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Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

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We offer everything residential or commercial, from Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Storage and Solutions, Design Services, Kitchen Refacing, customized solutions for home office, laundry, fireplaces, mudroom /entryway to Full House Remodeling, with bath and kitchen design and remodel our specialty.

We serve all the Greater Houston Area.

Please come visit our showroom to experience our beautiful displays and start making selections for the bath and kitchen of your dreams!

We offer a wide selection of cabinets, flooring, countertops, fixtures, faucets, lighting, backsplashes, tile for all your remodeling needs.

We carry in-stock cabinets for budget conscious customers who need their project taken care of immediately or we work with high end cabinet suppliers for those customers wanting a more customized option. You can select from different woods, finishes and door styles.

Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio Reviews


Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by amber buckner
1 11/06/2018 amber buckner

I just want to help those of you who are looking for a contractor or have had bad luck with a contractor or this company in particular. Please be aware that you can send in a complaint to home advisor if the company is home advisor approved and you can send a complaint letter in to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB offers mediation and arbitration to help you. Please call them if you are having trouble or have had trouble with a contractor. They may be able to help you some. This company states they are Home Advisor approved on their website although that is not true. They were terminated from home advisor. Also, this company is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath association. Please notify them if you have any concerns regarding this company.
I could write a 20-page review on this company but this company has exhausted me and this review site wont let me post a long review. Once I gave this company a chunk of my money to complete what needed to be done to my house they hardly ever showed up to work on my house. They once had a group of contractors come late at night and seemed to have had a party. They took my shower bluetooth speaker and left it cover in thin set on the floor, they had corona bottles everywhere and cigarette buds everywhere in the house. Left texture on all of our personal things (shoes, picture frames etc), electrical outlets, brick, window screens etc. They did not bring their own tools and used ours. Krystal and Paul never answered their phone once they had our money. They were unreliable. The company fired 3 people while working on our home and still refused to acknowledged that our home was being destroyed by their company. The tile floor was hollow, chipped, coming up with one hand and just completely a mess. The texture never got fixed, the bath tub and toilet were broken, there were multiple holes in the wall, our freezer got unplugged and left so we lost all our deer meat and food and the list goes on. I pleaded with the company to listen to me as no one was looking over the house to see the kind of work the contractors were doing. They refused to listen to me. I remember sitting in my son’s room crying at having to deal with the whole mess and a Spanish contractor walking by and laughing at me talking Spanish to another contractor. They once told us to leave our own home. I have a husband and a child and 2 dogs and all we wanted was our house back.
I read the reply Krystal put on the review and see them comment back to their review and they sat there and called them liars. why? why would they lie? They replied to a customer’s review that they were upset on the review ratings. If you care so much about your reviews then you have a lot to fix how you do business and treat your customers. Care more about the customers and less about getting their money in your pocket. The others who posted bad reviews just wanted the same as I did. Someone to do work in their house in a good and workman like manner. Someone to respect their house, their personal belongings, their self as a human being, their life. Krystal and Paul, you are coming into people’s homes. Respect that. They only destroyed my house and took valuable time away from us by delaying work that was contracted to be done at a certain time.They their self would not want to be treated like this and nobody should have to be treated like this. How do you go on and continue to do this to people? Why? Why take peoples money when you know your in the wrong for doing what your doing? Apparently it's easy to do and their are innocent people out there looking for help and you are taking advantage of them. It's wrong.
I don’t believe I can reply back after this company comes back and tells lies to try to make their self-look better and call me a liar so please know all of this is true and there is so much more to this story. I am just done and can’t wait to put this experience and company behind me.
Please be aware of this company. I would put 0 stars if I could.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by John Buckner
1 11/06/2018 John Buckner

I would give 0 stars if I could. I would also tell my whole story with the experience I have had with this company but I choose to waste no more time on these people. Basically they are a terrible company. Please beware.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Jason Timmins
5 19/05/2018 Jason Timmins

The work was absolutely spectacular, I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for your excellent work!

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Eric Brown
1 13/05/2018 Eric Brown

Literally took6 months to finish my Cabinent job and they never even finished , poor work... Once they got their money it took weeks of daily calling to even get the simplistic things done. They broke my granite countertop . Krystal disappears once she takes the money. The subcontract out with poort unreliable workers . They do not care once they get the money .. do not use .!!!!

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Nicole B
5 02/05/2018 Nicole B

We could not be happier! Krystle and Paul came to our home after we flooded in Harvey. Krystle listened to what I wanted to do, offered her design suggestions for other details, and performed exactly what we wanted. The final result was WAY better than we could have imagined! All questions were answered, the price was fair and no hidden charges, and they even added a few small side projects for us. I highly recommend this company.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Eric R
5 15/03/2018 Eric R

The company charged me a fair quote, delivered services on time. Clean punctual no running around. I liked their service and work.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Raga Fahmy
1 27/02/2018 Raga Fahmy

Terrible customer service. Not only was the designer, Krystal, late 2 hours but called 5 minutes before the app. To say she’s running an hour late. Then and hour later after I called 2 times. Called to tell me she’d be there in 49 minutes.
After arriving, didn’t have any of the pictures I uploaded or the specs I asked for. Then walked around, uninterested and offering no feedback. I asked when can they start, she said not before 3 weeks, even though I specified with the person I talked to when I wanted the work to be done by, at least one bathroom.When I asked how long it would take, randomly answered with of at least 3 months.

I asked can you give me a range or how to give me estimates, randomly through out out of the ballpark numbers and a long time to get estimates.

She was not interested at all, didn’t try to work with me. I think they only look for huge projects with people willing to pay whatever. She knew she didnt want the job so she said Everything possible for me to lose interest.

If you pay attention to the request and the pics before you take a project you’d save everyone’s time, Especially that I’m in a hurry. It’s just not nice behavior. Not interested in this co. at all.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Inmanuel Quiroz
5 31/01/2018 Inmanuel Quiroz

Beautiful work done by this company. I would recommend them to other people. We had problems with Harvey during the flood. Our downstairs kitchen got flooded. We were going to make a remodel before Harvey. We found this company on the internet, called them and they started the job. Our kitchen looks nice now.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Peter Late
5 30/01/2018 Peter Late

Excellent service! The whole process for our Kitchen remodeling was easy for us because their friendly and knowledgeable staff. They stayed in budget and delivered what was promised in our contract agreement. I do recommend this company.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Steven Spiller
5 25/01/2018 Steven Spiller

They got me exactly what I wanted and my kitchen looks beautiful! In an industry full of frauds it’s refreshing to have a great experience with Diana and Will.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Crystal Bush
1 19/01/2018 Crystal Bush

Do not hire this company, please be aware!!! I was in the process of buying my home when the home flooded. The sellers hired this company after months of shaddy business the house was finally repaired. My kids could have done a better job. Paint on the ceiling, wall outlets push in when you try and plug something in them. They hot wire the dishwasher, when I was having a new dishwasher installed they couldn't do it until I had an electrician fix the outlet. It could have started a fire, and I have four small children in the home. The texture of the wall doesn't match what they taped and floated. There are holes in their drywall job. Nails still sticking out of the baseboards. And not too mention they put the doorknobs on wrong!!! Omg just terrible all the way around, I could go on with more. We have had to hire a contractor to fix what this company screwed up. Please save yourself the hassle and find a company who knows what they are doing.

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Don & Jackie Hulen
1 18/01/2018 Don & Jackie Hulen

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! I would give negative stars if I could! I'm a realtor® who represented the buyers during a home purchase that flooded during Hurricane Harvey prior to the sale closing. The sellers hired Krystle's Kitchen & Bath to do the tear out & remodel (flooring, kitchen cabinets, sheetrock, and paint).

First of all they started weeks later than they said they would. At one point the sellers couldn't even get in touch with them & Krystle's didn't return the seller's phone calls for days. After they finally started, they gave a finish date and were weeks late on that as well. Through the entire process, they never once did what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it. Very frustrating to the buyers, the sellers, and both agents! Under the circumstances with Harvey, this would have been understandable, many contractors over extended themselves and took on more work than they could handle.

What WASN'T acceptable was the poor quality of work! It was TERRIBLY UNPROFESSIONAL!! Especially the sheetrock and looked like a child did it! Because they didn't hang and float the sheetrock correctly in the den, they had to put a chair rail to cover it up, at 5 ft. What house ever has a chair rail that high?!! The paint lines were sloppy, and the texture didn't match the existing texture on the higher part of the wall. They also didn't bother removing the outlet & light covers before painting and got paint all over those, as well as the ceiling, and carpet. They didn't do the finishes on the cabinets and flooring properly with quarter rounds. They left measurement pencil markings on the ceiling just next to where the cabinets were hung. They installed a cabinet in the bathroom and left one of the two knobs off, nowhere to be found. They broke the toilet tank & caused more flooding in the house, and apparently after the buyers moved in, they had some problems with a pipe the contractor had broken in that same bathroom. I posted 4 photos of the unprofessional work done that can be found when you click on the photos.

When the buyers saw how terrible the work looked and requested it be fixed to look professional, the seller had a hard time getting Krystle's to remedy the mistakes. In the end the buyers had to get a different contractor out to give an estimate to fix the mistakes, and had to renegotiate with the seller to get more money ($$ thousands!) to get it done. Not sure what happened in the end between the sellers and Krystle's Kitchen & Bath, but I would advise anyone reading this to do your research and find a licensed contractor who knows what they're doing and hires people who do a professional job!!!

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Brenda LaFleur
5 30/12/2017 Brenda LaFleur

I love my new kitchen! Krystle’s design is excellent & Ralph is a master carpenter! I couldn’t be more pleased!

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Jim Karlile
5 27/11/2017 Jim Karlile

We purchased our kitchen, master bath, and wet bar cabinets from Krystle's. Prices are reasonable. The end product was exactly what we wanted. Highly recommend

Review of Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio by Michael Guzman
5 27/11/2017 Michael Guzman

Wonderful service!! Beautiful, contemporary kitchen designs. These people really know what they are talking about.

Krystle's Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

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