panels are producing after his service. More...


Bree P.

24 April 2018

Ryan was very professional. Gave me a quote and actually charged me less because he overestimated the work. Extremely honest! My panels and gutters look great. Definitely having him come to clean them again! More...


Laura P.

14 April 2018

Ryan with LA Solar Cleaners was amazing and such a honest, hard working individual. I called for a quote to clean our Solar Panels, we have had the system for almost 10 years and have never had them cleaned or been able to find someone to clean them. I received a flyer and called to get a quote. He pulled the house up on Google Maps to find the house, counted the panels from the photo and gave me a quote over the phone. I asked when he could come out and he said, "how about today"? He was here in 30 minutes and explained the process, said he would take photos so we could see the before and after. He also offered to clean the gutters for a nominal price. He got on the roof and told us the panels were not that dirty and the gutters did not need to be cleaned. He even took pictures so we could see everything. We told him to clean the panels and afterwards he told us that the birds had gotten under our panels and there was mound of bird mess. He cleaned that too and did not charge us anything additional. I HIGHLY recommend him. He was a amazing young, honey go getter. I will definitely be calling him in the future. More...


Takuhi F.

13 April 2018

What a pleasure to deal with Ryan.  Professional, on time and truly did a remarkable job.  Thank you so much Ryan.


Reilly L.

1 March 2018

I used Ryan recently to clean my solar panels, he gave me a quote immediately when I called and came out the following day to do the work. For a small additional fee, he also cleaned my gutters. He provides excellent customer service and great work!!!! More...


Amir A.

15 February 2018

I was looking for a professional solar panel cleaning company when I saw Ryan's company on Yelp.  It was a pleasure speaking to him on the phone couple of days ago and when I met him on the day of the service I felt confident that he will do an excellent job.  Ryan took before and after photos and it appeared that 3 of my solar panels were not working properly.  I contacted Solar City and they are looking into it as of now.  Ryan was very professional and his service was top notch 5 star quality from beginning to the end.  I will use him for my solar panel cleaning and I will also try to refer him to friends who have solar panels.  Thanks for the perfect service you provided today. More...


Jill L.

9 February 2018

What an absolute pleasure this company is! Ryan, the proprietor is a pure professional at his craft. I called Tuesday morning, he answered, thoroughly informed the process to me and quoted a better than fair price. Showed up on time this morning and got right to work. Texted me before and after pictures when he was finished My panels are now glistening! Don't waste your time by calling other companies, Ryan does an amazing job and for less!! More...


Naomi M.

7 February 2018

Ryan did an amazing job at my house today!  Cleaned out all the leaves from under the solar panels, cleaned the panels and gutters , and cleaned up the yard afterwards...I highly recommend him!


Laura A.

25 January 2018

Not only did Ryan do a great job on my solar panels, he also cleaned out my gutters, arrived on time, cleaned up after himself, and charged a reasonable price. All in all, as good an experience as you could hope for getting your solar panels cleaned! More...


Sherri E.

26 December 2017

I read about Ryan's services on "Next door" - it hadn't occurred to me that I needed to get my solar panels cleaned.  But after cleaning the soot and ash from my back yard, it made complete sense that my solar panels must be equally covered in yuck.  I called Ryan and HE ANSWERED his phone!  We made an appointment for later that week - Ryan was timely, professional and cleaned my panels beautifully.  While he was here, he cleaned my gutters AND my exterior windows for a very very reasonable additional cost. I plan to use Ryan's services again and would highly recommend him. More...


M E R.

16 December 2017

My house sits in the Cedar Fire area. I was able to get a quote and set up an appointment quite easily. Ryan was punctual and professional. I definitely recommend their services and plan to use them again myself. More...


Pat Ballew

14 November 2017

Very nice and helpful you man; excellent job at reasonable price. Definitely will call again.


Marie-Lise L.

19 August 2017

Second time we've hired this company to clean our solar panels.  He did an excellent job both times!  Professional, thorough, and punctual.  We noticed an immediate difference, not only on how shiny clean the panels looked, but in how much more energy we were producing the next day.  We will definitely hire this company again and again! More...


Narciso A.

17 August 2017

Found business card and brochure on my door when I got home. Read said brochure. Jumped on Yelp to see if the advertising corroborated with what real people were saying. Called #. Got connected to Ryan. (wait, not a call center, not some secretary? nope. Ryan himself.) Asked a couple of questions, got them answered. Scheduled a cleaning for the following Monday. Told him I wouldn't be home until 5:15ish, said, he'd start before I got home. Got home that monday and noticed a glimmer on my roof. Found bill on my door where he'd left his ad. Called me shortly therafter and said he'd taken upon himself to get started earlier -- then proceeded to text me before after photos. Beautiful, I said. He then said, he would do them in the winter for cheaper since he gets more business then. I said, of course.Fin.Wonderful service by a wonderful company. More...


Jill B.

11 August 2017

I'm in Ventura County and this company came up in my search for solar panel cleaning. I wasn't sure if they would come to this area but Ryan was so friendly and accommodating. He showed up the next day, cleaned our panels, and even took before and after pictures for me. Very impressed with his friendly demeanor and professionalism. The best part was his price was better than any of his competitors that I called. I will definitely be hiring this company again. More...


Shayla T.

25 July 2017

Ryan is great! He does a very good job. Friendly, Punctual and explains the cleaning process.  Second time we've used him and will continue in the future.


Jacob M.

9 July 2017

Ryan was a pleasure to work with.  Came on time, did great work and is just a nice guy. I'll be sure to call him back when I need my panels cleaned. Thanks again!!


David L.

19 May 2017

Owner came out this week to clean my panels on my warehouse. I have about 1,300 of them and he did a fantastic job working alone. It's not an easy job but he got it done and within budget. :) More...


Judy G.

20 October 2016

I had my solar panels done yesterday. The owner was extremely nice and even cleaned out my rain gutters, fixed one and repaired a couple of cracked roof tiles. I appreciated the before and after photos of my solar panels. The owner is a super nice guy and I felt that he undercharged me for all the work he did so I paid him a little extra. Now it will be interesting to see if my electric bill goes down a bit but even so they definitely needed to be cleaned. Very nice young man and I wish him much success with his business. More...


Michael H.

22 September 2016

Ryan is an example of a young entrepreneur who goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied with his work. I have 89 solar panels on my roof that have never been scrubbed clean in 9 years, only regularly rinsed off by me. In two hours, Ryan climbed all over my roof and brushed them all down so well, they look brand new again! I highly recommend this young man's service. Oh, and he also discovered an out-of-position concrete tile and another cracked one. Both were reset and repaired at no charge. That deserved a tip. I will definitely be contacting Ryan again in the Spring, for sure. More...


John H.

17 September 2016

My residence is a few miles away from the horrible Sand Canyon fire which blazed in Santa Clarita on July of this year. My windows, backyard, and car in the front were all caked with ash. I figured, if ash is covering this areas, I can only imagine the coverage the ash is getting on my 11 solar panels. After looking at my production via monitoring program, I can see a drop in solar production.I did a good amount of research about cleaning solar panels. I then decided it's not something I would want to do myself for now, so I looked up some solar panel cleaning businesses. From 6 businesses I dwindled it down to LA Solar Cleaners. I left him a yelp message for a quote first. Naturally, people running a small business aren't always available when you call them. I left Ryan a voicemail and he called me back within 15 minutes and responded to my quote on yelp around the same time. Without him knowing that the guy on yelp asking for a quote and the guy calling him on the phone were the same person, he quoted me the same price. Ryan is very honest and trustworthy.We scheduled an appointment and he came a few days later. He arrived on the dot at 8am, the time we agreed to. He introduced himself and went on his way to cleaning my panels.Within a very reasonable amount of time, the panels were cleaner than when they arrived from the installer. From my solar production monitoring program, I received a 16% bump in production!Ryan will surely get my business again in the future. I am spreading the word to people I know about his quality of work and his honesty. If you need solar panels cleaned, Ryan is your guy. I HIGHLY DOUBT you will find a better price on the market for his quality of service.  Thanks again Ryan, I'll be seeing you again soon! More...


Georgie M.

26 August 2016

Ryan just came and cleaned our solar panels.  Left everything clean and tidy...I can really see the difference.  I asked him to contact us in 6 months so we can schedule our next cleaning.  Great service!


Dawn M.

23 August 2016

Well if you want prompt and professional service this is the place to call. I have over 30 panels on my house and I live in Chatsworth and they get dusty and dirty. I have had Ryan come to the house twice so far to clean the panels and when he is done you can see the difference with the meter. Ryan is very friendly, honest and informative and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that has solar panels. More...


Garrett B.

19 August 2016

Seriously Amazing, is how I would describe this guy!  I received a business card in the mail and I kid you not I was just thinking I really needed to get my panels cleaned.  After the Sand Fire and all the Ash, plus my construction in my backyard, my ONE year old system needed a cleaning.  I'm going to tell you that I called him two separate times, and both times he was very friendly and explained his process to me in detail.  When he arrived (on time I might add) to start working he explained everything that was going to happen and then went to work.  I'm attaching pictures to this review so you can see actual before and after photos, and then my dashboard view of the energy my system is generating now.  Day before the cleaning I generated 36.23kWh and the day when the cleaning was done I got 46.83kWh. To put this in perspective I hadn't generated more than 36 kWh since well I don't know when.  I just looked and the most my system had generated since install was 41kWh per day.  Now that they are cleaned I've had two days of 46.83 on day 1 and 45.98kWh on Day 2.  I'm not sure how he did it, but my panels are producing better now than when they were brand new and installed!  I will definitely be having him come back at least once per year to service my panels.  Also his pricing was VERY reasonable and I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off at all! Thanks for a phenomenal job! For all you out there that have solar, get them cleaned! More...


Drew R.

22 July 2016

Called LA solar cleaners and a friendly guy named Ryan picked up promptly and was ready to clean that day! I was so impressed and knew he was the guy for us. Our panels were very dirty and needed lots of TLC as they had never been cleaned and were installed a year ago. I was initially concerned about having them cleaned at 4:30 pm as I thought it would be too hot for the panels to have cold water on them, but just to make me feel  more comfortable Ryan was more than happy to move my time later. Great customer service! He was prompt and enthusiastic about his service, a real rarity today. He takes pride in his work and it was evident because the panels looked fantastic. More...


Jimmy H.

19 July 2016

Had Solar panels installed in Nov '15. By July, 6 months later they had a brown permanent film of dust covering them like the cars parked outside. I called a couple of solar panel cleaners on Yelp that had lots of 5 star reviews, none called me back. Ryan was the 1st to actually answer, we made an appointment for 4:30 that afternoon. He arrived promptly, was courteous and professional. He spent over 2 hours washing my panels, and the difference was amazing. The next day my system is definitely putting out a lot more juice, I would say 15% or more! Ryan's rates are more than reasonable, in fact I'm quite sure the increased efficiency more than pays for the cost of cleaning, a win win situation. You can't go wrong with Ryan and his company, I'm glad I found him, and have already booked him to come back in 6 months.Great job & thanks Ryan! More...


Bethanne C.

25 May 2016

I've been renting in the West Hills area for the past four months and the rental has a number of solar panels.  Given the condition of the panels and that I will be in the rental for a number more months, I hired LA Solar Cleaners to clean them last week. They did an excellent, professional job. They were courteous and very affordable. Quick and easy. Thank you! More...