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Wow, it's getting busy and we have to focus on work and direct contacts so our response here in/at Bark is lacking! Sorry.. contact us directly through our site should you want estimates, thank you.

We provide graphic design for both print and digital avenues.



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Eye catching and easy to use. Great content won't be read if it looks like an encyclopedia, no matter how compelling the copy.

1. Do you know the perceived perception of your business in your market?
2. Do you know who your top three competitors are?
3. What specific goals are you looking to reach, and is this specific project part of that strategy?

The process varies according to the specific deliverable, but all projects begin with a look at existing materials to get a feel for the persona a company has. Then, usually a list of words describing results is made for a kick-off of creative play. Designs are started during or after this point and all aspects of previous discovery are weighed and valuated as to their worth in a creative direction for the project at hand.

1. The expectation of the completed project and any specifics.
2. Input from all stakeholders who have the ability to direct the final product.
3. Depending on the cost for the project, 50% or 33% will be required upfront before work starts.

A variety of skills utilized on a daily basis across many different types of projects is very interesting and fun. I like being able to help different people in different ways.

The bureaucracy of larger companies are usually the culprit standing in the way of actually solving problems for clients more efficiently. I was always on the team, or the one, solving problems and needing to navigate egos, departments and the like and I realized if I was working directly with the client, I was the one responsible from the get go!

I have experience working with mom and pop shops all the way up to Fortune 100 clients. I always give top notch design, no matter the budget or size of the project. In the end, I'm the type that many have worked with when they had an agency of record so the communication and costs are much more manageable.



When a message needs to communicate, the actual layout, color, typography and even format of the finished piece will either enhance or maybe even carry the meaning. Graphic Design is the art of bringing all these elements together to create a piece of communication is pleasing to look at, to read, to watch or feel.

Branding and Storytelling are two new-but-old concepts that are part of the buzz today. That doesn't make them any less important, but they can be misunderstood. Your brand isn't a slogan or tag line with a 'corporate' color palette; that's more in the Identity realm, again important, but only half the picture. Branding is a special meaning about who you are, what you stand for and how you relate that information to the public. Everything from the type of photography you use to the tone of voice in your copy is centered around your brand. We will help you formulate the right brand and branding messages and ensure all of your marketing materials are a cohesive voice towards that message.