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As a Certified Master Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and former Equinox Tier lll instructor, I specialize in Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Fitness Nutrition, Senior Fitness and Woman's Fitness. And I implement functional training, cardio-respiratory endurance, metabolic conditioning, HIIT, wellness coaching, and movement screen assessments.


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Michelle O

28 May 2019

Julie is an answer to prayer! I had been looking for a functional trainer for over two years before I connected with Julie at LaBonty Fitness. I can say so many positive things, but will start with "WOW!!!". After all of the sessions we've had together, I find myself still trying to figure out HOW CAN WE DO SO MANY DIFFERENT EXERCISES AND NOT REPEAT ANY OF THEM Julie is amazing..!!!!! AMAZING. Every session is on time, and she is always smiling and cheerful and encouraging and positive and helpful and intelligent and focused and attentive and caring and knowledgeable and a wonderful listener and and and and...simply put she's a blessing on every level. I look forward to our sessions together, her passion for what she does fuels my passion to continue with my goals. Julie is refreshing and my favorite thing is SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING. No longer am I at a gym where I'm lifting weights' or 'doing a mind numbing circuit' or exercising in a way that isn't benefiting my body my body type or my mind, I'm no longer doing training that is hurting my body - rather, I'm doing training that is HELPING my body! Julie understands every exercise in how it affects my body, she senses my limitations and my strengths, and that is an important gift for a successful trainer. Now that she's here in Colorado, she's not ever allowed to move away or quit her job because she is an absolutely FABULOUS trainer and perfect for me, and I must have her forever n ever n ever. Julie I'm so thankful for you and your excellent training! :) More...


Carissa Plumery

21 May 2019

Julie is simply amazing. I have been training with her for a year now and I don’t know what I would do without her! I was 20 lbs heavier, miserable trying to motivate myself to go to fitness studio classes and I just thought I’m going to try a personal trainer-couldn’t hurt and I could really use the accountability. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Julie is so knowledgeable and has put together trainings that have evolved with my fitness level and challenge me every time. She incorporates her knowledge of nutrition to help me reach my goals and really cares and celebrates my progress no matter how small (sometimes you really need that!!). If you are on the fence about personal training or purchasing a package of her sessions, I can promise you you won’t be disappointed! More...


Maria Marin

21 May 2019

Sport, I just like to see it, not to practice it, but I do not want to miss any class with Julie because she's just a fantastic personal trainer!She has helped me and continues to help me a lot. Not only my body is very grateful to her, my mind too. Besides the best professional, she is a very sweet person, charming and incredible! I just love her. I'm addicted to Julie!I'm so happy to have met her!! More...


Corinna Mosher

4 September 2018

Julie is by far the best personal trainer ever!!She absolutely knows what she is doing. She is professional, dedicated and just fun to be around. I have been working out with her for 3+ years and her sessions are always different and challenging. When I first started working with her I had lower back aches constantly. Since then I get some soreness from workouts but all the back pain is gone and my body is tighter & with more definition. My arms have never been better and my abs are getting there.She has been the only personal trainer to show me stretching exercises that have made a huge difference in my life.I have never felt that I was wasting my time or money on my sessions with her. She is a truly wonderful person and personal trainer More...


Kylie Drake

4 September 2018

Julie is quite easily the best personal trainer I know. When I came to her almost a year ago, I wanted to become stronger and I wanted to run a 5k, which I had never done before. Julie put together a well thought out workout plan to not only achieve my goals but also surpass them, and when I surpassed them, she encouraged me to make new goals so I can improve and get stronger everyday. Her workouts are fun and challenging, always different, never boring and she progresses you into different phases. She is also extremely supportive in everything I do, whether it's cheering me on at the gym or at the end of a race, while holding me accountable and challenging me to think about fitness and nutrition in ways that I will enjoy. As an athlete, she understands the challenges most people need to overcome to lead a healthy lifestyle. And the range and flexibility she has to be able to work with people of all fitness levels is really remarkable. Julie is truly invested in all of her clients, genuinely concerned about each of them, their progress and well-being. My time with her has been a huge success. I don't think I know anyone quite like her, and for her, I am truly grateful. More...


Amy Singh

4 September 2018

Julie has the gift of being a professional trainer who can quickly determine the requirements of achieving your personal fitness goals. Because Julie focuses on training women, she possesses the refined expertise of developing the right program for a woman of any age and at any fitness level.I have been involved in various sports and fitness activities for over 30 years and have worked with many trainers. Julie excels at what she does. More...


Marcia Clark

4 August 2018

I'm sure you have all been through this scenario: You start a membership at a gym or attend some classes with the intention of turning around your fitness and health. Then you get busy, life gets in the way, and with no one to hold you accountable the routine drops off.When I started looking into personal training, I had gone through years with a variety of gym, cross fit, and class-pass memberships without any good regularity. My goal was relatively simple at first - to find a way to exercise and stay active consistently that worked with my busy work schedule. My hope was this would translate into feeling stronger, having more energy, and weight loss.After researching trainers for a bit, I came across Julie. What impressed me right off the bat was how responsive she was. She quickly replied to my inquiry and set up an initial visit. Having never worked with a personal trainer before, I was unsure of what to expect. I knew that I needed someone who would encourage me to be better, and would make me excited about going to work out. When I met Julie she struck me as very approachable and relatable (even though she's a rock-star athlete), and I felt we would work well together. I also appreciated that beyond just exercise she also focuses on nutrition and general well-being.It has now been over a year since I've been training with Julie, and I can't tell you how proud I am that I've finally stuck with something this long! Her workout programs are diverse, never boring, and tailored to her individual clients abilities...and boy do they make you sweat! Over the past few years I have been running races ranging from 5K to a half marathon, and this training has also helped me get back into good running shape and improved my endurance for longer distances. I'm happy to be physically consistent again! Julie pushes me out of my comfort zone in a good way. If you told me a year ago that I would be doing pull ups and spiderman crawls I would have probably laughed in your face. I feel stronger and more motivated to reach my now, ever changing goals thanks to Julie! More...


Hannah Dahl

19 July 2018

Julie has been my trainer since August of 2017, and this review is long overdue.

Personally, I have been a big skeptic about personal trainers for the longest time, for a few different reasons:

1) They are expensive
2) Do not always customize the program based on where you are mentally at in the process
3) Boring routine workout

Julie is none of those things. Since my initial orientation with her, she heard my needs; why I needed a personal trainer and what were my goals.
I have accountability issues when it comes to exercise, hence I realized I needed a trainer that just doesn't let me off the hook easily and doesn't make me do routine workouts ( threadmills etc).

Julie always has a fun and unique workout created just for me. They never are boring. I am not going to lie, her workouts are challenging, but somehow Julie manages to keep my mind busy and the session fly's by. She also gives her clients her undivided attention - she catches me when I try to cheat on my workout.

I work out at in the comfort of my home gym, where Julie trains me, but she also trains clients at her apartment gym- The Savoy.

If you are looking for a personal trainer that actual cares about health/wellness/fitness and her clients. Look no further. I am very lucky to have found her. A hidden gem for sure and I will hope to continue my personal training adventure with her.

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I create specific workout programs tailored to their needs and goals. Some of my clients need more attention on mobility or range of motion, some strength, and some require a majority of focus on losing body fat. I have clients from all walks of life and all of them requiring my undivided attention as I guide them on their journey toward better health and overall well-being.

Dedication, Diet, and Exercise. With these three things and my help, you can achieve any desired goal, whether it be weight loss, building muscle, or just a sense of overall well-being, we can get you there together!

Being able to help women reach their desired goals while building a friendship in the process.

I am able to control every aspect of my career. Continuously challenging myself, finding innovative ways to do something, progressing steadily and without limits to my own success.

My clients have said to me that I am an extremely thorough and thoughtful person and trainer, that I listen and care. I have a couple of clients that are doctors and they have said that they come to me, to feel better. That to me is a pretty powerful statement, and I am humbled and grateful to have such wonderful clients as I do. I would not be here without them.