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Justine McKenna

8 August 2019

I love the pool and dressing rooms. Great staff.


Meshell Dandridge

14 June 2019



Devin Parker

14 June 2019

The Radisson hotel uses the athletic club as their guest pool and the staff is always so nice.


Alfredo Almaraz

27 April 2019

Good equipment and nice people.


Michael Geyer

28 March 2019

Excellent place to get in a nice workout. Has good equipment and free weights


Cherise Ezell

26 February 2019

Love this gym located inside the beautiful Radisson Plaza!!! Gorgeous pool with waterfall, sauna, hot tub, full gym equipment!!❤


Kim Campbell

28 December 2018

Good facilities. Only complaint is that it is inside a hotel. Pool is not always available for use by adults want to swim laps.


Gerald Myers

28 December 2018

Nice, clean, good staff


Mike Jones

29 October 2018

Best gym in the city. Very nice personal showers.


Shawn A Willis

31 July 2018

It was very relaxing


Lucille Hunt

31 July 2018

A place to relax and work out


Phalon Lewis

3 October 2017

I enjoy having Mr. Charles as my trainer. He encourages me to keep going.


Melinda Vanderbilt

17 June 2017

Omg I love it. So relaxing. The sound of the water fall makes the experience in the hot tub even better.


Zach Lassiter

27 May 2017

The Kalamazoo Athletic Club is located right downtown in the lower level of the Radisson Hotel... it has a beautiful swimming area, a sauna in the locker room, a nice selection of workout equipment and classes throughout the week with a friendly staff.


Christina W.

18 February 2015

This is a great spot.  Great value and customer service without being over the top. It's about $10 to get a day pass that allows you to use the gym, pool, hot tub, sauna, and locker rooms.  You can also sign up for memberships.  I was surprised by the very welcoming terms of the memberships.  This does not appear to be the membership gouging type of place. Parking is validated for up to 4 hours in the parking garage with the skywalk.  I have visited three times so far and all experiences have been pleasant.  Overall, the place is very chill and friendly. Last night I stopped in to use the pool only to realize I forgot a hair-tie.  Since I had already paid to use the facilities, and I have to use a hair-tie, I decided I would go back to the car and hope I could find one.  Kory, running the front desk, asked if I had forgotten something, and when I told him about not having a hair-tie, he offered a free one from a supply behind the reception desk.  This might seem like an insignificant detail to offer to customers, but it's really the difference on whether or not I would have been able to use the facilities last night.  THANK YOU!  I've never seen hair-ties offered up anywhere, but I wish more places would!  Girls that travel alot will greatly appreciate this. More...


Kara B.

14 November 2011

Wow! What a great gym. Located in the lower level of the Radisson Hotel and free to hotel guests.Not a huge workout area, but thats not why I was here. KAC has an amazing pool with a waterfall and hottub! The pool area also has a really sweet aquarium running the length of one wall. Its surprisingly outdoors seeming considering that it is essentially in a basement.They also have great locker rooms. Equipped with rainfall showers and a sauna, plus plush towels, its a great place to recover from all the beer in KZoo.  The only downside I noted was that they didn't have any conditioner in the showers and their products were standard cheap-o gym fare. More...

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