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Wellshire, Colorado, Denver

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Wellshire, Colorado, Denver



My company offers affordable dog care. This includes anything from training to grooming to poop scoop and lawn care! We want to shpw the community how well everyone can live with eachother whether they have 2 legs or 4!

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Amanda Philip

17 June 2019

We have trusted Karissa to be our pet sitter any time we've traveled over the last few years. She has always been reliable and professional and most importantly, our dogs LOVE her! I can tell that Karissa really cares about the dogs in her care, whether it's for training or sitting, and she really cares about her client relationships as well. It has been priceless to be able to go on vacation and not worry about my furkids because I know they are in good hands. I'm also really happy with Karissa's upfront and fair pricing too. More...


Jessica Tsuda

13 June 2019

Karissa is the best! I met her through NextDoor, and she is helping us with some very stressful training needs with our rescue. She introduced us to Ashleigh for grooming, and we were super excited to try out her services. Ashleigh was great and the process was very convenient (included pickup and drop off!!!) and competitively priced. We did a full groom for our Goldendoodle and a nail trim for our beagle. Both came back happy and looking great and in half the time of a grooming salon. We are very happy and highly recommend them. We are very excited to have found Ashleigh and Karissa. More...


Gio D

10 June 2019

I was offered a free grooming service with Ashleigh. My dog is very nervous when it comes to grooming but she made the process quick and painless. She was able to clip his nails very quickly and which helped him stay calm as nail clippings are always the worst for him. I would use Ashleigh's grooming services through this company again and recommend all their services to my friends! More...


Vanessa Yvonne

17 May 2019

Highly recommend!! I rescued a 1.5yo 50lb border collie mix and was so daunted by his energy, behavior and lack of manners around kids. Two weeks at a board and train with Karissa and when he returned he had changed so much!! He’s calm, playful when appropriate, attentive, knows how to greet people, and he’s eager and excited for mostly every training session (no more jumping, play-biting, running into us and knocking us over). We are continuing to work with Karissa on leash manners and crate training AND he gets lots of daily training (and playing with his puppy friends!) with Karissa at her doggie daycare. I love that she uses an all positive training approach and my dog has really responded well to it. She’s also just super sweet and is a pleasure to be around! More...


Taylor M

4 May 2019

The boys really do a great job on the yard not only did David and Isaac poop scoop but they also mow the lawn. Karissa is sweet and always on top of discounts and what we owe. Our dogs enjoy them too!

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I love meeting different dogs and people living different ways.

I enjoy being able to still do stuff with my life and have balance.

I not only understand your needs but your dogs needs to and a lot of the time I know something about what a dog is trying to communicate and can help the owner understand.