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Ashley R.

29 May 2019

Ken Goodman is AMAZING. I went to see him after seeing two therapists  that just weren't able to really ask the right questions to get the answers I really wanted to GIVE but didn't know how. Goodman really personalized our therapy sessions, I went because I was experiencing terrible anxiety, my doctor actually referred him by name after hearing how difficult a time I had been having finding a therapist I felt really knew how to combat my anxiety. Goodman has helped me with a wide range of issues, but mostly how to deal with and eliminate my anxiety as well as childhood traumas. Dealing with anxiety can be really scary, but he made me feel okay with being vulnerable expressing my fears, he has a very hands on approach to combating the individual anxious thoughts and feelings one might experience when dealing with anxiety or panic, and he makes himself available should you ever need to reach out for help or advice outside the session, which I did have to do a few times and he was very kind and helpful each time. I like the location as well, theres always parking, it's nice and quiet, clean and comfortable. BONUS every once and a while he brings his small dog into the sessions, he's so friendly and will sit on your lap and let you pet him while you talk, it doesn't get better than that! If you're looking for a therapist to really approach what you need healing for in a methodical, well organized and very successful manner there's no one I could recommend more, he is an amazing therapist that really cares about his patience and their well being and he wants you to get better, you'll feel that when you go. Therapy really changed my life, I'm so glad to have met you Ken! More...


Brown Eyes B.

9 January 2019

Dr Ken is an amazing doctor. He is very hands-on with helping on how to deal with anxiety. I've never seen a doctor so dedicated and hands-on with dealing with their patients. He actually does the exercises with you instead of giving you a script to follow. He calls and follows up to make sure his patients are doing OK. He also makes himself available in case you're having any difficulties. He does phone appts, in person appts, face chat appts, etc.. I cannot say enough about him. More...


Miki F.

1 January 2019

Ken is an amazing therapist! Ken was a lifesaver for my 13 year old with OCD. He was our third therapist and I am so glad we found him. He connected with my son and what my son loves (sports) in order to help him manage his OCD. After 7 months of therapy, my son is now symptom free and I didn't think this could be possible. I highly recommend Ken! He is very knowledgeable and an amazing therapist! We will miss him and Charlie! More...


Hayk M.

27 December 2018

The Best! Ken Goodman makes all your worries go away and is always there to help you with the journey. He is always available via text message and is very caring. He would go out of his way to make sure you are on the right path. Trust me when I say he is the Best! More...


Ken S.

5 November 2018

It is not an exaggeration to say that Ken Goodman has given me my life back.  When I first me Ken almost a year and a half ago, I was suffering multiple and fairly acute symptoms of anxiety and depression.  He gave me hope that things would improve but that I would have to be patient with myself.  Homework was definitely part of the regimen and that made me feel empowered and that I was contributing to the solution.  I am now back to all my regular activities of daily life, including driving, shopping, traveling, dancing and socializing with friends.  I couldn't have done it without Ken Goodman. More...


Erika M.

21 August 2018

Simply put ken is the best. Prior to working with ken I had seen many other therapist and worked with doctors to try to manage my anxiety. Even with medication and therapy my anxiety controlled my life, ken helped me change that. I am no longer a slave to my anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety but want to make a big change in your life I encourage you to make an appointment. More...


Bobbie Anderson

31 July 2018

Ken has been there throughout many decades to help me regroup and move forward when it seemed impossible when my stress levels and anxiety were out of control. He created personalized tools and shared proven strategies to steer me back on track. I am confident you will learn how to reclaim your life with Ken's guidance and support.Ken is highly advanced in the education of anxiety disorders and proficient in his knowledge when it comes to his field. I highly recommend Ken to anyone who is living with any level of anxiety and/or panic attacks that inhibits your ability to propel forward at optimum levels. More...


Tammy S.

22 July 2018

Unfortunately Ken wasn't able to take me on as a client due to my insurance. But he was really helpful in pointing me to other possible therapists and some online resources.


Na H.

11 July 2018

I suffered inside my own head for so long before I found Ken. I had a lot of ruminating thoughts that caused me a great deal of distress, went through a handful of therapists that were so wrong for me. Ken is an amazing gifted therapist. He gave me my life back and I can't never thank him enough. If you have problems with anxiety and have been looking for someone who will give you the right tools to take your life back, look no further. I'm blessed to have found him. More...


Manny P

1 July 2018

I had some pretty intense freeway driving anxiety and went to Ken as a last resort (it was interfering that much with my life). I never thought I'd say this -- but thanks to Ken it's pretty much a thing of the past! If you see Ken, be prepared to go outside of your comfort zone. He will give you homework and your ability to complete the tasks will determine your success. It is all worth it as I am now comfortable driving L.A.'s messy freeways once again. Thanks Ken! More...


Kathy Wagenbach

27 May 2018

I came to Ken Goodman for anxiety and panic attacks. The tools he recommended made so much sense. He was very encouraging and supportive. He also understands what a person is going through and gives specific strategies to deal with the anxiety and panic attacks. I highly recommend Ken Goodman if you need an expert in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. KMW More...


Lauren Ajalat

27 May 2018

I went to see Ken for anxiety issues. I had been to doctors prior for my panic attacks and my anxiety, but it seemed as if things were only getting worse, not better. Ken was so nice, mindful, and genuine about wanting to help me get better. He gave me tools such as breathing techniques and handouts to help me change my mindset. Every week we went more in depth and tackled something new. He takes things step by step. In as little as one month, my anxiety has been slim to none. I had a giant presentation I had to do for one of my classes in front of 50 students by myself, and if it weren't for Ken, I do not think I would have been able to do it. He is someone who really cares and will work with you until you beat this. He is professional and knowledgeable in this subject, and I would not be where I am today without his help. More...


Kristen Alexis

27 May 2018

Ken Goodman is such an awesome therapist! I went to him for my anxiety and he helped me conquer it! His techniques and strategies on how to manage anxiety are super helpful and they work! He spends the time to really understand you and offers great feedback and solutions. Being able to conquer my anxiety and handle myself in uncomfortable situations was an amazing breakthrough. I would recommend him if you are struggling with anxiety. Thank you for everything Ken! More...


Riana Lynne

27 May 2018

I've been through many therapists and Ken has been the only one who has been able to help me with my anxiety. I've been seeing him for five years now and I am so grateful for everything he has done to help me. My anxiety was debilitating and I constantly worried about my future, school, my family, and meeting new people. He's allowed me to feel extremely comfortable expressing my anxieties. With Ken's help I've been able to conquer my fears and learn techniques to help me on a day to day basis. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help conquering anxiety! More...


Alexis M.

20 April 2018

Ken Goodman is such an awesome therapist! I'm so grateful to have met him. I went to him for my anxiety and he helped me conquer it! I didn't think I could live normally again, but now I can. His techniques and strategies on how to manage anxiety are super helpful and they work! He spends the time to really understand you and offers great feedback and solutions. Being able to conquer my anxiety and handle myself in uncomfortable situations was an amazing breakthrough. Ken always has a smile on his face and is very caring. Each session, I was always so happy to tell him my successes during the week/month. I would recommend him if you are struggling with anxiety. Thank you for everything Ken! More...


E. Y.

10 November 2017

Ken is a knowledgeable, experienced and accommodating therapist. His sessions are laid back, yet with wealth of information.  He truly helps you understand how anxiety functions, provides you with tools to counter it, and oversees things while you actually make use of these tools in practice. I am a skeptic by nature, but everything Ken said made sense and proved to be true in theory and in practice.I can't say enough good things about him.  I do regret not meeting him much earlier in my life as things would have been different for me today.He helped (and continues to help) me tremendously, and for that I am forever grateful.If you are struggling with anxiety, do yourself a favor and talk to him, you've got nothing to lose. More...


Danny D.

4 April 2017

If you're reading this review, you're one step closer to a better life.  Do yourself a favor and visit Ken.  You deserve the best, and Ken is THE BEST.


Jordan L.

6 July 2016

There are way too many good things to say about Ken. After a family member and some family friends had conquered anxiety with Ken, I decided it was time for me to battle my ongoing, daily OCD and anxiety issues that had been interfering with my life for about 5 years. Before Ken, I had a hard time enjoying things in life and would describe myself as miserable. After Ken, I am a completely different person. I went to Ken for a couple months but even after the first couple of sessions I felt the hope of getting to a place where I could face my anxiety. Now, I can enjoy life without having to worry about what I will do if I feel anxious. With the approach that I learned from Ken, I don't feel as though my OCD is getting the best of me, my mood, my job, and my relationships with others. He has given me the tools to be a happier person who can deal with whatever comes up in life.Ken made me feel like I could always reach out by text or phone call if I ever had any issues or needed any support (even after our last session). He constantly checked in with me to enforce what we had talked about in the session. This kept me accountable and made me stick with the treatment, and in the end, I was successful. I will never hesitate to schedule another appointment with Ken if I need to in the future. I will always recommend Ken to anyone who needs to build the tools to conquer their anxiety, anger, fears, and OCD. More...

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