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Graham N.

6 August 2019

Absolutely fantastic. In the first week, Kay helped me to understand and let go of things I'd been fighting with for 20 years. Absolutely life changing, and she's a wonderful person to spend time with. Worth every penny and much more, I've recommended her to several of my close friends/family already, and I highly recommend you give it a try! More...


Alexis P.

21 July 2019

My first appointment with Kay was in November of 2012.  I've seen her about 10 times since then and tackled various issues.  I originally saw her to overcome a fear of flying that was interfering with my ability to travel.  I used her guided meditation recording many times - before and during flights - and found it to be the most effective and healthy way of addressing my fear.More recently, I have struggled with middle of the night insomnia.  Kay and I did two sessions to discuss and let go of the things that were interfering with my sleep.  Any time that I experience insomnia, I listen to the recordings, and it has made a big difference in my sleep.Kay is a warm and compassionate provider.  I always look forward to our sessions and feeling light and free after. More...


Steve Meyer

22 May 2019

I had worked with Kay several years ago and achieved positive results through her professional skill and varied techniques using the theory of Neuroplasticity- knowing that the brain can change. Now, I have new personnal challenges and have opted to schedule Kay's assistance once againI look forward to meeting with Kay in her comfortable and pleasant office. I expect her to follow her ritual and offer me a cup of tea and then reestablish rapport by asking questionsts which she uses in formulating the session goals. In the session, several techniques are employed. One of these is the Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT which helps close down negative pathways in the brain.Then Kay, who listens carefully, takes notes and then uses the information to create the guided meditation to open up positive new pathways in the brain in order to develop tools to make positive changes. In the guided meditation, the hypnotherapy part of the session, the subject drifts into an altered state like being absorbed in a good book where he/she is receptive to positive suggestions The client is then emailed the audio file of the session to listen to in the comfort of homeI have found that hypnotherapy is considered to be the most effective form of personal therapy and my own expreiences with Kay confirm this. More...


Joan S.

20 May 2019

After several years, I'm posting another review about Kay Heatherly who is still my therapist.  Here are some of the aspects of my experience that I appreciate: 1) Easy start to every session - I always find this relaxing and an opening to more important discussion. Speaking just for myself, I cannot normally launch into important topics without first settling down and connecting with the therapist.  So I like this approach.  2)  Kay has a phenomenal memory and great empathy about my life experiences.  I need that background understanding of hers to proceed with meaningful discussion.  3)  The hypnosis is a kind of meditation.  Do not expect to be rendered in some way unconscious and have your problems automatically adjusted - it all depends on how much you concentrate and what you yourself choose to get out of it as an active, not passive participant.  4)  After years with Kay, I have been able to overcome many fears. My goal is to enjoy old age (I'm 79) both acknowledging and understanding the difficulties I've experienced in life, while at the same time looking forward with hope, creativity, and optimism. I'm in the process of achieving this with Kay and I feel so fortunate to have found her. More...


Pearl B.

20 May 2019

I started seeing Kay about 4 weeks ago, and I have to say that my work with her has been transformational.  I chose Kay Heatherly above other hynotherapists in the Bay area because she works with neuroplasticity, and I wanted to change my brain patterns when it comes to handling stress.  I remember being pleasantly surprised with the techniques of EFT and guided meditation.  I think there was a part of me expecting hypnosis to be like in the movies...looking at a moving clock and being put to sleep to the point of being forced to cluck like a chicken without control!  But I really appreciated that she led me through the two modalities instead: a tapping technique that helps with the letting go portion and then a guided visualization into the theta brainwaves where Kay guides my brain to release unhealthy patterns and to come back to neutrality and healing. I remember coming out of the first session feeling hopeful - it's been 5 years since my PTSD and I had never felt so hopeful about my healing.  I passed the three session requirement this week and have decided to continue working with Kay because it is so life-changing for me.   I came in with over 20 stressors to release, from the superficial as "letting go of stress eating" to the deepest of my fears such as "letting go of fear of loved ones dying." After only 4 weeks, I have to say that I have let go of 95% of my issues.  95%!! I am amazed by how fast this modality has worked for me, and I am so appreciative of Kay's guidance in giving me such a useful tool. So much in fact that I've told all my friends about Kay and they're considering seeing her too.  If you're willing to do the work that will help you change your brain patterns, then you should definitely consider seeing Kay! More...


Sascha S.

20 May 2019

I've seen Kay twice so far and I have to say that the combination of hypnotherapy/guided meditation and emotional freedom technique has been pivotal in my healing. I've been experiencing bouts of anxiety, and thoughts and emotions that have been challenging to feel and move through. Kay is an active and compassionate listener and she's able to guide me into feeling more at ease and in my body and she's helping me to rewrite mental patterns that are not serving me anymore. Each week she records the guided meditation sequence as well as the EFT sequence and I've been listening to the recordings daily, which has made a big impact on my day to day life. Since seeing Kay I've been feeling a lot more at peace, in my center, and confident that I have more tools now to rewrite old mental and emotional patterns. Thank you so much Kay for the work that you do. More...


Denise C.

30 March 2019

I decided to invest in spending some sessions with Kay Heatherly, the hypnotherapist, with an office in the Marina district on Union. She gave me a discounted rate to try her hypnotherapy. I had no idea what it was like. I'd say it was helpful to talk to her, but she could not be my therapist or life coach. She had some hints. Hypnotherapy is a strange practice and not very traditional. It really would depend on the practitioner. I had to see her to talk about my anxiety driving on highways that I picked up like 4 years ago. She was nice and a good person. I am happy she gave me a discounted rate, but it did not solve my problem to see her. It did give me some reminders and advice. She taped her talks and sessions and sent the clips to me. Her office is comfortable. This was not overly effective or everything I had imagined. It may be interesting to people to see what a hypnotherapist may offer. It is not going to involve your idea of what hypnosis is. She tries to have to create a vision of something...like being on a desert island or some vacation place. She tries to get you into a zone, but this did not help me. More...


Regan C.

20 March 2019

Kay is such a talented practitioner and a wonderful person. She helped me get a handle on stress and anxiety. She helped me pass a big exam and worth through feelings of grief and loss. Glad my search for a hypnotherapist got me to her office. More...


Lauren G.

1 December 2018

I am deeply grateful to Kay. I've worked with her consistently since 2015 around self-worth, setting boundaries, the emotional effects of PTSD, and the impostor syndrome, grief, and loss. I've grown so much from working with her and I've committed to re-working the negative self talk that has been present most of my life. Thank you to Kay. More...


Jaymie M.

14 October 2018

I saw Kay after the tragic loss of a friend. I noted in many of her Yelp reviews she had helped folks working around the topic of loss and grief, so I thought I would see her. I found Kay to be extremely helpful. The work that we did together was beneficial. Not only did I feel better in a short period of time, I have some new tools in my personal toolkit that I can use going forward. Recommended. More...


Chloe McEvoy

31 July 2018

Kay is amazing! I always had the most terrible experience with flying and I would make myself sick with how stressed and anxious I was. I just got a new job where I needed to fly for work so I went to Kay for help. After just 2 sessions I have never been so calm on a flight. Kay helped me realize that flying can be fun and relaxing and my time to unwind. I cant thank her enough! More...


Patrick Duckwald

21 February 2018

I forgot how amazing hypnotherapy is.KAY HEATHERLY is so wonderful and I am so happy I found her.For some reason when your mind is in a hypnotic state it responds to suggestions.Their were things I did not share with her but she knew because she is so well educated and experienced.My life is better because I met her.I am happier.She helped me let go of stuff and most of those things are miraculously out of my mind and I am happier like I should be.I am experienced with hypnotherapists,my opinion is an educated one.KATE HEATHERLY is wonderful! I had a stage fright problem that was so bad I could not play in front of anyone! Kay treated me for this and I performed a month later and I was not at all a victim of stage fright! Thank you Kay! More...


Emeline L.

1 February 2018

I had the opportunity to work with Kay, a couple years ago.. I initially came to quit smoking as I was having a hard time doing it myself.. I ended up discovering a whole new approach to personal growth.. our work allowed me to shed some very heavy limiting believes and heal deep wounds that were in the way of me thriving, taking responsibility in my life and honoring who I was truly. Kay has an incredible ability to listen and will guide you to achieve your goals.Thank you Kay! More...


Jackie F.

26 September 2017

Kay was amazing and life changing. She did appointments for me and my mom. My mom told her that she didn't think we could afford the two of us to do it so Kay was so generous made us deal. That deal changed my life forever. I finally live a happy, healthy life full of bliss. Thank you Kay so much for all you do! Thank you for being so passionate about your work! you are changing lives for the better! More...


Catherine M.

26 June 2017

My objective was simple but very direct.  I wanted to stop drinking beverages with aspartame, especially Diet Coke.It was truly like magic and I feel so much better.Kay is very professional with a warmth that exudes kindness and a non-judgmental approach. More...


Pam Card

27 May 2017

Kay really helped me to let go of the frustration and anxiety I was feeling from living next to a very bad neighbor. I now feel much happier, more relaxed and more myself when dealing with any issues that might arise. Whatever stress you might have in your life, consider talking to Kay to get some real action and real results in your life. More...


Genevieve Howell

27 May 2017

I first met Kay when I was truly struggling with life threatening illness, where I had to change almost every aspect of how I lived my life to be healthy. This was a huge undertaking, but through my work with Kay I was able to break through and overcome many obstacles. I can easily say my work with Kay has been life changing. More...


Laura Sheehan

27 May 2017

Kay really values good relationships so I could easily work with her because of this. She also gives you a cd of her work so you can use this at home to further your sessions and continue the work on your own.
I value Kay's professionalism.


Ivan Nikolai Ganchev

27 May 2017

Kay is absolutely fantastic. She was really able to help me with my anxiety and phobia issues and I really recommend her to anybody out there of all walks of life. She's very caring loving and really tries her best to help people with all kinds of mental disorders and problems in everyday life. Thanks again for all your help Kay:) More...


Judy B.

19 May 2017

Kay is AMAZING!  I was feeling really down about myself and it was creating all sorts of anxiety for me including being PANICKED every time I had to present at work, even though presentations and public speaking has always been a part of my role.  She worked with me to realign my self-image and the feelings of anxiety and panic have receded BIG TIME.   I can't recommend Kay highly enough to anyone who wants to get control back over any part of their life. More...


Ruby B.

13 May 2017

Kay is a wonderful therapist and hypnotist. I suffered with work related anxiety that was significantly impairing my life. I followed through with the sessions and saw a significant improvement after just one visit. I like how she structures each session and was able to tune into things that I hadn't realized. It helped improve my work related anxiety and I am better able to cope with stressful situations. We worked on both specific triggers and overall energy. I am more than satisfied with my improvement.  Like others I was also skeptical but am so happy I took a chance. I highly recommend Kay Heatherly! I know I will be going back to work on other things! More...


Christina D.

9 May 2017

Kay is a wonderfully warm, skillful and empowering therapist and hypnotist. I initially went to her in order to lose weight, but over 4 sessions, I have been able to improve several other areas of my life. My sessions with Kay have helped me to be more aware of how I can change things that aren't working. Making changes can be challenging, but Kay's support has made it possible for me to make my life better. I especially appreciate that she gives teachers a discount! If you wish to improve areas of your life, I highly recommend you work with Kay Heatherly. More...


Gil Z.

7 December 2016

I went scuba diving a few weeks ago in Hawaii. Because I only dive once every few years, when I first jump in, I typically hyperventilate because of anxiety as I adjust to being underwater again. Before I left California for this trip, a few days before my dives, and especially that morning, I used the relaxation techniques that I learned from Kay in our sessions about five years ago to become and remain totally calm breathing underwater, to just relax, and to enjoy everything around me... instead of worrying about being there. Thanks to Kay, I was in total control of my surroundings. If you have any issues with anxiety, quitting a bad habit, letting go of something in your past, or whatever it may be, you can trust Kay. I did! More...


Genevieve H.

2 September 2016

Kay has literally saved my life in a number of weeks. When I met Kay I was deep in the thralls of an illness, that I still have with terrible life threatening side effects. My way of dealing with the stress of this reality was by drinking and eating unhealthy substances that make my illness worse. For years I have struggled with this addiction and anxiety and after just a few weeks with Kay I feel as if I AM IN CONTROL of it and not the other way around. My sister just asked me on a family vacation, if she feels that my doctor (meaning Kay) has been the reason for my positive transformation and the answer was a grounded YES. This is not your average hypnosis, we have a light therapy session and then Kay forms the hypnosis and tapping to my current state. This is something that you have to be open to working WITH Kay on. I have to do my part, but Kay has given me the strength to change deeply from within instead of masking my issues in unhealthy ways. I will continue to do the work, but feel as if I will forever be in great debt to Kay. She is truly something special. More...


T. S.

26 July 2016

I have been Kay's client for the last few years. She is nothing else than: Great! She is professional, friendly and warm. What's important for me, her techniques and focused approach lead me to the insight into my problem and overcoming it. She is a great supporter if you want to work on your personal growth in any field. She is very experienced and I'll always recommend Kay as a therapist no 1 in this field. Thank you Kay! More...


Desirae J.

12 July 2016

Kay is great! She's caring, patient and has a warm vibe! She really helped me get on the right track to where i wanted to be and who i wanted to become. I still listen to the personalized recording she made specifically for me, which i thought was a very caring gesture. I highly recommend Kay to anyone looking to overcome any obsticles or challenges they are facing or if you want to make a change in yourself! More...


Nicola Q.

14 June 2016

I was stuck. I had gotten myself into an emotional rut and was consoling myself with red wine and cheese and crackers every night. Pretty dismal! I had read about people trying hypnosis and knew I had to change what my in my mind before I could change myself.... 3 sessions with Kay, 6 weeks later, I kid you not, I have stopped drinking red wine! I don't want it. I don't crave it. I don't need it. After the first session, I felt euphoric that week. I did the tapping everyday. The second session, we talked about more things I wanted to let go of, I kept on doing the tapping everyday. It works, it really does. But you have to take the time to do the tapping every day to get the real benefit I found. Gradually, over the few weeks, my craving for red wine vanished. I am at home, drinking herbal tea and feeling so light and free. Thank you Kate! More...


Adrienne D.

7 June 2016

Kay is working with my spouse and I can see firsthand the huge benefits Kay provides her clients.  I knew from the experiences of several friends that Kay has helped people "get over it", whatever that is for them: clarity and confidence in big tests like the St. Bar exam, confidence in public speaking, freedom from fear of flying, recovery from debilitating grief, tools to help deal with challenging and draining family situations, and so many other ways. More...


Joan Sutton

6 June 2016

Kay is so deeply sensitive and intelligent - she knows how to listen and her suggestions are of great value. You will feel comfortable and respected with such a skilled therapist.


jessica kleid

27 May 2016

Kay was not the first therapist I've seen, but she was the first therapist to practice EFT on me. After just a couple of sessions I felt so good, much better than I'd ever felt after speaking with ordinary psychologists. I really believe that EFT, combined with Kay's calming presence, was effective. I used Kay's services to break through anxieties about starting my own business, to move on from past experiences and people I needed to let go of, and to improve my relationships with my mother and spouse. I've had tremendous successes since working with Kay, and as new situations arise in my life, I look forward to working with Kay more. More...


Amy S.

18 April 2016

I admit, I was VERY skeptical of hypnosis at first. I thought there was no way this was legit--that it was magic, make believe, and I would have to force myself to believe that it worked. I was at the end of my rope, tried everything and had read that this worked, so decided what the heck, I'll give it a shot. The results? Nothing has worked better for me and for the first time in my life, I'm making positive progress and changing some negative thinking that's been stuck in my head since I was little.I've tried talk therapy numerous times before and it's just not for me. I'm not a "talk it out" kinda person. Plus, there needs to be a personality match there for me, and I never clicked with my therapists. Think of hypnotherapy as a more efficient type of therapy. You don't fall into a trance like you see on TV. It's a guided meditation where you are relaxed and present. Think of it more like "brain training," or actually "brain RE-training."I really like Kay. She is a cool and calm pro who listens, takes it all in, cuts through the fat, gets to the meat of it and helped me get super crisp on what I needed to fix. We devised a very focused plan on what to let go of and what I needed to do more of. The first part is Q&A followed by a guided meditation. You go home with a recording that you listen to every day. Sometimes I hear Kay in the middle of the day reminding me of one thing or another. I swear it works. I say: Yay for Kay!!! More...


Gary K.

18 March 2016

Kay has really helped me...nobody else could! I have developed a terrible habit over the years and it has impacted my health and quality of life. Kay has given me a healthy way to break this bad habit. More...


Pam M.

19 November 2015

My sessions with Kay have been transformative in the best way possible. She is incredibly insightful, direct, and has an incredible ability to create a safe place for her sessions. Her office  has a relaxed, peaceful, beautiful atmosphere - which adds to the feeling of being in a safe, comfortable space where you can be truly open. I've been to many therapists over the years and this was the first time that I felt like real progress was made. I went to Kay to address some social interaction hangups that I've been trying to work on for many years. In addition to making big improvements in my social interaction issues, she helped me tackle things that I never imagined being able to improve. I've stopped biting my nails after a 31-year long habit. I'm a horribly disorganized person and now I actually have an organized apartment - it's nothing short of a miracle. Both my friends and roommates have noticed this drastic change - it's so nice to actually be organized for the first time in my life. The best part of the sessions where when Kay asked me about the things I wanted to let go of - she helped me identify things that I hadn't even thought about. We all know that there are things in our lives that we want to improve, but sometimes the hardest part is identifying the exact causes of these issues. In each session with Kay, there were "lightbulb" moments - times when you realized something that was so relevant and on-point with yourself - for the first time. My sessions with Kay have been such a positive part of my personal growth this year and I recommend her to anyone who is ready to make steps towards personal growth. More...


Ray M.

2 August 2015

I didn't have any experience with hypnotherapy.  I was having some problems with discouragement and anxiety and I thought I would check her out.  I assumed I would feel like I was entering some altered state, but I felt completely normal and in control.  I felt definite improvement after the first session.  The second time I saw her I mentioned that I had had trouble with sugar cravings my entire life.  One session almost entirely eliminated my sugar cravings.  I saw her only three times, but I felt vastly improved, not only in the areas I had gone to her for, but other issues, like the sugar, that she helped me identify. More...


I R.

12 July 2015

If your yelp searches are leading you to Kay Heatherly, then I highly recommend making an appointment with her. Initially, I thought "hypnotherapy " That voodoo is for the patchouli types... not for this girl. I was wrong. Her demeanor is soothing, she's beyond insightful, and she's constructive in her feedback.Kay and her practice allow for you to take an inventory of your life: get rid of what you don't want, and pile on the things that make you healthy and happy. It's bootcamp for your well-being, and a great way to focus on achieving goals in any aspect of your life. More...


Jessica K.

8 June 2015

Kay was not the first therapist I've seen, but she was the first therapist to practice EFT on me.  After just a couple of sessions I felt so good, much better than I'd ever felt after speaking with ordinary psychologists.  I really believe that EFT, combined with Kay's calming presence, was effective.  I used Kay's services to break through anxieties about starting my own business, to move on from past experiences and people I needed to let go of, and to improve my relationships with my mother and spouse.  I've had tremendous successes since working with Kay, and as new situations arise in my life, I look forward to working with Kay more. More...


Sally S

28 May 2015

Kay Heatherly is quite simply amazing. She is incredibly astute, perceptive and smart as well as being very kind. I've had a really rough, bewildering and sad couple of years, but going to see Kay has totally pulled me through them and to use a cliche - which Kay is totally free of - ultimately made me stronger, I think. I'm very, very glad I found Kay and can't recommend her highly enough. More...


Su R.

12 May 2015

Kay has been a blessing in my life. I initially, and skeptically, visited Kay regarding an unhealthy relationship with food and sugar. I was tired of catching myself turning to food to appease emotions and having constant sweet-tooth, sugar cravings. After our initial meeting I walked away not having any urges or cravings for sugar! Since then I have sought Kay's help in other aspects of my life such as other food-cravings, anxiety, tension, stress etc. I have gained so much including an empowered, positive outlook on myself and improved relationships with others. Thank you Kay! More...



28 March 2015

Kay changed my life.  I had the misfortune of not passing a very important medical examination during the same time period when I was experiencing fertility issues. Kay worked with me to help me acknowledge my grief and then guided me to "let go" of fear, worry, and guilt surrounding my losses.  She walked me effortless through a successful retake of the medical examination (for which I passed with flying colors!) and a successful pregnancy leading to the birth of my healthy beautiful baby.  I will always be so thankful for Kay.  She is amazingly compassionate, talented, and intelligent.  She will guide you to a life of positivity and success. More...


Hillary H.

8 February 2015

Kay is a fantastic woman and is very good at what she does. I found my experience with her to be incredibly powerful. I absolutely recommend her.


Mayra N.

7 February 2015

Kay was like an angel in my life. After sufferiing for 5 years with Anxiety Disorder, Panic, OCD and SPT, she was able to help me in the way that any other doctors or medication did. With just one session I felt a big difference, I was finally able to relax and do things I was not able of doing because of my anxiety. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.I was able to stop taking my medication for anxiety, that I had been taking over the last 5 years, and I feel great. No more panic attacks, no more paralyzing fears, just happiness and confidence! More...


Tony L.

6 February 2015

Kay is amazing and  helpful. Kay solve my issues even though it's been around 2 years. I realize a big difference after the first session. In a cozy room and comfortable chair, I feel relaxed and calm. I was suspicious about Hypnotherapy but this exceeds my expectation. No more stress, more confident. I recommend Kay to everyone. More...


Hannah M.

17 December 2014

Kay is a huge reason why I can proudly say I passed the California bar exam. Kay is wonderful, both as a person and a professional. When I got the unfortunate news that I didn't pass on my first go around, a good friend recommended Kay (who she met with and also passed -- on her first time!). I took my friend's advice and, with Kay's help, passing the bar exam the second time was no problem. I'd recommend Kay to anyone! More...


Megan C.

8 December 2014

I credit Kay with bringing positivity, confidence and happiness to my life in the past year. Her influence has been actionable and comforting. I initially went to her to kick my smoking habit and she's ended up positively changing so many other aspects of my life. I'd recommend Kay's services to anyone and am thankful for all that she's done. More...


Suzanne S.

19 November 2014

Kay Heatherly helped me out tremendously. I was broken in a lot of areas and couldn't seem to overcome them quite on my own. I had been interested in hypnotherapy for years but never actually made the leap. Finally I did, and went with Kay as I had heard and read great things. I'm so happy I did. She is so non judgmental and really gets to the heart of the issues right away. She wastes no time! As long as you are committed and genuinely want to improve or change something, Kay can really, I mean really, help you towards a better life. If your hesitant- make the initial phone call. Get it rolling, you'll be happy you did. I can't thank Kay enough for everything she's done for me. More...


Danielle A.

23 June 2014

Kay is amazing, what a great pleasure it is working with her. Working with Kay on some long term pesky issues I saw immediate results within two session. She's an elegant lady who is amazing at what she does and I really look forward to continuing to work with her. More...


Anne Miller

6 June 2014

Kay Heatherly, hypnotherapist : • Is very EXPERIENCED. Has been involved in the training of other local practitioners. • Meets with clients in a comfortable, relaxing and hospitable environment.• Is excellent communicator - is attentive, listens, hears and understands what is said.• Hypnotherapy, as she practices it, WORKS! More...


Harold Hoogasian

6 June 2014

My experience with Kay was through my wife's therapy. Kay is a caring and thoughtful therapist. She offers individualized therapy solutions and has a comfortable therapy setting in her Union Street office.


Paul Etcheverry

6 June 2014

I recommend Dr. Heatherly to anyone experiencing daunting challenges in their personal, family or work lives. She is positive, helpful and a great listener.


Anonymous S.

29 May 2014

Hypnotherapy isn't a conventional method but for me I found it very helpful.I found Kay on Yelp and contacted her to help me work through my fear of public speaking.Kay is attentive. She doesn't try to rush through the session but really takes her time to understand what my issues are and then where I want to be.She records the session for you so you can listen to it again. I have found that listening to the audio is medatative for me and noticed that I'm definitely less anxious.She also gave me some coping mechanisms so that when I have negative thoughts I can deal with them in a positive way.I found Kay trustworthy and extremely helpful.I would definitely go back to see her and recommend her to anyone looking for  help during a difficult time. More...


Chris M.

31 March 2014

Kay first listened to what I needed, understood what I was trying to achieve, focused her expertise in a way that was most likely to help and then moved at a rhythm and pace that worked for me.  I am grateful for the time that I spent with her and I am more peaceful, calm and centered as a result.  Within minutes of each meeting I had with Kay, she sent me an audio file of the guided meditation portion of our session that I could then use to help regain center each day or whenever I needed some on-demand assistance.  Psychotherapy has been an integral part of my life for many years.  Hypnotherapy has become a wonderful complement to that.  I'm glad I found Kay. More...


Elena H.

26 March 2014

Kay is truly amazing.  She makes you feel super comfortable and at ease.  Her place/office is very relaxing and tranquil.  She can help you in all sorts of ways and guide you through any issues.  Thanks Kay! More...


Autumn F.

17 March 2014

Kay is great!!She was really able to help me work out some new anxieties that had development in my life.With her guidance, I was truly able eliminate the worry and  obsessive thoughts I was having. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to works things out and feel like themselves again. More...


Susan P.

9 March 2014

I have been knowing Kay for around 5 years and when I first got her therapeutic help I was deeply impressed. I have been in different therapies for around 20 years- mainly in Germany where I live- but her efficient and also careful approach is truly unique. Back then I needed support as I was returning back to Germany after staying for a half a year in San Francisco. I was nervous and anxious that I could´t adjust to my working environment that is rather hostile. But she helped me in only 3 sessions to create a strong protection - almost like a second skin - that made me feel completely free and comfortable. When I got back to Germany I was amazed to feel that all my anticipated fears melted into thin air and I could work successfully as usual.Just recently I came to her while visiting SF and had to deal with the relationship around my deceased mother. Once again her deep understanding and warmhearted approach to my issues let me find a new way of dealing with my feelings. Her therapeutical record will accompany me going back home and is the most valuable gift I got on this trip. I´m sure I will continue to make use of her highly appreciated help. More...


Learnee L.

4 February 2014

This review was due about 2 years ago after Kay helped my husband with his smoking addiction.  He has been smoking since he was a teenager and had tried many things to help him quit.  A friend of mine recommended hypnotherapy and also recommended Kay to me.  I guess I was desperate to get the hubs to quit so I told him to see Kay.  We're glad he did.Husband signed up for 3-appt treatment, after the 1st appt he said he didn't need anymore...(I'm hoping its because the therapy worked).  I'm glad he finished all 3 anyway.  After at least 20 years of chain smoking, hubs haven't had a cigarette.  He was glad he did the treatment and I am way more than happy with the result. More...


jen p.

10 January 2014

I would recommend Kay to anyone who needs to "work some things out"She was so gracious and comfortable to work with.  Seeing Kay was the first time I had been to "therapy".    I felt like I trusted her before I event met her just from the initial phone conversation.  It seemed that she genuinely wanted to help me get through my issues.After 3 appointments with her I felt much better and the 4th follow up was all positive.I will not hesitate to go back to see her and will continue to speak highly of her.Thank you Kay! More...


Lil F.

2 December 2013

I am so grateful that I found Kay!  For over 10 years I struggled with anxiety.  And in three sessions and less than a month I have come so very far in ridding myself of anxiety with Kay's help.  I finally have hope and excitement when I picture my future.  Every time I leave a session I have a lightness of heart and sense of peace, independence, joy, and freedom that is truly unparalleled.  She has a kindness and genuine talent for what she does that when combined leave me feeling blessed to have found her.  Her technique is very relaxing and geared very much to exactly what I need to let go of.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Whatever you need to be freed from she is the woman to do it.  Without her help I would still be struggling to rid myself of crippling anxiety, but now I know I am a strong independent woman and nothing will hold me back.  I haven't experienced an attack since my first session.  Call her, talk to her about how she can help you.  I promise she will change your world for the better! More...


C C.

14 October 2013

I have enjoyed working with Kay very much. She is intuitive, educated, professional, focused, well spoken, and supportive. She is not flighty, mystical or weird. Her approach is subtle and gentle. Nothing is force fed. In fact, it is the exact opposite; her style engages you wholly into healing/resolving/confronting whatever issue(s) you may have - smoking,  weight gain, narcissistic family, career change, marriage problems, phobias - through discussion, analyzing the facts, setting achievable goals and deep meditation. Whatever your goal, Kay is your guide to making positive changes in your life.  A typical session goes like this - - sit down in a comfy chair- sip a cup of tea. Breathe. Look at the pretty Bougainvillea in the back garden.- then start talking about why you are there / what you want to change- spend the bulk of the session allowing Kay to probe further to get you to pin point the specific wording that conveys exactly what you want to accomplish. Generally multiple goals. When you have the specifics hammered out...- Kay guides you through a tapping meditation that incorporates these actionable goals - Kay records the meditation and emails it to you so you can work on it at home until you see her again- you walk out relaxed, pensive yet jazzed, and empoweredChange takes time and concerted effort. It can be uncomfortable and nerve wracking. So why not make it a bit easier on yourself and seek out a professional whose vocation it is to help people achieve their goals? Kay is a wonderful tool to have in your Self Improvement Tool Box. More...


Trish R.

14 September 2013

I sent a friend to Kay after reading reviews here. She had such a positive experience that she pointed me back to Kay when I was in a troubled state a few weeks ago.  I am so grateful.After just a few sessions with Kay, I have turned a real corner.  Stress, negative thinking, bad habits of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors have been with me for a very long time.  Kay has given me new tools to change all of this - and the changes I have made are real and amazing.  Kay is kind, very smart, compassionate and insightful.  In such a short time, she has helped me to recognize how thoughts are habits that can be changed. I love the recordings that she sends after each session.  They are like having Kay in my ear, encouraging me and guiding me.I can't thank her enough and I can't recommend her highly enough. PS - I was extremely skeptical, nervous and reluctant to see her.I am a changed woman, thanks to Kay. More...


Dee D.

21 July 2013

When I met Kay, I felt immediately comfortable and safe with her.  I trust my feelings a lot, and I just knew I could trust her!She helped me through a rough patch in my life and we conquered through it together!These days, I feel so uplifted and elated.  I'm really blessed to have met Kay!!  Thank you so much!! More...


R R.

24 June 2013

Working with Kay was highly effective for me and I wholeheartedly recommend her! For some time, I've been aware of several negative thought patterns that I could feel influencing me on a daily basis. I'd known these beliefs were holding me back from what I truly wanted and had been looking for ways to get my head in the right place. I went into the meeting with Kay with several fears to release and many positive beliefs to instill. Having gone through the process now, I think that's certainly happened. It's definitely worth doing the 3 sessions, since changing your mindset is a process and our emotional hangups can be complicated. You'll find that as one block is released, another one that was previously beneath it and perhaps unnameable emerges, so you can then work on that. In my case, I found that by the 3rd session the initial negative thought patterns I had weren't even there anymore, so I was able to focus more on what I really wanted to create. It's been a remarkable shift to find that negative thoughts I was constantly contending with a few weeks ago, now feel foreign, as if they're happening to someone else and don't apply to me. I'm very happy I took the leap and went to Kay. Life's too short and too precious to be struggling with unnecessary baggage! More...


Zeimers AdShoppe

28 May 2013

Kay Heatherly is the consummate San Francisco hypnotherapy professional. She's helped me several times over the years to overcome some sleep issues. More importantly, she helped my daughter surpass her score for the ACT college exam by 14% -- overcoming many hurdles about having to take the test, having a bad attitude about studying for it, and preparing her to be calm before and during the test. My daughter has now learned how to prepare to overcome any future obstacles. For both of us, Kay has been a constant source of calm in the eyes of our collective storms. I highly recommend Kay to help anyone "get over it" and move forward with their life's issues. More...


Lori Beach

28 May 2013

Kay has been amazing. She first helped me a few years ago. I needed to get "unstuck" from some past experiences. Regular therapy didn't do the trick. I always felt therapists would tell me what I SHOULD think, but not HOW to get to that point of acceptance. With Kay's help, I was able to move forward in my life to a place that I didn't think possible. Recently I decided to see Kay again for some new issues that I want to resolve sooner rather than later. It's amazing. After just about a week or so of listening to the mp3 of our session, my outlook has greatly improved and I feel much stronger and much more confident in my decisions.I will always seek out Kay should the need arise. She can accomplish in a very short time what years of therapy can not (for me personally). More...


Karen S.

21 February 2013

This review is long overdue! When I first got to Kay i was an emotional wreck over my relationship. I was so hurt and paranoid that that's all I could think about. She helped me address issues that all affected not only the way I thought about the relationship but also about myself. I knew that I had to work on other issues such as weight loss because I had lost my self confidence, my sanity, and my sense of calm. Coming in for a session was a relaxing space with great music and Kay's soothing voice that always put me in my trance. Talking to Kay was a sense of relief for me as she was not judgmental but gave great advice and helped me make my own decision about what I wanted to do with myself or issue at hand. During even our first session I felt so comfortable with Kay . It was as if I knew her for years.  I loved how we had a combo of regular therapy and hypnotherapy. I wasn't sure if hypnotherapy would work for me but it worked really well. My subconscious controlled more of my life than i ever really knew and this is something that anyone else who does hypnotherapy will see for themselves. One big thing that I loved being able to do after our sessions was listening to our sessions over and over again at home with a personal CD. Kay was also great at making the sessions affordable to me which i am very grateful for because I knew I desperately needed her help. Overall I would recommend anyone to Kay. She saved me when I had hit rock bottom.Today i asked myself if I would've been able to overcome it all alone without her wise words and knowledge and i don't think i could've so she holds a special place in my heart. So go to Kay she's awesome!!!! More...


Denise C.

17 December 2012

Kay is intuitive and pragmatic. My sessions with her were comfortable and warm and we wound up addressing far more than what I initially thought would be covered. She really made me feel like "everything is ok" and that I am not a lost cause. We addressed very specific issues as well as general blahs and the results were impressive and empowering. I have referred friends to Kay and will continue to do so. She really knows her stuff! More...


Emma J.

11 October 2012

I am so thankful for having found Kay Heatherly.  Truly, she is an incredible person and an outstanding therapist.  I have had a very challenging couple of years, suffering bereavements, 'loss' of my mother to dementia, job losses, anxiety and depression and personal relationship issues (I would have been an ideal guest at any party...) and really was at my wits' end. I had been to counselling before (specifically grief counselling) but hadn't felt it helped particularly.  I also kind of thought, being English, that therapy just wasn't 'done.'  However, it finally got to the point where I thought I had nothing to lose, and found Kay after reading her Yelp reviews.  It's the best decision I have made in a long time.  She is perceptive, pragmatic, worldly, extremely kind and straightfoward.  The focus is on dealing, directly, with issues and making sure you are moving forward.  Her relaxtion techniques absolutely work, and she sends you an MP3 of them so you can practice them on your own.  Quite simply, I cannot recommend her highly enough. More...


Camille G.

19 June 2012

I went to see Dr. Heatherly (Kay) because I had an extreme phobia of doctors and any kind of medical procedure, avoided anything to do with blood, even conversations made me extremely uncomfortable and anxious.  This has been a life long challenge for me.  But now I'm 39 and want/need to get some moles removed because they could be cancerous and they are definitely ugly and make me self conscience for years.  So I decided to try something like hypnotherapy to teach me relaxation techniques.  Well, this has been so much more powerful than that.  I didn't know what to expect, as a bit of a skeptic and knowing my inability to relax in situations I didn't give it much credit.  Also, I didn't know if it would be like the movies... well it wasn't; there was no waving a watch in your face and putting you in a trance.  The first visit we talked about my goals and what I want to let go of, Kay introduced the most powerful concept, that I had a choice.  We went through the tapping and visualization and I left the office feeling relaxed and refreshed.  She tapes the visualization part for you to listen to at home or whenever just to set the new patterns in your brain.  This concept of having a choice in how you decide to think about anything was so liberating I started applying to all areas of my life.  By session two I was ready to start facing my fears and I was actually able to read about mole removal and look at photos of the procedure on WebMD... this was a huge step for me, I could never have done that before.  By session three I was ready to make the appointment with the dermatologist.  By session 4, we made a visualization tape to help me with all of the things I could expect at the doctors (so I wouldn't pass out like I have done in the past at doctors offices, very embarrassing).  I am happy to say that I went to the doctor and had 4 moles removed and one could be cancerous so this was clearly something I needed to do and I'm so grateful that Kay guided me through this process.  I still don't know what part of it worked so well, but I can say I went back for session 5 yesterday just to address other areas of my life that I want to improve, this has been the most positive/constructive thing I have tried for real, lasting change. More...


Melinda P.

13 June 2012

Thanks for a clear, simple approach to changing my pesky behaviors.  The power of your suggestions is limitless since I can continue to listen to the recordings on my I phone now.  Kay does marvelous work, comfortably and quickly. More...


Amy H.

24 March 2012

I recently saw Kay and was incredibly impressed by how quickly she was able to help me identify exactly what I wanted to "get over" and move toward. Her imaging technique has been a powerful tool for me. I experienced immediate relief and ongoing progress as I continue to listen to the tapes she made during our sessions. I don't know what I would have done without her. For anyone who has some way of thinking or feeling that's getting in the way (who doesn't?), call Kay. Her results are profound! More...


Kristen S.

21 December 2011

I have known Kay for several years and she is professional, kind and generous.  I have also referred some patients to her for hypnotherapy and she was very helpful and effective.  I would recommend her without reservation. More...


L B.

5 December 2011

It has been wonderful working with Kay!  She is kind and direct and clearly enjoys her work.  I have done hypnotherapy before and know it is a solid tool in helping to clear out some of the negative self-talk that slows down my success.  Finding Kay was serendipitous as I had been searching for a good hypnotherapist to work with since my previous hypnotherapist is in Southern California.  She had set a very high bar and Kay was able to exceed expectations! More...


Kenji X.

28 October 2011

As a colleague (I'm a Life Coach) Kay had me to her office as an introduction, while I already knew her as a professional I was really thrilled to have the opportunity to see her 'live'.Kind, directive, beautiful office, helpful, useful, gentle. I've done 1,000 self-help things and the CD that Kay gave me continues to assist me with my anxiety. I say "directive" because she culled from what I said about my issues into suggestions towards what would be in our session. Awesome More...


Sara Z.

10 October 2011

Kay's semi-alternative hypnotherapy is something that really works! I admit that I was skeptical at first, but if clients listen and keep an open mind, the results are well-worth it. I was struggling to get a high score on the ACT and Kay's relaxation methods and visualization techniques were incredibly helpful. Because of Kay's help, I received the score I wanted. I would recommend Kay to anyone who is over-stressed, panicked or just wants to learn how to relax in a new, helpful way. More...


Phil S.

29 August 2011

I am a natural skeptic and didn't really understand the idea of hypnotherapy.  However, I was pretty stuck in my thoughts and could not separate some conflicting emotions about some major goings-on in my life.   I was not sure where to turn until I met Kay, who is a great listener and is able get at the heart of the issues.   Her  technique relaxed me in a way that helped me separate fact from emotional garbage and make far more concrete decisions.  When you are wrapped up in your problems, relaxing and stepping back from the knotted up internal noise and make you far more objective.  I feel far more ready to take on my issues with different eyes after a few sessions with Kay.I look at Kay's reviews and see that 95 percent of the comments are positive.  I really don't understand why it is not 100%.  Anyone who does not benefit from Kay's expertise must not be open to the idea of hypnotherapy.   As far as the comments about a contractual agreement that I read -- I cannot see who anyone would object to signing a contract. Someone looking for answers to their internal issues would not be able to find them in just one session and the idea of a contract is just showing a mutual commitment to the process.  As a former high-strung,  stressed-out cogitator of every detail who feared moving forward in a healthy way, I recommend Kay quite highly. More...


Shianne L.

24 July 2011

Going to Kay Heatherly was a decision I should have made months ago. However timing is everything and now I was READY and open for change. I received more insight and tools for my issues than years of therapy combined. I recommend Kay to anyone struggling with issues that conventional methods didn't touch. She has helped me to live better and navigate more efficiently through some difficult issues that were hindering my daily life. My sincere gratitude to you Kay! More...


Jason A.

12 July 2011

I saw Kay for hypnosis and to learn relaxation techniques.   I thought she was great and have benefited from my time with her.  As a bonus, she recorded the sessions and sent them to me so that I now use them over and over again. More...


cihan o.

27 February 2011

Kay is absolutely amazing to work with! She is a great listener, no judgements.  I met with Kay while I was going through my first Saturn return, which forced me into a complete rebuilding process. I had to break down old patterns in my life that were no longer serving me, in fact sabotaging me. This realization was hard to accept, breaking these patterns was even harder. Kay helped me so much to achieve that through Emotional Freedom Technique that is based on self forgiveness and acceptance. The atmosphere that she creates in her office is definitely brilliant. Every time I went to her for a session, she found a way to help me, every session had a particular healing quality. After working with her, I actually started learning other healing techniques like Reiki elsewhere, but it all started with Kay! I still work on my own healing and with the experience I gained, I'm on my way to become a shamanic healer to help others. I owe her a lot and really grateful to her for giving me the ability to go through a complete transformation in my life. I do strongly recommend Kay if you are serious about making some positive changes in your life! More...


Maralyn B.

19 February 2011

My experience was Dr Heatherly was a comforting one.   The client enters her rooms of eclectic Asian art and is given her complete attention.Her empathy and focus can be felt:it is immensely comforting.  For me,this was the things that made my time with her worthwhile. More...


Adam W.

4 December 2010

I have seen Kay during a particularly stressful time in my life.  She was warm and welcoming and her office is quiet and conducive to relaxing so that change and healing can happen.  This was my experience working with her.  She asked several questions to understand where I was at in my life and what exactly I wanted to target.  Quite clearly and without being "New Age-y", Kay initiated our session of therapy with the EFT, tapping on different points of the body to open up the channels where emotions get held and stuck.  She asked me to rate how intense my "charge" around a few key issues was at the beginning and end of our session.  When I left there was no emotional trigger left and I had a CD that she burned for me of our session to help prolong the effects of our work that day... great results.  If you are having a hard time letting go and moving on towards a lighter, more free feeling future, I recommend making an appointment with Kay. More...


Peggy N.

6 November 2010

Kay's expertise in relieving and releasing stuck emotions and thinking patternshelped me to step out of old paradigms and allow me to come into alignment withmy ideals and dreams. I found her developed techniques to work in a profound way.Kay's methodology is gentle, non-judgmental and creatively fits the individual.Her guided hypnotherapy and EFT sessions are recorded so her clients can use them at home. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to gain greater access to their highest potential.Thank you Kay! - Peggy Nederlof More...


Jean P.

15 September 2010

I thought Kay was wonderful.  I was having extreme anxiety attacks and panic attacks that my psychiatrist wasn't really helping me with, and Kay made them absolutely disappear.I had three EFT sessions and these panic attacks I had been having are gone.  Gone.Sadly, my insurance didn't cover the visits, but I feel I've paid a lot more to a psychiatrist who couldn't help me at all, so there you have it.  She was completely worth it and I'm very happy with the results. More...


Tasha B.

5 September 2010

I am extremely pleased with the work I did with Kay. She has been a very competent ally for helping me to achieve my goals. I am a massage therapist and really appreciate and respect the way she conducted our sessions very professionally, that really means a lot to me. We always started on time, she had real clear communication about what we would do, and what my part of the work was.Hypnotherapy is not something that you go to to have someone else fix you, be clear on that. But, if you're ready to make some changes in patterns of thoughts, actions, or habits that do not serve your best interest any more, Kay can really help you to make those changes at a deep and effective level.I don't like regular psychotherapy, and this is not that. I would rather not waste hours and hours of hashing over the past, I've done that. I wanted to set intentions for creating a new future, and this work really helped me to do that.I've lost 55lbs, I'm clean and sober, and I quite smoking! I did these things, but fundamental changes in my internal dialogue that Kay helped me to reprogram were very very helpful!From my first session on I felt extremely comfortable with Kay, and her office is super comfortable and beautiful!If you're a healthy sane person looking for help changing some chronic patterns of self sabatoging behavior, I would highly recommend hyposis with Kay as a powerful part of your plan. More...


Chris M.

3 September 2010

I'm from Australia and travel through SF about once a year. I've been having some issues with confidence at work and lacking focus to study for my professional exams for the last year but was having lots of trouble articulating exactly what I was feeling. Kay immediately put me at ease and was able to help me gather my thoughts together and process my jumble of negativity. After working with Kay I feel much more positive and capable of dealing with whatever issues I come across. The CDs are great too, whenever I feel myself falling into old habits I can listen to one and feel better again. Next time I'm in SF I'll be calling in to see Kay. Thanks again More...


Shelly J.

18 June 2010

Kay is a gifted therapist, an active listener, and a compassionate spirit. She has become somewhat of a fixture in my San Francisco life and I'm so thankful to have found her. I suffer from a severe spinal cord injury and at 26 have been dealing with chronic pain. I searched for a therapist to assist me with the ups and downs of dealing with the emotional, physical and mental pain that comes with traumatic injury. Thankfully, I found Kay. After our initial visit I was certain that she would be a great fit for me. She's honest and open, and doesn't 'sugar coat' anything. I appreciate her 'to the point' approach. It keeps me on my toes and I find our sessions refreshing. I take full advantage of our CD recordings of each session. I even used one of our CDs while in surgery!Many times, it feels like Kay is a friend, and not a therapist. Not in an unprofessional manner, but in a "this is so easy to talk to her" aspect. I highly recommend Kay to anyone who is searching for a talented, highly qualified, compassionate, and vibrant therapist. More...


Gina K.

7 March 2010

Good Ol' Quarter Life Crisis.  No one could have ever prepared me for the emotional roller coaster that is my twenties, but Kay has given me amazing tools to deal with them.From the moment that Kay welcomed me into her office, and offered me a cup of tea I felt completely comfortable with her.  Now, whenever I am feeling out of whack I listen to my CD and I feel better.  Thank You Kay for teaching me that cold calling wasn't my only option ;) More...


Janet C.

1 March 2010

Thank you Kay for creating an open space and a tangible process to help you overcome hurdles and challenges one may experience in the past to help you live life in the present!  If you have never experienced the Emotional Freedom Technique, you must.  Be open and you will see results. More...


Kandi K.

25 December 2009

I had a great experience with Kay.  I found her to be totally and completely non-judgemental, like I could tell her anything and that she genuinely wanted to help me get to a better place.  I told her things that were REALLY hard to say out loud.  Kay helped me to trust my own instincts and to have faith in my beliefs.  I especially love the fact that she will create a personalized CD with meditations/light hypnosis that I could play again at home.  I actually use the CDs every single night, and they really help me stay on track mentally.  You will need to sign up and be committed to 3 sessions.  I think it's believable that a person would need at least 3 sessions to really tackle their problems.  I don't think one session alone should be seen as a cure-all.  I felt like I needed all 3 sessions.  I could probably use one more, but thanks to the horrible economy I am financially strapped and can't afford to see her as soon as I would like.  If you are reading this Kay, thank you for helping me. More...


sandra p.

12 November 2009

I wasn't looking for a hypnotherapist, or a therapist of any kind for that matter. Rather, I had been doing some research on EFT (emotional freedom technique) mainly out of intellectual curiosity and finally decided I would never really understand it until I tried it.Kay showed up as a practitioner of EFT on yelp and had glowing reviews so I figured she'd be a good choice. I went in the next day and agreed to three sessions. I figured since I was there I might as well pick something specific to work on and chose "indecisiveness". I went in mainly expecting to see what EFT was all about and possibly make some headway on my indecisive nature. From the moment I sat down in her office, however, it was as if some emotional floodgates opened and I couldn't stop what poured forth. I'm a pretty open person and didn't know I had all this stuff pent up, but something about Kay's nature just whisked it out of me.Turns out I had all sorts of self-sabotaging talk going on in my head and I was essentially paralyzing myself with indecision because I wasn't paying any attention to what I really wanted. I was wayyyy too busy trying to live up to all these ideas I had about what other people expected of me. Kay helped me realize this and let go of it all. I was finally able to just take a step back and decide I was going to spend a few months figuring out what it was that I wanted - for me. What is it that makes me happy? And how can I fill my life with it? What is my purpose?Kay helped me stop saying yes when I really mean no. She helped me stop trying to please everyone else and listen to my heart. She helped me shed the reservations I had about my dreams and passions and decide to actually pursue them! I saw her a total of 4 times and am in a completely new place in my life now. I've started pursuing my dreams and doing what's right for me, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It's been immensely liberating!Half the time I couldn't even figure out what it was she was actually doing that was helping me. I don't know if it was the hypnotherapy, the EFT, the guided visualizations, or just her as a person. She made me feel SO comfortable and validated and OK with who I am that I couldn't wait to become even more true to myself. She is worth every penny. I will definitely go back to see her again. More...


Joy J.

17 October 2009

Writing this review for Kay is an honor for me.  I can personally attest to have observed Kay's healing and transformative gifts in every session, as she showed me how to release anger and negative energy with innovative approaches such as EFT, guided visualization and hypnotherapy.  I can recommend Kay with unlimited enthusiasm for anyone who is interested in freeing themselves of the negativity that gets in the way of having peaceful, harmonious and loving relationships.  Kay is incredibly caring and kind.  In my search for my "champion" therapist/coach, I met with a lot of intelligent and caring souls.  But I found Kay's insightfulness especially impressive because she brought issues and solutions to my attention that other experts in the field had overlooked.  Kay is not the type to just sit there and say I hear you. She gives you new tools for seeing results in your life soon.  She made me three CDs on what we did during the session that I listen to daily.  Her voice also has a very soothing quality that brings me into a state of peace and calm. I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to learn a variety of helpful relaxations techniques from her.  No matter what other strategies (e.g., meditation, yoga, exercise, praying etc.), you use to face life's unexpected challenges, you won't know what you're missing unless you meet with her for at least three times. You can thank me later ;) More...


brandy p.

22 July 2009

Over the last 10 years I have seen 9 therapists. They have ranged from psychiatrists to counselors. Every time, I end my care because I feel it is wasting my time and money. I was in search of a true answer. I found Kay! I have always been willing to try just about anything, so when I found this, I figured, what they heck. My first appointment I was very comfortable and felt welcomed. She, never once, made me feel silly or out of place. I completed the first session and made an appointment a month later. I didn't know how that was going to work, but that month was the best one I had had in a very long time. It was the first month where I didn't have breakdowns daily. I believe I had two the entire month. The next appointment went much like the first. Again, made another appointment another month out and again, a great month! My last appointment, she asks for you to commit to three, I went in with no fears, no problems, nothing that I felt needed to be dealt with. For the first time in over 10 years, I feel normal again. Thank you Kay for helping me when I felt no one could! More...


Paul E.

4 May 2009

I found myself with an immovable boulder in my life and an alarming lack of energy. By the time I got to session three with Kay, I made the difficult change and moved the boulder. Without Kay and the support of friends, this wouldn't have happened.Kay has superb listening skills, gets right to the heart of matters and receives my highest recommendation. More...


Cathy C.

7 April 2009

Making concrete changes are a hurdle that can be difficult for the most motivated and committed of us. Kay offers tools that cut to the chase and can make a real difference in shifting the forces that keep us stuck in old patterns and behaviors. She is truly caring and focused on moving her clients foward. Her honed listening skills help her tailor her therapy based on your unique personal story. Her guiding points  function as messages that self-loop to keep you on track. Kay is a tremendous resource I whole-heartedly recommend. More...


Sarah G.

22 March 2009

I highly recommend Kay Heatherly.  As a psychotherapist myself, I have been around the block, twice, exploring a wide variety of healing methods, some useful, some leaving me mourning the gaping whole in my wallet with nothing to show.  Kay is one of the most helpful practitioners I have ever seen!  Here are a couple of examples of what Kay has done for me:  1)I have a public presentation and feel totally overwhelmed and uncertain-Kay takes me to place of feeling confidant, powerful, knowledgeable, etc., and that is truly what happens when I am making the public presentation. 2) I've let myself go a bit with my healthy eating habits and yoga practice.  After some sessions on this with Kay, I am eating better, going to yoga more, and mysteriously lighter and more toned.  It doesn't matter what it is-if I'm experiencing a rut in some area of my life, Kay can quickly get me back on track.  Warm, intelligent, and easy to talk to, Kay is an excellent practitioner! More...


Colleen O.

6 January 2009

What I love most about working with Kay is that not only does her work and her presence help get me grounded but she also has a very strong "BS" detector. I think this is instrumental in her ability to be an especially clear guide in creating the space for her clients to find their way out of their own muck. I know that's been the case for me. While regular therapy certainly has its strengths, I feel that hypnotherapy is like the fast track for moving past old beliefs and unhelpful patterns of thinking; Kay's kind yet no-nonsense approach is perfect for getting you where you want to be. More...


Kapiolani M.

18 December 2008

I was at a point in my life where I felt like things were falling apart and I had lost my direction.  A good friend of mine suggested that I talk to a therapist because it helped her out a lot.  I've had a previous experience with a therapist and didn't like the outcome at all so I decided to try something a bit different.  I got on Yelp and found Kay.  I read the great reviews that she had received and decided to give it a try. I met Kay for my first appointment and immediately felt comfortable with her.  She is such a wonderful person that actually cares about what you say and think.  I had only 3 sessions with Kay, but I could feel a difference after each session.  I was really able to relax and de-stress during our sessions.  I was able to be completely honest with her without that judgemental feeling you get from some people.  It was really great to be able to talk to someone that would listen to what you're actually saying.  I would highly recommend Kay to everyone! More...


Lori B.

28 May 2008

*Update- My most recent appointment with Kay was in February 2009 and I'm still doing well.  I continue to listen to the CDs of my sessions and it's as if I'm continuing working with her. If anything new comes up in my life in the future, I will definitely seek her out again to help me resolve my issues.  She's truly wonderful!  Thank you Kay!*Kay Heatherly is amazing!  I've only had three sessions so far with her, but I cannot believe the changes that are happening inside my head, heart and soul.  She's helping me get over grief that I've carried for almost 20 years.  I'm taking better care of myself and I feel great about myself.  I've literally never felt this good about my life or myself.  She's turned me around completely.  I didn't think it was possible to get this far.  I've seen regular therapists and it's "ok" but it never clicks, it never stays with me, and the therapist always glosses over the problem and moves on without me being ready.  Kay listens to me, understands what my feelings are, gets to the root of my problems and with the combo therapy and hypnotherapy, ahhh, all I can say is she is brilliant.  She is worth every single penny.  I wish I had found her years ago.  Maybe I wasn't ready then.  But thank God I have her now.  She is saving my life.  Not literally, I'm not suicidal or anything, it's just that she's making my life something I'm excited about!  I'm actually getting happy!  Do you know what that feels like?  What an amazing feeling!  Free, happy and excited about life.  If you are looking for a therapist for any reason, Please consider Kay.  She is amazing.   She can help you. More...


Karen F.

3 May 2008

I hate to admit it, but I've kind of been letting things go over the last few years.  I had gained some weight and hadn't really made any serious attempts to quit smoking.  I finally decided that I was tired of being a fat smoker, but knew I would need some back-up. I've been seeing Kay for the last several months, and feel that her guidance has been instrumental in keeping me on track.  She really helped me get my mind to the right place it needs to be in order for me to stop smokin' and get movin'.  She has a lot of good information on nutrition, and helps you critically think about the choices you make.  I'm not sure what kind of mental shift occurred, but I definitely walk more, eat better, and weigh less now that I did 4 months ago.  I actually feel motivated to stay healthy, and I haven't picked up a cigarette since the day I decided to quit :)It feels great! :) More...


Erica G.

28 September 2007

I saw Kay 5 times and it changed my life. I had chronic back pain for 8 years following a back surgery and had tried everything: acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, arnica, Ben-Gay, Salon Pas, therapy, group therapy, steroid injections, trigger point injections, even Botox injections (in my back). I had taken pain pills daily for 8 years, and at the point I saw Kay, I was having other bizarre physical symptoms too.I went to Kay with a very targeted plan of wanting to get a handle on my physical pain. We worked on that almost exclusively and talked about other issues only insofar as they might impact my pain.Kay is one of the most attentive listeners I've ever met. She takes her cues from you for what you want to work on and uses your own language to communicate with you in a way that is most effective for you. She makes you a CD each week that she asks you to listen to each day, as a way of retraining your brain in the new, more positive path you are working toward. I believe that the brain sets down grooves, ways of thinking about yourself or your body and gets stuck in those paths. I think it takes a daily commitment over a few weeks to lay down new tracks, so it's important to follow her instructions and listen to your CD each day.I read a book right before seeing Kay, which I think might have opened my mind to the experience, called "Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain" by Fred Amir. He didn't go to hypnotherapy, but he advocates some brain retraining techniques that I think are similar to hypnotherapy.I had my back surgery at 25, and during the years of pain, I had resigned myself to an early old age, a life of limited physical ability and holding back my friends and family. After seeing Kay, in 5 short weeks, I literally had a whole new life, with almost no pain. I take no pain pills now, I lift heavy objects, pain is only something that enters my mind occasionally, like normal people. It is not my constant companion. I can't thank Kay enough.I know this may sound new-agey and woo-woo, but I literally tried EVERYTHING ELSE, and this is what worked. More...


Pat M.

28 March 2006

First of all, she puts you at ease, and lets you know you are safe, and  in a serious place-not what we usually  associate with hypnotism.  She asks you what you would like to free-up or modify in your life. She listens non-judgmentally, asks some questions, explains what hypnotherapy REALLY is and relaxes you. She will make tapes specifically for YOU to immerse yourself in and she  will care how you are doing. She is a guide and will become a friend.Pat M. San Francisco More...


Nish N.

22 December 2005

I met Kay years ago and will admit at first I was pretty hesitant about hypnotherapy. But Kay and I became good friends so I figured I'd give it a shot, hoping that she would not make me bark like a dog or assassinate a foreign diplomat, or something like that. I say this in jest, of course, because what Kay does is not something hokey but rather something quite therapeutic. In essence, she helps you work through anything you want to discuss, offering up subtle suggestions and guidance on how to overcome issues, problems, etc.  I would say that the more specific you are, the better your results will be i.e. quitting smoking is easier to work on than just feeling better about yourself.Kay's a great spirit, very understanding, very approachable, and someone I'd recommend when you are trying to overcome or better yourself.  Look at hypnotherapy as a means to improve yourself, much like using a personal trainer for your physical self. More...

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