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Our school is licensed and accredited. We offer dog training in Basic and Advanced Obedience, puppy training, Emotional Support, Therapy, and Service Dog training, Working Dogs, as well as Tricks, and preparation for show. All of our training is done using the Kamer Praise Technique.

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Gajjthein ..

31 August 2018

We received our little girl from the breeder when she was four months old, she was enjoyable, caring and such a little character.  During our month with her she was growing, teething and getting familiar to how she wanted her house to be.  This started our journey in finding the right trainer for our puppy, we knew we didn't want flash, glam, with paper certificates and we didn't want to spend a fortune constantly buying treats.   We wanted a traditional instructor, solid and well-structured school.  We decided to have her attend Kamer Canine College.  We had a meeting with Mr. Kamer and he interviewed and evaluated our puppy to decide if he will accept her.  She was taken care of by Mr. & Mrs. Kamer and made sure my little girl was alright, the first night he had called to give us an update on her and how Mrs. Kamer stayed and comforted our little girl who was homesick.  They made sure she was taken care of with vet checkups and groomers visits.   I must say, it was a hard first week, missing her around the house.  I had told my wife you have enjoy her cuteness and fun now, and when she comes home after the training, you will love her even more.  The big questions?  Did it help my situation you may ask?  It would have to be yes, Yes, and YES!!!!  Each week we got to drive up to visit her and see how she had matured from Mr. Kamer's training.  Each training session is recorded and given to us as a lesson for us to work on at home, a video to help teach us and our happy puppy.You have to remember, it is not just having your dog in school and getting his/her training, it is also how much you practice your commands and train yourself as well. Your dog went to school and as a parent it is our job to make sure we do our best to guide them (just like little children). It is a two-way street, if you do not practice than how do you expect your puppy to understand you and what you want them to accomplish.  I don't understand what the other lady was saying how it didn't help her dog, maybe she never bothers to learn her commands correctly or spend the time with her dog.  As for myself, it was worth every penny that we spent on her training, and I have full intentions of bringing her back for more class.  Our puppy is well mannered when kids & adults approach and not lunge and trying to jump on them, surprisingly she will sit or lay down with her front paws crossed and wait patiently until I am done.  Even better, she keeps calm and controlled when we are out walking, ignoring other dogs and not barking, jumping or pulling.  I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Kamer on the care and love for teaching my puppy and how she has changed to be even more lovable.  When she grows to be at 80lbs or so, I will not worry, because she has been taught by Mr. Kamer and at their school.  She will be manageable and well behaved.   Thank you and I will see you again. More...

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Daily working with happy, sweet puppies as well as the reward of seeing them become wonderfully behaved canine citizens.

I knew from an early age that I had a predisposition toward animals. First working for a veterinarian as a child. Later as a Working Dog trainer in the USAF and then as a Studio Trainer. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by top professionals that convinced me that this was for me.

We are the nation's oldest, licensed and accredited Professional Dog Training School, operated by the same family since our inception in 1957. We are a Private dog training school whose philosophy has always been to offer the finest dog training. We offer Basic and Advanced Obedience, Therapy Training, Emotional Support Training, Service Dogs, Tricks, Tracking, and Working Dogs. My professional background is extensive and can be viewed on our web site. www.Kamercanine.com.
In addition, we avail our clients of over 400 pure breeds of dogs. Through consultation we determine what breed is best suited to your lifestyle. In considering choices, quality of animal, structure, health, temperament and intelligence are all scrutinized. The client will then have their specific needs harmonized with the dog through tailored training. We also have available for sale a selection of dogs pre-trained in any of our courses.