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We provide quality cleaners and housekeepers for quality clients.
We also do one to one dog walking or up to 3 dogs from the same household, that way your dog receives the full love and attention from our dog walkers/sitters.
As the owner of Kew Chores And Paws I take my job very seriously, I have been a wheelchair user since my teenage years, I'm a mum of 2 and lead a very busy life, as I rely on people in my day to day life I know how important it is to have good people around you.


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2 July 2019

So far everything has been first rate.

Many thanks for your review Sebastian I’m glad Alejandra was a good match for you both - best regards Louisa



20 June 2019

We paid you in cash because you were accusing us of not paying. That is how good we are we drove out of our way to show you we would pay for a job not done. Get off your high horse lady. You guys are unprofessional and I am worried I gave you a key. Good luck in future. Seriously people do not use them. We paid you in full for services not done in full stop. More...

You paid in cash because for 2 weeks you claimed you had made bank transfer which simply was UNTRUE. You also claimed 5 knives went missing from your house yet refused to call the police despite the cleaner & I giving you full cooperation so again a FALSE ALLEGATION. As for your husband he's foul mouthed and completely out of order.



20 June 2019

We had a horrible experience. Though the staff are friendly they are incompetent to do the basic needs to run a house. Apparently there is a difference between a cleaner and a housekeeper. I have been having my houses cleaned for over 15 years in this country and I have never endured service like this. Thank God my old cleaner is back from Bulgaria. I will not be recommending this company, We effectively paid good money for nothing to get done. Floors yes. Anything else I asked for no. Not even putting away dirty mop buckets before they left. Definitely do not use this company. More...

Hi Nicki, I’m sorry you experienced a bad service although when our Cleanee started you emailed me and said the following this is a quote from your email: “Louisa. Sharon is our lady. She is amazing and already knows our house. Very pleased. She has the key and we have agreed she needs to come 1-4 2 days a week preferrably Monday or Tuesday then Thursday or Friday depending on her schedule. Many thanks Nicki. “ After this there seemed to be a lack of trust between yourselves the cleaner and me, your husband was so rude on the phone to me, I’ve never in my whole time of owning Kew Chores and Paws been sworn at like that and all because I asked you to pay invoices that were overdue. You both claimed over and over you had made bank transfers but in fact lied and then you dropped cash through my letterbox which again has never been done before. I wish you luck with your old cleaner. Best regards Louisa



7 June 2019

Was not professional enough!!!!!!

Hi Heba, really sorry your experience wasn't good enough, I know we've had a few issues in changing cleaners etc, but thank you for giving us a chance I'm just sorry we couldn't meet your expectations on this occasion. - Louisa


Mark Cotterill

30 March 2019

Great work, my house was spotless, very friendly service and will do whatever chores need doing, washing and ironing was also done, very impressed wit the overall friendly service, the lady who did the cleaning was very polite, recommend any time

Many thanks Mark, it was a pleasure to sort out your cleaning, your regular cleaner will see you again soon for her fortnightly clean. Thank you for choosing Kew Chores and Paws! Warmest regards - Louisa



24 March 2019

No not yet start Saturday but has been very helpful to get me this stage if the work goes ok I would increase the rating

Many thanks Mark I'm confident we'll live up to your expectation, you have a great cleaner coming on Saturday and I really hope she'll be a good match for you. Many thanks Louisa



11 March 2019

The allocated cleaner is good and patient.


Joseph Hian Siyan

26 February 2019

Stress free service and fantastic cleaning, friendly cleaners and Louisa is always happy to accommodate my cleaning needs.


Cerri Patterson

26 February 2019

Louisa has been helping us for almost a year now and she is just wonderful. Super responsive, always reliable and the two dog walkers we've had have been fantastic. I wouldn't use anyone else if you live in in SW London. Couldn't recommend more. More...


Robbie Hunter

26 February 2019

Louisa and her team have been amazingly helpful looking after our two cats when we are away ! They are always super helpful and the cats enjoy their visits !



26 February 2019

Absolute service! Louisa is prompt, reliable, trustworthy and will update me when I’m out of town which is always comforting. I don’t know what we would do without her! More...


Jessica Davis

28 December 2018

Louisa is always very helpful to deal with. My dog walker Cassie is great. She’s so kind and spent time building a relationship with my sweet but nervous dog. She sends me messages about what they get up too and I feel totally safe leaving Mollie in her care. Thanks guys! More...


Lucie Slater

1 July 2018

These guys are the best dog walkers, sitters and cleaners in town. Brilliant!


Marilou Monillas

27 May 2018

Amazing cleaners and is so great that is a local agency. I've just also signed up for dog walking so glad they offer a one to one dog walking service. The owner Louisa understood our needs was efficient and friendly. More...


Sarah Chatto

27 May 2018

I found this agency quite by chance and so glad I did as I needed help with dog walking and pet care when I was on holiday. So pleased to of found a dog walking service where my dog is priority. I have now booked regular cleaning / ironing - at last peace of mind in my busy household, I can't thank Louisa (owner) enough. More...



27 May 2018

Excellent, stress-free service. Louisa the owner is very helpful and accommodating and always quick to arrange a visit.


catherine mendoza

27 May 2018

Louisa the owner is very accommodating. I'm so happy of the cleaning service! Very reliable and efficient people! Glad that my friend reccomended this to me.



18 May 2018

excellent communication, our dog walker is wonderful and we are happy to recommend this company.



18 May 2018

Louisa is fantastic to work with and our dog walker Ben has been super reliable. Am really pleased with the service thus far and would recommend to others. Thanks Kew Chores and Paws!


Melissa King

30 April 2018

i live in the kingston area and its taken me ages to find a friendly and reliable cleaning company. since ive been using kew chores and paws i havnt looked back. my cleaner is friendly and reliable and very good at cleaning and ironing. louisa the owner is very understanding of all my needs and allows stability with our cleaning schedule. i cant praise them enough. More...


Bella Jensen

30 August 2017

Fantastic cleaning, lovely people, very effient and reliable. Will definitely use them again.


I started Kew Chores And Paws last year in 2017 and each day brings a new client, not just on Bark but from word of mouth and our google reviews.

As our clients like to use different products and appliances we do ask our clients to provide their own.

I love making people feel happy, I always try my utmost best to get a good match between my client and cleaner or dog walker. I give a personal service to all my clients.

I have employed people to help me throughout my adult life and realised I was a pretty good judge of character and very organised so I put these skills together and created Kew Chores And Paws.

We offer a very personal service providing you with a regular person that you like to be around, if I get the match wrong I will do my best to find you he ultimate person who can meet your needs. My team enjoy working for Kew Chores And Paws they all receive way above the minimum wage and they all have so many wonderful skills.
No job is too small we offer a "Handy pair of hands" so we can feed pets, water plants, light gardening even put light bulbs in at a fraction of the price of other tradesmen.