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Kathleen Felion Photography is proud to offer event and portrait photography services for Northern California.
We also offer Destination Weddings International and Domestic.
In addition to portrait photography, we added a DJI Phantom III Drone coverage to our Wedding and Event package for those one-of-a-kind aerial views of your event!


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28 April 2019

She has been very professional so far and I have seen her work. I am so excited for her to do our engagement and wedding!

Looking forward to it too April!! Thank you!


Samantha Alejo

25 July 2018

I LOVE Kathleen! She worked my engagement and wedding! Now she will be doing my maternity and newborn photos shortly. She has worked with my family and I for a while now and has become a true friend. She knows what you want before you even know what you want and she works with you for anything and everything. All you have to tell her are your ideas and she can put them to work and they will turn out magical!! More...


Barb Pires

24 April 2018

I hired Kathleen for high school senior portraits. She is quick to respond, her prices are great, and she is awesome to work with.!! We met in Old Sacramento and she had great ideas for portrait backgrounds. She made my daughter feel very comfortable during the session and we had lots of laughs! I would definitely recommend her and look forward to using her again in the future. (Her assistant is great too!!) More...

Thank you Barb! Yes u and Kylie were great to work with and she’s just gorgeous!! Congrats to making it through 4 kids !! You’re a rockstar!


The secret is not to "take a photograph" as I believe anyone can do that. I MAKE photographs and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. That is my ultimate goal. That little moment of your life frozen in time - I love looking back at my photos and album of my wedding. I see something I missed every time and had no way of remembering at the time it was going on because I was so preoccupied with guests, and timelines, etc. That is what a photographer provides. You don't need to stress on the details, I do. You just enjoy your family, your surroundings, your session. I'm not big on "traditional poses" of clients, especially kids because I don't think it captures your true personality. In some cases it's necessary to pose you to get your best look, but I typically stray from that mindset.

Ultimately what are you hoping to accomplish? It is very typical of photo clients to be nervous and feel at odds with the process of standing in front of a camera. Stress and nerves show in the face first, and I always like to know what insecurities you may have about being photographed. As much detail you can provide of your event, your themes and style is paramount. I provide free consultations both before and after the event to go over details, and in the end, the final product ( mostly for weddings ) to determine what final products best suit your needs. Consultations either by phone or in person, are a great way to get to those little details you may forget, or not realized you need until you actually talk to a pro.

The lasting memory of a photograph that told your story, your way.
Working with different people, different ethnicities, families, professionals. I read that a secret to a long happy life is based more on your interaction with people throughout your lifetime, more than what you eat or how much sleep you get. I truly believe in connections, even if it's only for 1 hour. Those connections can lead to other connections and take you places you never dreamed you would go. An example is I met a family from Afghanistan a few years ago when they had their child's 1st birthday party, met them on a service similar to Bark. They had another child and I recently was called back to celebrate his birthday after the child spent his first 19 months with liver failure and they thought they were going to lose him. They thought of me to celebrate his survival and his life going forward as he was cured of his disease and it was such a joyful time for this family. They have relatives from Syria and Saudi Arabia. They were the warmest, kindest people - both times - and wanted nothing more than to show they are just like the rest of us when it comes to family and friendship and we don't hear that in the media. It was a great experience meeting these people, and if I wasn't a photographer, I doubt I ever would have. A second instance is more macabre, but I also provide free photo services for NICU units where unfortunately, the baby in the facility isn't expected to live and go home. Some parents want photos taken of them with their babies before that day comes so they have a memory and something to look back on that this beautiful being was real and had a life, however short. This is heart-wrenching for me as a photographer, but no where near what these parents and nurses go through and providing that little piece of paper with their child imprinted on it is invaluable, so i'm proud to be a part of that process.

Photography is such a subjective medium. You have your own vision, but you need to keep the vision of the client at foremost importance.
I've worked for people that don't run their business consistently and that essentially push their own agenda on clients because the photographer or photo company is more concerned with print competitions and profit. I of course am in this to support myself and my family, I don't pretend that making money isn't a priority, but I'm not going to subject my customer or myself to the pressure of forcing a session if our styles don't match or if your event or request is something I am not proficient with and don't believe I can deliver a product at the end of the day that will give my customer the satisfaction that they received something of value. My customers money is just as important and valuable as my time.

Value - what you receive for your investment
Timely - responsive, delivery, action.
Passion - loving what you do.



Drone coverage offered in premium wedding packages - use is prohibited in some areas, so please let's discuss this option if you are interested.