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26 May 2019

Katti was great! She did a candidate engagement last minute for us; the pictures turned out great!


Rapscallion Robby

28 November 2018

One of the finest photographers Nashville has to offer! Not only is her work amazing (see for yourself!), but she is extremely charming, charismatic, and an absolute pleasure to work with! She is so good with children, and is very sensitive to the fact that not everyone is completely comfortable in front of a camera :) All in all, she is definitely recommended! More...


Bryn Southards

27 May 2018

We have had family photos by Kidtee Hello several times. She is a pleasure to work with and the pictures are beautiful!


Camee Mackie

27 May 2018

I cannot say enough about Kidtee Hello Photography!! Katti really took the time to understand what I was looking for as a wedding photographer. She sat down with me to discuss finances (and figure out a plan to make it work for what I wanted) ideas of what I wanted as our engagement photoshoot as well as all the different ideas I had for our wedding photos. Everything turned out fabulous! Katti did an excellent job in working with my husband who absolutely hates to take any kind of "normal smiling" pictures. She really captured who we are as a couple and even got some candid shots that are amazing!Her work came back SUPER quick and I loved every second of going through our photos and still look back usually once a week. She is WELL WORTH every dime and pictures are what you want to be able to look back and enjoy for years to come. More...


Kat Roy

27 May 2018

Katti is such a pleasure to work with. Not only is she professional to work with as an adult, but she is amazing with children of all ages and has such a great love for what she does that she will make you and your family look beautiful no matter what! Will be our family photographer from now on. More...


Leslie Benson

27 May 2018

Kidtee Hello Photography has been my official photographer for many years, shooting press photos for several of my music projects, and contributing amazing imagery for a music magazine I published. Based in Nashville, TN, she is a professional artist with a keen eye for creative detail. She brought an introverted singer out of her shell and made every photo shoot original and fun. Kidtee's photos turned out bright, bold, and colorful – matching my music style. She also takes gorgeous head shots and romantic wedding photos. I would hire her again, and you should too! More...



26 May 2018

She was great. She took the photos you didn't even know you wanted. And she was real good at being discrete. So you didn't know where she was until you saw the photos.



30 September 2017

Katti IS the wedding photographer you want. Period.

Because wedding photographs are 100x more important than wedding videos, you must totally trust the photographer you have in charge. It's so rare to find a whiz photographic technician AND artist like Katti.

But you know what's as important (and perhaps more important) than a whiz bang artist photographer? Having a photographer with rock star people skills is more important!

Katti is a leader. She was assertive at our wedding. She herded cats and made us all look beautiful. She knew what she wanted to see and she made it happen. And she did it with total charisma.

It's priceless to have a super positive, upbeat, whiz bang artist photographer who makes the sometimes laborious process of getting wedding photographs fun, funny, and efficient.

Hire Katti now!

- The Rozarios

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