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Kathrine Breeden - Be Kind To Dogs logo

Kathrine Breeden - Be Kind To Dogs

Chandler, Arizona

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Kathrine Breeden - Be Kind To Dogs logo

Kathrine Breeden - Be Kind To Dogs

Chandler, Arizona

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I am the only Bond Based teacher in Arizona! My methods are scientifically proven, based on a gentle, compassionate and effective approach. I never use shock, choke or prong collars or do anything that would frighten, intimidate, hurt or startle your precious friend.


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Ashley Hippler

25 May 2018

Kathrine is an amazing trainer she will love your dogs as much as you do! She uses force free training so no shock collars, hitting or anything that could potential cause stress or dissatisfaction in your pet. Instead change will be created by the bond between you and your dog. When I saw the relationship she built with my dogs it proved to me that the training is all in our relationship with our pets. Remember, it takes investment on our part as a human to remain consistent in working with the tools that Kathrine provides us. Our dogs are living begins and complete change does not happen overnight but a little bit does happen at a time and it was a great feeling for me and my dogs to achieve little victories to a larger goal together. Once she starts working with you she invites you into her online community where information can always be found as she actively updates it. Even when my sessions were completed if I had a question or concern I could still reach out to her. I often felt that all because she left for the day that we did not leave her mind. She would check in with an idea or simply be interested in our progress. When my young dog unexpectedly died I emailed Kathrine asking her what to expect with our other dog. What I received back from her was the warmest support when I felt like my world was crashing down. Kathrine often checked in to see how I was doing and unknowingly to her became one of the biggest supports in my grieving process. You have likely been doing some research and have found many potential trainers but if you want one who goes above and beyond give Kathrine call. More...


groomervstheworld .

25 May 2018

Katherine is an amazing trainer. Her force free methods are proven to work and they have an immediate effect. We are so happy she does what she does and continues to help pets get the training they need.


Jazz Morgan

25 May 2016

Kathrine is wonderful! Really knows dog behavior and is a delight to work with. Be ready for her visit with a recording device as she will give you soooo much information you’ll want to remember it all.


Sara Barth

25 May 2016

We were so very lucky to get a recommendation from our Vet to see Katherine. I was frantic and upset over an incident with my dog and my child and Katherine not only helped us deal with that situation, she helped us with so much more. She came to our home. Interacted with our dogs (and children, no extra charge for dealing with the children!) and after some time spent with the family, she quickly and accurately determined our problem. She helped us conquer that problem and my unfounded anxiety and we moved on to a few other issues that have greatly improved the quality of life for my pups and of course the whole family. I am so very happy with the help she provided. Cannot recommend her enough! More...


Terry Cooper

25 May 2016

I highly recommend Kathrine Breeden for dog training / behavior ! She used to be in my area in Texas and I was sorry to hear she had moved to Arizona .....but now you guys have a great trainer in your area! I have had dogs my whole life (shetland sheep dogs) however a few years ago I adopted a 4 year old Chocolate Lab (Ruthie) and I really did not know much about the breed other than how smart and gentle they were. I had some questions about a couple of behavioral things and what Kathrine did was teach me what to do and explain what was going on and why my dog did certain things . She evaluated her personality and put my mind at ease because I then had valuable knowledge and a clear understanding of my dog...something a book or googling would not have been able to do ( a book can only generalize about the breed , not YOUR dog). She trains through positive reinforcement and reward ....which is the only way as far as I am concerned . Kathrine is wonderful to work with ! More...


Hippie-Lady 824

25 May 2016

Kathrine is an amazing trainer. She not only uses force free methods, but is an official Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer. I would recommend Kathrine for all of your dog training needs. More...


On Q Dogs

25 May 2016

Very knowledgeable trainer! If you are looking for a force free trainer that can get you results, Katherine is a great choice!



7 December 2010

We found Kathrine on the internet through the Victoria Stillwell website. We have a 4 year old Cavachon who is very sweet however he did not do well with other dogs. My first conversation with Kathrine was on the phone. It was very informative as well as thourough. Katherine quickly identified what she thought we would need to address however said she would make a full assessment once we met in person. Prior to our meeting she sent our family information to read prior to our scheduled training session. The day we met with Kathrine she was on time and quickly prioritized the issues we needed to address. We soon discovered that we needed the training. We saw immediate results once we began using the techniques Kathrine taught us. Katherine is very passionate and shares her techniques in an easy to understand way. She follows up via email to check on the progress and will answer any questions you may have. Our dog is now enjoying his walks on the greenway as much as we do! I highly recommend Kathrine for your pet training needs. You will learn as much as your pet! More...



7 June 2010

I found Kathrine's name on a certified behaiorist list on the internet. She has been just wonderful! My Lab X herding dog was becomming a handful and I knew it wasn't just him, I needed the work too. The first phone call she returned lasted over 2 hours as she explained what we would be doing and got a feel for my pup. She explained how agression in dogs is fear based and how we needed to identify his fears and work through them. Over the last couple of months, he is becomming much calmer and doesn't think he needs to challenge every dog we meet. Her methods are based on what the dog is thinking...making it a lot easier to communicate with him. All interactions are postive based, so the dog sees the session as a good time, making him more likely to want to do what is asked of him. She sends me articles and gives me written instructions, she answers all email questions when I have them. I honestly don't think we could have asked for a better trainer/behaviorist. I would reccommend her anytime! More...



3 February 2010

Kathrine literally saved our dog’s life! We have a perfectly behaved 4 year old Hungarian Vizsla 99% of the time, but Diesel had bitten twice, and it was when this happened a third time and we had taken the agonizing decision to have him euthanized that by chance we found Kathrine. The unusual thing about our relationship with Kathrine is that she has never met Diesel, because we live 5,000miles away from her in France! She has been working with us for several months now and Diesel’s behaviour has changed dramatically. Kathrine has a profound understanding of dogs and their behaviour, and an abundance of knowledge and experience. Her clear and positive approach enables us to take and follow her verbal instructions over the phone and with the help of video clips, pictures and written articles which she sends to us via e-mail, together we have been able to identify Diesel’s problems and make massive improvements in his behaviour. I would highly recommend Kathrine and her techniques. More...



2 February 2010

We started using Kathrine Breeden's services after bringing a second dog into our home. We encountered all sorts of behavioral issues: submissive pottying, jumping up on people, fights between the dogs, to the point that our home was becoming unbearable. Kathrine taught us many "tricks" for dealing with the unwanted behaviors. Her approach is very loving to the dogs, but practical for owners. In just a few short weeks, the potty issue is gone, the fighting is no longer tolerated, and the jumping up has been greatly reduced. The dogs seem much happier, and we owners are definitely happier. Even my husband, who was quite reluctant to engage a trainer, has been impressed. I have highly recommended Kathrine to my friends with dogs, and will continue to do so. More...



30 October 2009

We were referred to Kathrine a little over 4 years ago when we brought home our golden retriever puppy, Emmy. Kathrine came to our house and took time observing our dog and her puppy behavior as well as our own. She guided us on how to send positive, understandable commands that Emmy would respond to. Her advice was invaluable and we now have a dog that will respond to our 2 year old daughters commands - literally. More...



1 October 2009

I was at my wits end when Kathrine was recommended for behavioral problems I was seeing in my Labrador. She spoke with me over the phone, to gather the information about the situation, and when she showed up she came prepared with the tools necessary to help properly diagnose the problem. She not only showed me what I needed to be doing, but she had typed instructions should I forget once she left. I followed her training schedule and within 30 days saw remarkable results. I would highly recommend Kathrine! More...



17 September 2009

We had our Bull Mastiff go through the basic puppy training classes, however it was not enough. We needed more for our dog and us. Kathrine came recommeded to use from Every Dogs Day owner Lori Myers. We interviewed several dog trainers and from our first meeting we knew Kathrine was the person for use. She spent time getting to know us, our life style, what training we had done in the past and time observing our dog. After assessing all the elements, Kathrine put together a training program to help both our dog and us. Her approach is gets positive results and is all about reinforcing positive behavior - Be Kind to Dogs. Thanks Kathrine More...



10 September 2009

A friend of ours recommended Kathrine to us when we were planning to get a dog. In our first meeting, Kathrine taught us good, effective techniques that we could use right away. Our miniature schnauzer has improved dramatically at walking on leash without pulling, staying calm when left home alone, and refraining from barking at strangers. When we've sent her emails with questions in between sessions, Kathrine has always responded with generous, helpful replies. We recommend her without reservation. More...



4 September 2009

Kathrine's approach to training is the most effective I have ever had the chance to experience. Kathrine helped me work with one of my foster dogs and quickly shaped the dog's behavior. She gives her client the tools to continue her effective training methods and always ensures that you can accomplish the objectives before leaving you on your own. I will certainly recommend her to anyone who adopts a Coton from me in the DFW area and also any of my friends or acquaintances who need help with their dogs. More...



3 September 2009

Not having a puppy for over 20 years, but have had other dogs, what's to it, yeah, no problem - that was my 1st mistake. After trying and trying i contacted a vet recommended trainer & boy did get more than i bargained for! Kathrine Breeden is very direct and you can tell her passion for animals. I've had 2 sessions w/her and my 6 mo. old lab mix and i am learning the "tricks" on training a puppy - like training me first. Kathrine is patient with the owners, but will call you out if also make mistakes - which owners do need in order to have a well behaved "pet". Kathrine does follow up phone calls and makes recommendations as well. for future "trainees", I recommend Kathrine to other pet owners to make your pet part of your home! More...



2 September 2009

As a 1st time dog owner, I had no idea how to work with a dog from the shelter. Kathrine helped me see that my miniature poodle was nervous & needed a calm, quite atmosphere and lots of love. He's now confident with people & other dogs, even cats! She not only helps me with behavioral questions but offers sound, informed advice about diet & exercise. I don't know what my dog's life was like before he ended up in the shelter, but he will only know Kathrine's techniques of positive reinforcement for the rest of his days. More...



2 September 2009

Kathrine Breeden is very experienced, knowledgeable and practical in her approach to dog training. I adopted a rescue dog that is wonderful but came with many issues. She is a sincere advocate of dogs and is helping me to know how to be in control and help our little guy be more confident, calm and less fearful. This has helped to decrease unwanted behaviors and make him a happier dog and us to have an even better time with him. I highly recommend her approach. It is positive and produces results. More...



31 August 2009

Miracle WorkerAfter 13 years with the “perfect little dog”, Tess had congestive heart failure. Because she was a shelter rescue dog, there was no question that we would find another angel at the SPCA. When we went to get another dog, there she was----a cute, sweet, little calm “benjie” dog that made our hearts skip a beat. She was already housebroken, and would be the perfect little hostess to our frequent guests. WRONG……. Our little terrier mix, or should I say terrorist mix, did NOT like anyone in HER house, and decided the formal dining room was her potty place.WHAT WERE WE TO DO? We had already fallen in love with the furry terrorist. Our prayers were answered when I went online for in- home dog trainers. The name that jumped out at me was KATHRINE BREEDEN. Kathrine came to our home and in less than an hour, our little terrorist had turned back into the dog we had hoped for. With love and positive reinforcement, Kathrine was a miracle worker. She trained US on how to make Abby do what was expected of her. The 2 hour session was very affordable and well worth the charge.Kathrine is still only a phone call away when an unexpected behavior problem comes up. She will talk us through it. ( I laughingly tell her she is just like the pediatrician that I called on a regular basis when I had a newborn with colic) In my opinion she is the BEST of the Best and very professional.Before you decide to get rid of your misbehaving pet, give Kathrine a call. She will get your home back to the calm haven it once was. AP McKinney Texas More...



29 August 2009

Kathrine Breeden is absolutely fantastic with dogs. She gave me wonderful advice and tips that has been more than helpful and made peace in my home.



28 August 2009

Kathrine was recommended by the staff of where I take my dog, Louie, for grooming. Louie is adopted and since he had lived in several homes previously, I wasn't sure how to change some of the behaviors that came along with him. I had sessions with Kathrine where she showed me the best methods for leash training, socialization and to help him cope with his fear of thunderstorms. She also suggested the best dog foods and taught me how his eating habits could have a huge effect on him. Kathrine's sensible and straight forward approach to dog and people behavior modification was easy to understand and easy to remember. I use her techniques with Louie every day. I realized very quickly that having a dog that is trained is so much easier and more pleasant than having a dog that is training you! I highly recommend Kathrine. More...



28 August 2009

Kathrine joined our family as pre-school teacher for us and our new puppy the very day our coco came home! Kathrine guided us on everything from how to set up a crate station to clicker training on basic commands. She has information on when certain training must be completed in order to have a socially acceptable and loving pet. Kathrine is very professional and provided us with invaluable information. More...

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The aspect of my job that I love the most is seeing the joy the pet parents experience as they learn how to build a bond, based on trust, with their precious pet and the resultant improvement in behavior that produces.

A deep rooted intense desire to help pet parents and their dogs navigate the world successfully!

Clients should choose me because I'm the best trainer in the Valley! Joking aside, I am the most knowledgeable, experienced and educated Bond Based trainer. My education is readily available on my website. I offer a wide variety of one-on-one services at affordable prices at days and times to suit your schedule. Numerous veterinarians have been recommending me for many years because they can trust me not to frighten, startle, hurt or intimidate your dogs! Call today!



1hr phone consults can be highly effective at addressing all kinds of problems from potty training to fear of strangers. Most suitable for people who are outside my service area or on a very limited budget. Phone consults are backed up with written handouts to provide more detailed information. Full details on my website, www.bekindtodogs.com

Having a baby is a very exciting time! It's also a great idea to plan ahead and be sure your dogs will be unfazed by the arrival of the new family member. My 1.5 hr session in your home will provide you with invaluable information on being prepared for the big event! full details on my website, www.bekindtodogs.com

Getting a new puppy is very exciting but can also be daunting. Planning ahead and making sure your house is suitably organized and your resident dogs aren't upset by the new arrival is essential. You can avoid so many problems by taking my Pre-Puppy class in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Full details on my website, www.bekindtodogs.com

The 4 session package of lessons is ideal for pet parents with puppies and adult dogs with basic behavior challenges such as jumping up, pulling on leash, nipping/mouthing, destructive chewing, barking and all non-aggressive or extremely fearful behaviors. Full details on my website, www.bekindtodogs.com

Part Two 4 session package is available to clients who have completed the Part One 4 session package. It takes your relationship with your dog to another level as you learn in more detail how to deepen the bond with your dog and address existing and potential future behavior challenges. Full details on my website, www.bekindtodogs.com

The 8 session package is mandatory for extremely fearful and aggressive behavior issues. It is also ideal for new puppies and all adult dogs. Full details on my website, www.bekindtodogs.com