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Kelle Moulton Photography

Fort Worth, Texas, Tarrant

1 hire on Bark
Kelle Moulton Photography logo

Kelle Moulton Photography

Fort Worth, Texas, Tarrant

1 hire on Bark


Corporate Event Photography - Dinners, Luncheons, Annual Meetings, Competitions, Gold Tournaments, Dodge Ball Tournaments

Commercial Construction Completion Photos - Interior and exterior images of finished construction projects.

Fine Art Photography - For lease or purchase.


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Timing - Being in the right place at the right time
Light - Working with natural light or manipulating artificial to enhance the image.
Patience - The willingness to wait for that just right shot
Skill - Knowing the camera gear so well tht changing settings is fluid
Inspiration - To take the scene before your camera and capture it's essense, the emotions of the moment, and create a great image.

Shot list for the event, of course
Descriptions of most important people
What will the photos be used for? - web use or marketing publication - helps me determine what size images to deliver
What are their expectations for me during event?
Any special instructions relating to the venue?

The interactions with my clients and the people attending the events. I'm naturally gregarious and meeting new people and having them relax for a shot is very rewarding. I especially love coaxing the not so willing individual to let me go ahead and photography them, usually it's because they're shy or don't like how they look. I also love those challenges every shoot presents because it's always an opportunity to problem solve on the spot and it helps me improve my craft.

After a couple of decades of creating images it was a natural progression to become a professional; to elevate my craft and pursue making a living at it.
An array of people in my life encouraged me to pursue my dream and taking that next step has been a long time coming.

The joy I feel holding my camera comes through and reflects in my images.
Fast turn around from shoot to delivery of images (3 days is typical), shorter for key images needed for media.
An easy to work with attidude, keeping it simple, fun and professional.