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Asia Lenise

26 July 2019

Didn't really care for this place. Overly priced for a small area. The "ninja zone" was extra. How you have a cafeteria but it's closed on a Friday? Guess it was a blessing, saw a huge cockroach by the bathrooms. A lot of the equipment was broken. What they advertise on the site is not what you get. They seemed very unprofessional and unorganized. I will not be returning. More...


Rebecca Lowry

9 June 2019

it's cool a lil run down but the kids don't care


Jaijah Stelzer

9 June 2019

age appropriate and my kids loved it. my youngest loved the kiddy park and token games and my oldest loved the Ninja park.


Cory Jo Allison Martin

10 April 2019

very colorful! great music and lots for the kids to do! The prizes weren't that great when redeeming tickets but other than that, lots of fun!


Heather Green

26 January 2019

We took our 3 yr old Granddaughter to play, omg she hD so much fun. This is a huge place for kids to let out Enery in a safe place. You really have to watch your little ones because they will run off and there are so many people and kids they can get lost. Other than that I would recommend it for a day of fun. More...


Armina Hamza

5 January 2019

My son loves it. Nice place for kids to play.


Princess Doll Bae

1 January 2019

Great place for kids and family


Maria Gelin

30 December 2018

Good place for kids to play and have fun and be safe


AJ Boyd

8 December 2018

This place is nasty and dirty. It looks as though is never been cleaned and I saw the biggest roach ever crawling by the ball pit! If you care about hygiene or your kids possibly getting sick, don’t take your kids here. More...


Alexis Bannerman

24 November 2018

Great child friendly atmosphere! My daughter has special needs the place was very special need friendly we enjoyed our experience!!


Fortuna Arena

14 November 2018

I had my daughter birthday party this past weekend, 1st off all it was a girl birthday the plates and napkins are blue they told me they’re out off pink so they have to use blue. I had to go and buy my own. Some off My guests they had to pay because because no we one tell them they don’t have to! I paid for 25 kids but I had only 15 and 3 off them they had to pay. It was very in organized! I had to ask for everything I need they couldn’t give me because the excuses they have is we out off it. If you know you have a birthday party and it’s paid why you out off stuff. I wish I pay for each child because nothing in the package was given to us. More...


Sheilly Nava Lozano

25 September 2018

Es un lugarcito especial ��� para la diversión de nuestros niños muy limpio. mis niños ni se kerian salir todo hermoso les recomiendo para ke pasen a divertirse con sus bebés.


Haru Haru Hernandez

24 July 2018



Jhen Fer

7 July 2018

Nice place for kids


Mary Evelyn King

5 July 2018

Cheap entertainment for toddlers and young kids for an hour or two. The place was like most similar indoor play facilities, except for the fact that they opened 30 minutes past the time they had posted online and on their door. A bunch of people were waiting outside the doors for someone to let us in. Kind of unorganized getting everyone in the door and paid for. Some of the equipment wasn’t properly maintained, including a toddler swing that was broken and plastic balls that were flat. Basically, it was okay for a little play time for my 2, 4, and 6 year olds, but nothing wonderful. Oh and the prices they have on their website are not updated. They have a “summer” rate which is more expensive. More...


Cynthia Harpe Alford

20 November 2017

The people were really friendly but a lot of the games need to be fixed. It either took your coins and didn't work at all or worked but didn't give you your tickets. � All in all my baby had fun on the little rides so if he was happy so was I. O and you may want to eat before you come � More...


Doris Mcrae

20 November 2017

It was a fun place for kids and adults had comfortable seating


NuNu Garner Demesma

12 November 2017

The staff was very rude!! Food took more than an hour and was burnt!! Worst children's place I have been to thus far!!


Amy J.

25 October 2017

Wow, a lot of activities under one roof. Kids play area, arcades and they just built a large ninja obstacle so adults can enjoy too. I started taking my kids every weekd they just loved it!!! More...


Eazy G Sublett

14 September 2017

It was nice and different. Play area was big. I give it a 3 because some of the coin games didnt work but didnt even have a note on them to let customers know.


Blythe Vaughn

14 August 2017

We're from Savannah, but my sister comes up Atlanta regularly. Every time she comes, she takes her son here and raves about it. My son and I came with her this trip, and we were blown away! I had seen pictures, but they don't do this place justice! I do agree with a lot of the reviewers that there should be more employees working. There was only one woman working all the station's(from desk, snack bar, music, and play area) up until around the time we left. But that was also the time it started getting busier, so it made sense for more employees to come in at that time. When we got there, there was only two other kids and two parents, so it's not like the one employee couldn't keep up. Our kids had a blast. They loved all the slides and ride on toys and things to climb on, and the playground of course. My sister and I loved the fact that everything was do padded, so even when they fell, no one got hurt. We didn't eat there, but we did get a couple of drinks, and yeah, they were a bit pricey, but that's expected at a place like that. So I really don't understand why so many people are complaining about that. We plan on taking our boys back today to wear them out for the ride home! More...


Essence Mcgee

10 July 2017

My son had fun didn't want to leave but that's because we went an hour before closing I will be back the prices are reasonable


Patrice Wentz

6 July 2017

Organization: non existent, the staff gives no direction or assistance with live characters. We paid for the characters yet my baby never got the chance to take pictures with Mickey. The whole crowd bombarded the characters as soon as he came out for the short 5 mins . Staff members did nothing to assist. Food: You have to pay a non refundable $50 in order to bring in outside food. So we just ordered from their menu. The wings were unnaturally huge and salty. The pizza slices were from a small papa johns pizza. Each child gets 1 and a boxed juice with the party. Play area: was the best part , clean with the smell of Lysol which I appreciate. Geared towards children under 9. My older kids spent their time in the arcade winning over 300 tickets to cash in for a sample bag of skittles and 2 suckers , rip off More...


Sherri E. McCoy

24 June 2017

So, first let's discuss my "likes." I like that the kids seem to be having fun and are wearing off a lot of energy. The flashing lights, loud thumping music, multitude of things to climb, jump and slide down as well as the bright and festive colors makes this a true "Kids Paradise"...however, there are a few drawbacks to this paradise. First, eat before you go! The food choices for the bragged about "cafeteria" are few. Hotdogs, fries, chips and nachos with ordered in pizza do not a cafeteria make. And let's talk about the food. If you decide to try the selection prepare for over cooked or undercooked. Our $5 fries were so hard that even drowning them in ketchup did no good, the $6 chicken nuggets were undercooked and mushy and the potato chips were a week past expiration. But I digress, you don't come to a kids indoor playground expecting a gourmet meal. The bathrooms need some work. Of 8 stalls, 5 were out of order. The game room had several games out of order and not marked as such so several coins were taken and not reimbursed. But let's discuss the focal point, the playground. Of the 6 ride on two were not working, one was missing a section and had hanging vinyl covered chains which the kids were using like jungle vines and there were several other broken places on the play structures one of which snagged my daughter's clothing. In closing if you just want to pay to let your kids run wild then this is the place for you! The kids love it and I guess that's all that really matters. More...


Gale Bostic

18 June 2017

There was no food there, they had nothing we left early, i had to leave my family there to get something to eat, i mean not even a slice of pizza! My sugar dropped very low.


Zuberi Djehuti Tau

25 April 2017

I took my kids this weekend to Kids Paradise for the first time and the had a ball!! We were coming from breakfast and decided to stop in to see what the place was about. OMG! My kids mentioned Chucky cheese and I said this looks better. After spending 2.5 hrs in there and my kids having the time of their lives, my kids said to me as we were leaving, "Dad I love this place better than Chucky Cheese." They ask me about coming back every day for the fun they had. Great informative staff member up front and she was so helpful and friendly! I will return every chance I get. GREAT JOB GUYS!! More...


Eric Hudson

10 April 2017

We had a ball!!! Great for the kids. Will definitely go back!


Calyn Sims

8 April 2017

Horrible place EVER! Bathrooms are disgusting. Food was horrible. Wanted me almost 30 years to slide down the slide but my 10 year old CHILD couldn't do it. Kids indoor playground but my 10 year old CHILD could not play. Waste of time, money, and gas to go there! More...


Katrina Ligon

2 April 2017

It was barely okay! They didn't have anyone assisting the kids and pretty much all of their video games were out of order. It wasn't very clean either. I wasn't really impressed. My advise is to take your kids to either Catch Air or Kids at Play. More...


LeRoy Holland III

27 March 2017

I really enjoyed this place. My daughter had a remarkable time. I will be coming back to have another FunTastic time!!!!


Natasha N Thompkins - Williams

26 March 2017

We had our daughters first birthday here. They provided a private room, a pizza, a character for her birthday dance on the dance floor. We really enjoyed our experience!


Vezire Ira Tafa

20 March 2017

Yesterday i was there with my kids they really enjoyed it ...they told me they had so much fun and we will come back soon again...it was relaxing and fun for me too ... More...


Kasi Crawford

12 March 2017

Very cool place. Took my 2 year old grandson. He had a blast. So happy they have a place that caters to little kids. Safe, clean and 5 stars from me.


Gerrie Haney

27 February 2017

I've taken my 4yr old grandbaby here 4 times, always loves it has tons of fun. If your adventurous you can go through the playground with your little one. This last time I used a Groupon I had found with no issues. They do need to replace some of the balls in the ball pit. Well be going back. More...


Selina Spooner Mitchell

13 February 2017

I took my 3 year old grand daughter after seeing this on Groupon. She loved it! The play area is huge and full of rides and activities. The decor, rides, music, Disney characters, and all other entertainment were all great! It was worth the ride from the south side. We will be back soon! More...


Carey Jessica Escoe

10 February 2017

Just brought my 1 year old son first the first time.... it was the dirtiest play place we have visited I didn't even want my child to walk on the floor! And almost everything seemed broke or breaking! Never again! More...


Ester Norris

18 January 2017

I had mydaughters party at Kids paradise on January 13, 2017 and it was awesome. My daughter was turning seven and I wanted to have her party at a place that didn't close at the same time I got off work. Arthur, the manager was so nice and assured me that everything would be fine, Just come on with my daughter and her six best buds. Due to Falcons playoff game, the traffic in Atlanta was horrible and I arrived at Kid's Paradise an entire hour later than I anticipated. Frantic, that I showed up too late Arthur and the entire staff assured me that the party would still go on. My daughter enjoyed herself and so did her friends. I would definitely recommend this place for any kid party. Thanks Kid's Paradise. More...


Christina Ungureanu

15 January 2017

It was very busy. What do you expect on a Saturday afternoon. My daughter loves coming here. They were a bit under staffed for the amount of kids and families. We will come back only because she loves it. More...


Juanita Brown

29 December 2016

My kids love this place !!! First time great customer service .


Rudys Saravia

28 December 2016

Es muy bonito para la divercion de lo niños y niñas los juegos esta muy bonitos los invito a que se diviertan todos


Linda Lovely Liu Michele

4 December 2016

We celebrated my granddaughter's 1st Birthday party ystrdy!! It was AMAZING. She was such a BIG girl and had an AWESOME time! Great choice!!!


Sonseeray Finnell

4 October 2016

It's a great place to have a bday party for a toddler. The pricing is good. It's also great for just a few hours of play. I love how germ conscience they are. Hand sanitizer going onto and off the playyard.The only downside is that the music is always too freakin loud..... More...


Sarah Meloy

28 September 2016

I took my 3 year old and 6 month old baby on a Tuesday. There weren't alot of kids there early in the day, but it did get busier later on. My 3 year old absolutely LOVED playing here! Lots of spinning rides, lights, and fun music. There were a few activities that entertained my 6 month old as well. The only negative thing I saw was that the ball pit wasn't very clean. We encountered an empty food wrapper, bobby pins, and earrings in there. More...


Tasha Armand

22 September 2016

I took the kids on a Wednesday. Only a few other children were there. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves the entire time while there! The female staff member was very nice and helpful but the male staff was not so friendly. The music and lights were great too! Oh, I forgot about the bubbles machine, the kids were surprised to see that. We'll be back!!! More...


Cynthia Ceballos

11 September 2016

We went on Saturday but there were a few things that just didn't add up. When standing in line to sign in we had to wait 20 min and there was only one person at the desk while there was 6 other groups trying to sign in. In my opinion they should have another way of signing in. Maybe having 4 tablets at once so people can sign in and kids not being impatient. After getting, in the same person dealing the desk was dealing the food court and making food. They should have at least one person per station. They have that same girl at the gate to the play area trying to keep up with the music and making sure kids are not coming in and out. I'm sorry but we pay almost $12 per child. That one person shouldn't have to manage everything. We are talking about a Saturday when this is the day kids are out of school and parents are not working. More...


Sylvia L Boone

10 September 2016

They have a nasty attitude in the cafeteria the young Mexican girl she was slamming the ovendoor and the bathroom smells very very bad you can smell the oder coming out while sitting and trying to eat past the bm.


Donna Reid

30 August 2016

The older kids needs to stay just in there area because the 2years old kids can't enjoy them selves cause the bigger kids on everything but that's just my opinion


Ronnika Norman

17 August 2016

My sister and I are from Virginia and were here visiting for a few days,we saw online about this place so we decided to take our 2 year old toddlers..Soon as we entered the establishment they became extra excited,the young lady that was at the register was very friendly and provided great customer service to us and was even better with the kids..Onve they entered the play area things started to get even more better for the kids,they immediately got to playing around & begin to enjoy themselves.The good part of it is that the parents were more than welcomed to accompany the kids,which made it a lil fun and interesting for us parents!!Overrall the experience was wonderful and we do plan on going back tomorrow before we head back home...Thanks for the experience KIDS PARADISE!!! More...


Joe Maniscalco

26 June 2016

thank you for fuckin up my daughter's party... management was pathetic, unorganized & tryna be funny with me.... never again!


Natalie Ngân Nguyễn

29 April 2016

I need to watch my son when his playing in there. But my 6 months old baby cryed and i try to pick him up and no playing. But the guys working there say i need buy the ticket for my 6 months old baby or i needed to put him on the car seat. They dind't care how my baby crying and how i can watch the baby 2 year old playing. And we can see they didn't clean up More...


Markita Gordon-Williams

13 April 2016

I went there for the first time this past weekend. It was great. I took my son and his brother and sister.They had a lot of fun even said they want to come back. Great service from the staff.


Maria Dolores Villegas

8 April 2016

El mejor lugar para los niños hasta yo me divierto parece como un cuento de adas se los recomiendo un lugar hermoso y limpio


Julie Nguyen

5 March 2016

The most stingiest place on earth. Wouldn't let ppl sit on the massage chair without paying for it. Wth.... Admission is already paid for and can't even have a sit. Bull craps.


Tiffany Martinez

28 February 2016

Such a great place. We didn't have a problem. My son and family had the best time. I recommend people that have kids to take them here.


Kristen Bazella Brown

25 July 2015

No water fountains, no outside food/drinks allowed and the snack bar would not give me a cup of water.


Foxx Scott

20 July 2015

OVERALL great place for kids! I had a party here for my 3yr old, what a blast. However, only downfall is the staff! They need to communicate with each other. It was my first time there and i could not get any clear direction of where to go and what I need to do next. I kept getting the run around and it started to get under my skin. ONLY PERSON I ENJOYED was this young woman, Freinis( hope i spelled her name right). She was kind, helpful, and seemed like she had it together. Great genuine attitude, unlike the rest of the staff who seemed to be 'faking' it. THANKS Freinis for making a first timer feel welcome! ...........oh yeah, the pizza......gross:( More...


Bobby Wright

19 July 2015

Great place to take your kids especially the younger ones


Ali Choudhry

17 July 2015

If you have kids, this is the best place to go... End of discussion. My 4 year wants to go every weekend now.


Tonya Shortt

15 July 2015

My 3 year just loves this place. I don't care howuch it cost, to be able to see her laugh and play is priceless..


Maria Ali

9 June 2015

I hosted my boys birthday party in the event hall, everything was beyond expectations,excellent service, I cant thank enough to kids paradise team..Thank you so much for making my party a hit, More...


Shanetha Shay Murray

3 May 2015

I went there for a birthday party and was truly surprised great place for toddlers! I am definitely having something for my little one in the future!


Maria Ximi Fontanez

23 April 2015

First time there and my kids had loads of fun and the prizes were so amazing had fun for everyone and under $30!!


Ife Folami

4 April 2015

If I could give this place zero stars I would. Management has NEVER heard of customer service. The staff is rude and lazy. This place is so overpriced its ridiculous. I cant see it being around in another year or so. Oh yeah, it's dirty too. More...


Robin Sims-Allen

28 March 2015

Lots of fun for $21. Very loud! Colorful, creative and safe!


Amy Barnes Orth

10 March 2015

Shouldn't touch other peoples kids


Natara Bugatti Hill

9 March 2015

First time trying this place out & my boys & I loved it... I only paid $13 to get in for my 4yr and that pretty much covered myself and my older son.... loved it and will go back and allow my son to play again... More...


Jessica Pittman

9 March 2015

I took my 3 yr old there and she was climbing up and trying to ride on the carousel like toys there. One of the workers walking the floors would physically come and remove my child off the toy (more than once) saying she didn't want her to get hurt. 1. I was right there. 2. If they aren't ment to be ridden on why are they there? 3. You ask a parent to remove their child. You don't just take it apon yourself to remove the child. I will not be back. I've never encountered anything like this happening at any of the other indoor play places in the area. I will be going back to those places!! More...


Vinnie Allan Maturo

9 March 2015

Horrible place with horrible customer service. DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS ON A CHILD THAT ISN'T YOURS!


Lexie Richardson

9 March 2015

*********Keep your hands off my kids!!!***********


Charles Roberts

9 March 2015

Staff thinks it's ok to touch your kids, even when they aren't doing anything wrong. Will not be going back.


Kristy Hoàng Thu

24 January 2015

Too expensive. They don't have a lot of stuff. Charged $6.99 for 9 months baby and $12.99 for 2 year old. The price is ridiculous. I will never bring my kids back here ever again. Gonna be first and last time here. More...


Jessica McKinney

15 January 2015

My kids love this place they have so much fun every time its very clean and safe staff is friendly and they have many events for children at no eatra charge if you have not went you should plan your trip very soon!


Dee Nice

24 December 2014

The kids like it... thats all that matters... Pricing... charging more on Hoildays... not cool.


Shay Ft Mya

14 December 2014

My Babygirl having her 1st birthday party there ......


Hussain Merzai

31 August 2014

Kids paradise is so nice and clean place. This is the best place for kids and adults. The kids in here are too happy. The good things of here that they will have art activities too.


Krishanna Young

31 August 2014

I had an awesome time nd so did my kids, i thnk i had more fun dan any aldut der lol


Joseph Gray

24 August 2014

Great place to go


LaTasha Muhammad

29 July 2014

My children enjoyed themselves


Gina Gomez

21 July 2014

Awesome!! My kids loved it!!❤


Ashley Thomas

6 July 2014

My review of this place has changed. They charged $13 for my 2 year old today. No one else has those ridiculous prices & we won't be back. This is very disappointing.