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KE Productions, Inc.

Yarrow Point, Washington


KE Productions, Inc.

Yarrow Point, Washington


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Allie S.

25 September 2019

I reached out to Charlene regarding a very random (and scary!) tax issue that came to me out of nowhere. She responded to me immediately. She calmed me down and was happy to help. I met with her soon after and she was able to walk me through next steps. I sent her what she needed and she handled all the IRS communication. I heard back from the IRS with almost the exact outcome that Charlene said. Phew! Big kudos to her!!! More...


David K.

19 April 2019

I've been using TurboTax for years.  My tax situation has been getting more and more complicated, though, and this tax season I finally decided that I needed my taxes done by a professional.So I looked for an accountant.  Now, I've never dealt with accountants before, so I had no idea what to expect.  What I found was a lot of people in nice offices with slick brochures and fancy sales pitches who were happy to do my taxes...for $800 or more.  Yikes!  But I figured that was just the going rate, and resigned myself to paying it.Then I called Charlene.  Charlene told me she'd do my taxes for under $200.  I was astonished.  I was also skeptical, to be honest -- her price was so much cheaper that it made me a little suspicious.  But it was a hell of a deal.  I said yes.Charlene drove out to my house and met with me in my kitchen.  We talked for maybe an hour, and she reviewed the tax documents I had on hand.  Charlene walked me through a ton of issues right there on the spot, and came up with lots of deductions, big and small, that would never have crossed my mind.  She easily paid for herself right there.  Then she asked me to send her a couple other documents via secure email and said that once she had them, she'd take care of my taxes.A few weeks later (and with plenty of time to spare), she sent me the returns.  They were spot-on.  I gave my assent, she filed them, and I got my refund in short order.  No hassle at all.I couldn't be happier with Charlene.  She got me more money than TurboTax, did it with less hassle than TurboTax, and charged me a quarter what the big guys do.  I still don't understand how she can be so much cheaper, but I'm not complaining.  I'm planning to go with Charlene every year from here on out. More...


Corliss H.

5 November 2018

Charlene came to my home and went through my taxes as I had filed with TaxAct. I had issues with a house I sold and all the expense in getting it ready to sell. Charlene pointed out several places where I could make appropriate changes and saved me a bundle in taxes. She way more than paid for the mere $100 she charged me. More...


Tyler Gowey

27 May 2018

my family has had our taxes done through them for years! they will get you more than the do it yourself tax places


Laura P.

29 October 2017

I was referred to Charlene a few months back. I have always done my own taxes. The first thing she did was to go over my 2015 taxes and find money I had left on the table. We resubmitted and she more than paid for herself. Not only does she have my complete confidence as a CPA, she is fun to work with! More...


Michele M.

1 September 2017

I have worked with Charlene for the past six years and recommend her highly. We've had a fairly complex tax situation with an S-Corp, one of us being self-employed, child support, freelance income, etc. and she handles it all with skill. She has given us great advice about how to structure the business, and her attention to detail has saved us money on numerous occasions. Charlene's office staff helped out a few years ago when a freelance employer wasn't providing a 1099; I so appreciate having that team go to bat for me. Charlene is also responsive when I have questions, fair, and ethical. More...


Terry F.

21 February 2017

I am very happy with Charlene. She has done my partner's business taxes for about 8 years, and my personal taxes for about 4 years. When we got started she suggested she review my taxes for the previous few years after which she advised I file amended returns; these resulted in substantial refunds. She is fast and accurate, and her communication is clear. Our initial meeting was at my house which helped establish a trusting relationship. Her rates are very reasonable. And she has helped me without complaint on occasions when I've been a bit late getting her my figures. I recommend Charlene to all my friends. More...


Amber H.

12 December 2016

We are so happy we hired Charlene this year.  It was our first time getting help, and her keen eye saved us far more money than we spent on working with her. Also, just the peace of mind from having a professional's eyes on our returns was very soothing.  It was my husband and my first time filing jointly, and it was great to have her help easing that process. And her fees were unbelievably reasonable.  We will absolutely be back next year.  Thank you Charlene! More...


Sally D.

26 July 2016

I have worked with the wonderful Charlene for 15 years. I cannot recommend Charlene highly enough!


Liz H.

7 February 2016

Charlene has been wonderful. She's very knowledgeable, and clear. She will come to your home which is very convenient. She's very responsive and patient. I highly recommend her!


Janet T.

27 November 2015

Charlene Fleming is simply the best. She is smart, professional, funny and she has a big heart. She will take good care of you. She will go to bat for you as the consummate professional she is, and also as a highly experienced, highly ethical CPA. I had the good fortune of finding K.E.& Associates almost ten years ago to do both my personal and business tax returns, and I would never go anywhere else. More...


Chloe N.

8 May 2015

Charlene is awesome.  She's very good at what she does, knowledgeable, and helps you get as much back as possible.  She comes to your home, or you can meet her wherever is convenient for you.  I needed my taxes filed in another state, and she was able to do that for me.  Some CPAs are hard to reach at times, but it was never the case with her even when it was getting close to the deadline.  Get in touch with her--you'll be glad you did! More...


Lynn S.

3 March 2014

Charlene is fantastic.  Very knowledgeable, friendly, and she comes to your home.  I've used her for the past two years and have recommended her to a number of people.  She's also good about answering random questions over the phone - which has been very helpful since I ask a lot of random questions. More...