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Lee Banks

4 December 2018

Very Professional Business , Great Service Provided


Tom Whittleton

17 October 2018

The Kean Group have some fantastic deals on training courses Top trainers and classrooms. I have no hesitation with recommending these guys.


Amarn Arnold

4 September 2018

Spot on the teachers at kean would recommend


Stephen Britton

4 June 2018

I did a all inclusive course with the them and it was spot on , got my new op ticket, face fit, half and full face Cscs card (citb) medical .half face mask full face mask and the basic tools of the trade and some ppe gloves ,mask ,knife ,flat bar, staple gun ,and scraper + blades wellies and transit foot wear gloves then they sorted me out with a interview for a contract Based at home working for a firm which is spot on probably couldn’t ask for a better start in to the asbestos game but to get the the job I had to do my ipaf 3a-3b ,skills passport Working at heights and harness and manual handeling and all that was done with K T S (kean training services) More...