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kitchen cabinets san francisco

Crocker Amazon, California


kitchen cabinets san francisco

Crocker Amazon, California


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tureg u.

29 September 2019

Knowledgable, helpful and hard working customer rep in the store. After visiting boutique and larger locations J&N helped focus the bewildering range of choices in cabinetry. Good selection of samples with brochures. Liked that one could browse at your pace and have questions answered as needed. Easy to find parking. More...


Susan L.

9 February 2019

Very helpful and stock many styles.  Can help guide you in your purchases and also do drawings to help you figure out what's best to fit within your space.  Many options and price ranges.


Win W.

6 November 2018

Dan is absolutely amazing to work with!! If anyone is thinking of doing a kitchen remodel, I would highly recommend J & N Kitchen Cabinets. Dan came to our house to double check our measurements and to see what can be done to utilize the space of our small kitchen. He was able to draw out and give us an outlook of what our kitchen would look like prior to starting the remodel.If any of the cabinets come with manufacture defects, Dan quickly works with you and replaces them with no hesitation. J and N Cabinets is very accommodating and will work with you to determine a delivery schedule to your home. The remodel is complete now and we are enjoying our new kitchen. Dan was a one stop shop and recommended where to get lighting, tiles, and counters with his recommended installer, who also did a fantastic job.We are so happy we chose J and N Kitchen Cabinets. More...


Randy M.

18 April 2018

I began working with Dan Lee of J & N cabinets on our kitchen remodel last spring, about a year ago so this rave review is long overdue.  Even though our project was not huge, I took on the role of contractor, which made me especially unaware (dumb) and significantly more fussy and detail-oriented than an average client.     Dan met with me tirelessly and for as many Saturday mornings sessions (easily 6 or 7) as I wanted to design our kitchen and make cabinet choices. In addition to working out of his no-frills kitchen display storefront in the outer mission, he made 2 trips to out site to take accurate measurements He was always consistently generous, knowledgeable, jovial and patient with me, and willing to entertain multiple changes along the way without flinching.     He was amazing at staying on top of the logistics and communicating with the cabinet manufacturer I chose.When the cabinets arrived in San Francisco, he generously offered to store them in his local warehouse for 3 or 4 weeks, until the project could comfortably accommodate them in our small home, and then delivered them to us at no extra cost.     As the project finally came close to completion, as inevitable glitches arose, his service was spectacular at backing up the sale and making sure everything was right, long after the last payment was made.     Our new kitchen looks great and functions exactly as it should.     Dan Lee/J & N Cabinets is a rare gem, that I can't recommend highly enough. More...


Su L.

20 July 2017

Dan is amazing and his level of service was second to none and a sincere pleasure to work with.  I went to multiple shops, including multiple cabinet stores of the same chain on the peninsula and in the east bay.  He was the only one who was willing to send me drawings before I committed to any purchase.   My project isn't that big, but he still spent the time with me to make sure I like what I'm purchasing. I've been a difficult customer (my opinion if I had to provide services to me .... haha)   with many changes and questions, and he was extremely patient and answered all of my questions quickly on email and by phone and went through many revisions of the plan, always with a smile.  He also came to my house in Menlo Park to take measurements and communicates with my contractor for me, who is not as fluent in English.  He had many suggestions when wanted to do something that I haven't thought all the way through.  In the end, I went round and round and ended up with his suggestions, because they were the best ones for my situation and my kitchen.  He is also willing to order doors and handles, if he doesn't have them in the store, so that you are comfortable with your choice.  He definitely exceeded my expectations on all levels.  I also got multiple quotes and his was definitely the most reasonable for the same brand/style cabinets.  His detail orientation about everything and always has the customer's best interest at heart exhibit a highly unusual service level in my experience.  I plan to order everything I can in my remodel through him. He has even found a fabricator, who has a partial slab that they are willing to sell me, because I don't need an entire slab for my project, which would save me more than $1,000.  I can't recommend him more highly and I have only written ~5 reviews on yelp in the years I've used yelp, but he is well worth the time! More...


Kevin L.

18 June 2017

Took us a long time to shop around just for a kitchen cabinet, luckily we found  this place, he helped us to choose the cabinets by designing where I should put my pull out and tall cabinets etc.., all I needed to tell him was what kind of wood I wanted and the style. He gave us a reasonable price. Order from him, he came out did the measurements for us, got the job done and followed up with us after it was done. Great job! Great service! Great experience! Great kitchen! Dan is a great person to work with. More...


Clarissa C.

5 June 2017

Dan exceeded all of my expectations.  Love my omega cabinets.  Dan patiently provided me with excellent advice on the layout of my kitchen.  He addressed all of my questions.  When I changed my mind on a certain layout, he happily changed the layout.  The final drawings were great and my contractor had no problem following the layout.  The cabinets r beautiful.  There were some minor flaws with the cabinets and dan worked with omega for replacement pieces.  I ordered the cabinets and they arrived within 3 weeks, just on time.  My kitchen looks great.  Dan prices were so much better than anyone else selling omega cabinets!  Dan was so helpful and always so pleasant.  Great product, great advice and outstanding customer service. More...


james c.

16 September 2016

It was a pleasure with Dan at J&N Kitchens in San Francisco.  He is patient and knowledgeable.  We were able to customize our kitchen cabinets at a great price.  J&N Kitchens has a lot of variety to select from (including Omega, KitchenCraft, Mid-Continent, and UltraCraft). Going through a remodel is a stressful process, but with J&N Kitchens we found a bargain and great customer service all in place.  J&N Kitchens is located in the southern part of San Francisco, near the Daly City border.  It is completely worth the trip to meet Dan and see their great selection.  I suggest that you call ahead or email Dan to make an appointment.  It looks like they recently revamped their website:  jnnkitchens.com More...


Tonia C.

22 August 2016

I have worked with Dan on several home remodel projects and have had a great experience! Dan provides a high level of customer service (including measuring, drawings, design) and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the final product.  I have found Dan to be very responsive, knowledgable in his suggestions and really detail oriented about the design and installation.  My kitchen turned out beautifully and I will use him again! More...


Harry W.

27 July 2011

Excellent, Friendly Service, Great Products that they stand behind!We tore out and had our remodeled our entire kitchen - right down to the studs, but of course, we had to get it all put back together again.  Of course, we had the benefits of a good contractor, but the biggest (and most welcoming) surprise was to work with Dan at J&N Kitchen Cabinets.  Dan is enthusiastic, friendly, and most of all, (and it sounds cliche', but...) he really stands behind his products and services.Case in point. As you know, with any big remodel project, things can and WILL go wrong.  Somehow, the manufacturer had delivered the wrong size cabinet to us, but Dan rectified the issue in short order at no cost nor pain for us.  There was also another snafu, and Dan took care of that too, even though it wasn't his fault one bit!He worked with us from the beginning to help us figure out what we wanted, and was very patient in working with us in the midst of last-minute changes too.  Dan took the  time to help us figure out exactly what we want in the design of our new kitchen.  We never felt rushed at all. The cabinets from DeWills that we chose were terrific too.  Solid stuff, that rolls, swings and glides effortlessly. None of that cheesy MDF or particle board for us.He has tons of sample cabinets & styles laid out nicely, as well as a variety of the latest kitchen surfaces (Caesarstone, Zodiaq, etc) in a lineup of different displays laid out in the store.  If you want granite or other surfaces, he has some pretty good connections for that too.)Prices were competitive to very good, even when compared to online, so we even sourced our kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks from him as well.I'd recommend Dan @ J&N highly.  Yes, the storefront doesn't look that impressive, being in the Crocker-Amazon, but he is very familiar in working with remodel projects of all budgets, and his service is exemplary.  On top of that, he's a fun guy to begin with!Most recommended, and nope, no one told me to put this on Yelp. Give him a shot! More...