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I specialize in working with women, teens to:
-Minimize Anxiety.
-Get out of Depression.
-Find Self Confidence and Self-esteem.
-Figure out boundaries and how to keep them strong.
-Finding your way through life transitions . (e.g, separation, divorce, new parenthood, adolescence, finding life purpose, going to college)



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I love helping individuals to find ways to thrive despite the overwhelm that can often happen in life. The most exciting part of my job for me are helping clients to their own "aha" moments when things just start to fit together for them, and that sense of relief, accomplishment, and hope fills the room.

After working in the public sector I began to realize that many agencies were practicing old and rigid ways when trying to help clients through their challenges. Oftentimes it felt like a mill that treated ever client in the same way and in ways that were not particularly helpful. I continue to spend my career in researching and learning new, better, and more practical/expedient ways to help my clients get though difficult times and/or lifetime emotional and behavioral habits that get them unstuck and on their way to feeling better and relating better faster.

My clients tell me that I am a good mix of the deeply caring, non-judgmental, and empathetic professional that they need in order to feel safe along with the reseach/evidence based knowledgeable and insightful professional they need to get practical results.

Working with me, individual clients work in three important areas: cognitive (how to have more control over our thoughts), somatic (how to have more control over the symptoms/emotions that send us reeling), and behavioral (how to have more control over long-held habits). We deal in the present to help minimize the feelings of overwhelm, while tracing the problem to past triggers (and they are always there) that keep us stuck over time.

Couples and relationship clients work toward understanding each other more fully, new and better ways of communicating with each other without anger and hurt, ways to repair the damage that has accummulated over time, ways to get win-win results in the relationship rather than win-lose or lose-lose (spoiler alert: any outcome that is not win-win actually ends in win-lose).

I work from a practical perspective with what works for each client but also understand that what keeps us stuck is pretty much never logical, so empathy, trust, and care are essential in helping my clients get to their goals.