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Daniel Ethridge

6 August 2018

I used them for house cleaning when I was moving. They did a really good job. House was super clean when they were done. They arrived and finished on time. No complaints! More...


Betsy Nido

6 August 2018

Michelle's crew arrived right on time, and worked hard to get my very dusty home back into shape. I highly recommend them!


Mary Pate

6 August 2018

Very happy with the service from Kitsap Clean. The cleaning team was friendly and professional. They arrived on time and did a great "deep clean" of my home, getting all the trouble spots. I booked and paid online, which was nice. I will be using them again! More...


Jenny Ruth Morber

6 August 2018

We have had nothing but good experiences with this company. Communication is great, they come on time and do a good job, they use natural products, and they are pleasant to be around and do business with. Best cleaners we have ever had.


Teresa Wallis-Shuey

6 August 2018

Very happy with this company. They arrived on time and cleaned every nook and cranny of my house. We will definitely use them again.


Lynette Ackman

6 August 2018

Very pleased with the work performed today by my wonderful team of three. I moved into a new rental home and was surprised and disappointed to find how dirty it was.
Kitsap Clean scheduled me for a deep clean and these ladies worked all day, scrubbing and cleaning to make my home feel livable.
I will be using them for regular every-other-week maintenance service going forward.


Danni M.

26 April 2018

Wow, I loved getting our house cleaned by this company!! First, we were able to easily book the appointment online, and they were very upfront about their services and pricing. I received multiple confirmation emails in advance, and then a text when they were on their way the day-of. When the team arrived, they were very friendly and professional and we first did a walk-through of the house together so I could show them the space and point out areas of concern. Then they got to work and cleaned for hours! They cleaned areas of my house that I know have never been cleaned in my two years of owning it, like every baseboard, wall, corner, ceiling fan, window sill, etc. It was so thorough!! They even had a checklist for every room that they were following, and the team leader was regularly checking in with everyone to make sure all aspects were covered. I work at home and they did it great job of working around my office, then coming to clean that when I was at a convenient breaking point. We DEFINITELY plan to use this company a few times each year for deep cleans - it's not really in our budget right now to do it more frequently, but I would rather have it done right by Kitsap Clean, then more frequently by a cheaper competitor. More...


Jennifer D.

7 October 2017

Easy to set up the appointment, nearly immediate response from the owner, texts when the cleaners were on their way, pleasant staff completing the work and a totally fair price! I didn't even mention the best part- my house looked fantastic. Will definitely use them again! More...


Mary P.

5 December 2016

I've used several local house cleaning companies, with mixed results. However, I was very happy with the green cleaning service provided by Kitsap Clean and I would definitely use their service again. PROS- Green cleaning. No nasty chemicals, and they didn't charge more for that either.- Easy to book online. It's nice not to have to worry about calling during certain business hours. The owner was also quick to respond by e-mail to questions.- Home cleaning team arrived on time! This has been an issues with several different cleaning companies I've used over the past couple of years. Some don't even call and let you know they will be late. Kitsap Clean even sent a text letting me know when they were on their way.- Professional crew and service. They really did a great job on my 2,200 square foot home in Poulsbo. They did a "Deep Clean" for me (which is required for first time customers, I think), and I don't think I've seen my bathroom this clean since I moved in. I didn't even know some of those stains were removable. Nothing broken or "missing" either. I wasn't there for the whole clean, but when I was, they were working hard.- Easy to pay. I liked the option of paying by credit card online if I want, and not always just by cash.CONS- They only work during regular business hours during the week. I could see a situation where having an evening cleaning or weekend appointment would be useful.Highly Recommended! More...

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