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Welcome to Chicago's premier thermal dynamic center featuring the Kia-Ora Wellness capsule, which is a personalized dry heat sauna/vibration massage system designed for full body comfort and relaxation. Shed some fat, and burn calories while your body lies comfortably inside the capsule, and your head remains outside for your comfort and enjoyment.


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Reg W.

30 June 2019

This place is an oasis in the city located on Clybourn in Lakeview. Between the restorative and healing treatments, the calming decor, and the amenities, you feel like you're on a retreat. The staff is friendly and super informative for first time customers. The wellness capsule is state of the art. The machine offers an infrared heating system and also massages, relaxation, calorie burning, and muscle toning. The machine is also very user friendly and you can adjust the settings during the session. The room was very relaxing and private. I left feeling relaxed and restored. They also offer halotherapy (salt therapy), and nutrition and wellness consultations. This is a wonderful addition to the community we live in. Support a female-owned local business so they can continue supporting us. I'm looking forward to my next sessions and trying out the other treatments. More...


Loretta P.

4 February 2019

This lovely little spot tucked away on Clybourn off of Fullerton is like a retreat, spa, and getaway all in one! They offer vitamins and supplements, nutrition consultations, various treatments, in addition to sessions in the famed Wellness Capsule. The owner is a medical doctor with a bent towards holistic healing, and the lovely receptionist/hostess/assistant is so warm and friendly!I thoroughly enjoyed my session, and would love to host a ladies night here so I can introduce my friends to all the infrared and vibration therapy goodness. Hmmm...I'll have to see about making that happen.Meanwhile, dear Yelp review reader, there are various offers and specials for newbies, regulars, etc., so it's very accessible. Definitely check it out; you won't regret it! More...


Mark M.

12 January 2019

I don't understand the science behind this.  But, there is something very real that happens when I do these detox sessions.  It's pretty amazing...I keep going back because I sleep awesome and feel amazing the next day.  I guess there is a good reason why a M.D. started this spa. More...


Abimbola Okubena

20 November 2018

Awesome creative health and wellness centre by a wonderful and lovely Doctor


Lakeeta Williams

24 October 2018

Today was my first visit to Kia-Ora Wellness and I must say I was amazed! My appointment was with Noredia Alile...PI took great care of me since it was my first time utilizing the Wellness Capsule. She made me feel welcomed and the Wellness Capsule made me feel amazing. I schedule my next appointment right after I was done...Just so you guys know I did the free consultation through their Facebook site and honestly felt like this was a service that I wouldn't mind playing for! So see for yourself try them out, you literally have nothing to lose but toxins out of your body lol More...


Jessica Escalera

14 October 2018

It was the most amazing experience! I loved it so much I already made my next appointment! I also loved the customer service, very attentive to your needs.


Richard Omobogie

18 September 2018

Great wellness facility, with excellent client services and "FedEx-like" efficiency.


Adam Fisher

22 July 2018

Great place to facilitate relaxation. Great attentive staff.

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Kia-Ora in native Maori, New-Zealand language means ‘Have life be well’ or ‘Be Healthy’.

Our goal at Kia-Ora Wellness is to help reduce stress, inflammation and pain, without a pill. Helping you shed fat, burn calories and manage your weight loss goals is an added benefit.

The decision to start Kia-Ora Wellness is to bring the same amazing experience I discovered as a tourist in Auckland, New Zealand to anyone who needs pain or stress relief. I have been a wellness advocate and active runner since 2011, and over the years developed runner’s knees, which hinders my performance, due to pain. While on a trip to Auckland, I tried a wellness remedy that I was not familiar with. This remedy used Thermal Dynamic Technology, which is a state of the art pod machine designed to help reduce stress, inflammation and pain, using heat and vibration. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I left the session with much less inflammation in my knees, a great feeling of wellness, and had my best night sleep in a long time. The best part was I burned almost 600 calories during the 30 minute session. This was awesome.

Hence began my in-depth research about the benefits of thermal dynamic technology, hyperthermic conditioning, infrared, and vibration. I am most impressed by the promising results of the research available on this technology, particularly with the established wellness protocols. It’s been shown that infrared and dry heat dilates blood & lymph vessels, and vibration helps to relax muscles. This combination of heat and vibration will increase your heart rate, thus improving blood flow, and subsequently increase the uptake of oxygen to areas with inflammation or pain. This improves symptoms and burns calories. To this end, we present the Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule. Get ready to restore, recharge and reset your body. This machine also provides optional features for a full body workout, to help burn extra calories.

You should consult your Healthcare professional if you suspect that you have a health condition that may prevent you from using the Kia-Ora Wellness Capsule. At Kia-Ora Wellness, you are leaving stress, inflammation and pain, while burning calories. Enjoy the journey!


60 minutes (includes 45 minutes in capsule, 5 minutes cool down + optional shower after)

30 minutes (includes 25 minutes in capsule, 5 minutes cool down, no shower)

Initial Consultation with Dietician or Follow up with Dietician