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Training consultant, designer and writer

Over 30 years' experience of designing and delivering a wide range of management development and personal development training courses, including Train the Trainer, Presentation Skills and career development.



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I love supporting people and organisations get better at what they do, whether it's someone improving their confidence and competence in delivering a presentation or a company improving their professionalism in inducting new employees, for example.

The need for variety and controlling the nature and content of my work are key drivers. I have been freelance since 1991 so it's hard to remember my initial motivations!

I'm easy to work with.

I am reliable, effective and competent. I ask intelligent questions, suggest practical solutions and always, always, always deliver on promises. I am an effective trainer who is practical and hands-on with a relaxed, informal style. If I can't do something, or I'm not the best person for the job, I'll say so.

I'm straight-forward and honest, and I only work with clients who are the same.