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Alcione Bonfim Campos

3 August 2018

Amo quero aprender ser alguém na vida e dar exemplo pra outras pessoas...


Chris Pemberton

3 August 2018

Kevin is a top class instructor and a fantastic practitioner of Krav Maga


Nick Dobson

3 August 2018

Absolutely top notch training - very professional and challenging - excellent for both fitness and self defence. Superb instructors - give it a go.


Byrney Fossington-Smyth

3 August 2018

A great but exhausting Krav Maga school. You'll come out aching but all the better for it. Kevin is a great instructor who knows his stuff.


Brett Willmott

3 August 2018

If you are looking for a new challenge of fitness and stamina or simply want to learn a genuine self defence for real life situations, then there is no better than krav maga.

Another nice part is becoming part of a team, that you class as family. The help provided is of professional standard as Kevin Simpson has committed to a very high standard (training and passing tests in Israel)

It's a great way to improve CONFIDENCE and AWARENESS on and off the street.


Arran Agrelo-Warren

3 August 2018

Krav Maga classes are top. Trained with all 3 instructors and they are very good at what they do. If you want to learn self defence for the streets these days this is the class to take part in. It opens your eyes to things that can really happen in pubs/clubs or just walking home after a night out. Helps you read situations so you don't have to get in to trouble but if you do you have great knowledge of how to get out of trouble and away from it. Yea you do take a good battering sometimes but all apart of the fun. Best of all it's a great workout! More...


Stephen Howells

28 July 2018

It's still in it's infancy at Elite Stafford but already getting a decent group of people!
Richard is a top class instructor.


Mike Miller

28 July 2018

Never done any martial arts before and thought I would give Krav a go. I found it good for general fitness and also learning great self defence skills. Richard is very good instructor, able to teach at all levels. More...

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