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Kangaroo UK helps businesses to grow online. Whether it's new customers you need or increased sales, we help businesses achieve this goal and reduce the cost of acquisition.

Our mission is to help companies discover the optimal route to finding more people to talk to online.


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Lesley Farrall

17 May 2019

Having conducted extensive research for a new website provider and host, Kangaroo UK Ltd were chosen from a shortlist of 3. We have successfully launched our new website on time and within budget, a seamless project and transition. Sharon, Peter and the team at Kangaroo are an absolute pleasure to work with, their knowledge, experience, drive and attention to detail is remarkable. Coupled with exceptional support throughout the project. They are approachable and fun to work with too! A rare 360° service. More...


Daniel Whitworth

25 March 2019

fantastic company to deal with, Pete, Sharon, Nick and Tracey are a close team that excel in managing my business marketing needs. Would not hesitate in recommending these guys to any business or person looking for some marketing assistance. More...


Jamie Mackenzie

22 March 2018

A very experienced and imaginative design team couldn't ask for better.

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Access and amends - It's important you have 100% access and can amend all aspects of your website. We provide you with everything you need (including training and video training), our sites come with simple to use widget builders including analytics, countdown widgets and designed testimonial widgets.

Website personalisation - Customers respond positively to personalised experiences. Salesforce found that "63% of millennial consumers and 58% of Gen X consumers are willing to share date with companies the exchange for personalised offers and discounts". The one-of-a-kind website personalisation tool built into our platform creates a rule that triggers a change to a site for an individual visitor based on parameters like: Date, Time, Location, Device Type, Time of Day.

Security & SSL Certification - We build sites with outstanding security built in as standard. Google will display warning signs to visitors who come to sites without SSL. It's also good SEO since Google has added it as a ranking factor and we display the green lock that comes with SSL adds trust to visitors on a site.

eCommerce - As a business grows, its website needs to adapt accordingly. This means implementing all kinds of changes on your website. When this needs arise, our eCommerce options are expandable for online store selling a single product all the way up to 2,500 products.

Have a question, please get in touch.

- Do you have a persona profile you are targeting?
- eCommerce - how many products do you have listed to advertise
- What do you want the viewer to do once they land on your site?
- Have you seen a website design you like already?
- Who do you compete with online?
- Do you have a deadline for site launch?
- SEO - Would you like Fundamental on-page SEO included before launch?
- Are you providing the copy, images and site map or would you like us to do this for you?
- Are you planning to run a PPC campaign to market the new site?

Step 1: The client meets with the web design team, share ideas, and understand the purpose of the site.
Step 2: Customer built one page website created by the web design team and shared with the client for initial feedback and amends.
Step 3: Web design team complete full build and site signed of by client.
Step 4: Website goes live. Security features set up. Back up set up. Admin access and training given to client

Kangaroo work are operate a fully transparency and ethical partnership with all clients. We will need the following documentation completing before commencing any work:

- Electronic signature for Non-Disclosure Agreement.
- Electronic signature of Scope of Work/Brief.
- Electronic signature for Kangaroo's Terms of Business.

Help as many companies as we can discover the optimal route to talking to more people online. No two campaigns are the same, thats because no to clients are the same and each campaign is tailored to match the individual requirements of our clients. Their objectives, target search landscape and budgets. This the fun part :)

If your business is not online you will either stagnate or even worse go out of business, as internet develops it will effect every type of business and industry. For this reason the team at Kangaroo are passionate in helping businesses take advantage of these new opportunities and new ways of working. We have an in-house mixed skillset to help to help most businesses maintain sustainable growth.

No two campaigns are the same. That 's because no two clients are the same. Each campaign is tailored to match the individual requirements of our clients: their objectives, target search landscape and budget. Kangaroo is one of the Midlands's leading digital marketing and design agencies and all of our products are tailored to the specific needs of the individual client.

We also believe ourselves to be one of the most affordable of the top tier agencies.

We believe that every business deserves the best, and so we will do our best to give you a highly competitive quote.

Due to the nuances of every different campaign we will require a phone, google hang out, or in-person consultation before we are able to give you a quote. These are, of course, completely cost and obligation free.

Our approach to our work focuses on sustainable business growth, and it is in this capacity that we quote for work.

Kangaroo UK work's to the very high standards. We look to build long term relationships with all of our clients.

Why not give us a call? We'll probably be able to give you a ballpark idea of cost over the phone, once we have a deeper understanding of your needs.