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Isabel Brito

8 September 2019

Our 9 month old chocolate Labrador retriever just completed the board and train program with Nicole and we couldn’t be happier with the results. This experience has truly changed our lives. We actually get to enjoy our dog now! He used to bite us a lot, jump a ton, and be super disobedient. His bad behaviour would escalate really quickly and we just couldn’t manage it anymore. After a month with Nicole, he is now very sweet, doesn’t bite us, and calms down very quickly. His recall is fantastic and he’s much more polite. We could not recommend this experience more. Thank you Nicole! More...


Deolinda Gomes

6 August 2019

We have a 7 month old male Cane Corso named Romeo. Before getting Romeo we did a lot of research about the breed to better understand them throughout their different life stages and how to properly train them. We were referred to Nicole by Romeo’s breeder as we were committed to providing him with the best training. From Nicole’s first visit before we brought Romeo home all the way to puppy school Romeo was so professionally trained; we learned how to train him and learned what to do towards difficult and challenging situations such as board and training. We are so satisfied and amazed at the amazing results! Romeo came back a well trained and compliant dog and responds to all demands! For example, I am super confident when walking with Romeo in a dog park and releasing him from his leash. Wouldn’t of done it without Nicole’s continous support, guidance and confidence. Thank you! More...


Jennii Rosa

3 July 2019

My dogs stay with nicole was nothing like our expectations, it was much beyond them! Our boy reggie went to nicole for her board and train program for 4 weeks, and wow! She identified a lack of confidence in our year old pup, and worked around his individual needs to progress to an obedient and confident dog. He no longer tugs when walking, is slowly progressing to off leash walking, and his commands are sharp and on point. Can’t thank nicole enough for taking care of our boy like it was her own, and consistently communicating with us through the 4 weeks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND K9X! More...


Shayla Bond

6 February 2019

Basically - Just hire this woman! Nicole was absolutely amazing. We hired her for her Puppy Package to with training our 12 Week old Vizsla puppy and we'll definitely be having her back for formal obedience - she even was willing to travel to us! Banjo loves her. She's exactly the type of directional training style we were hoping for - tough - but in the way an excellent teacher would push a budding student! Her years in the Vet industry helped answer any questions I had before rushing to the Vet and her training process is incredibly informative and educational. Banjo is always so tired after training with her because he's forced to use his noggin! Highly recommend. More...


Sarah-Beth Winchester

6 February 2019

Nicole is amazing!!!

I sent my very stubborn bull breed mix to her for 1 month of boarding and obedience training. This dog was so stubborn, I was at the point of considering re-homing her...when she came back from her month with Nicole and Justin, it was like I had a completely different dog! No more pulling on leash, jumping, over excitability, unruly/obnoxious behavior...she is now a calm, pleasant, and well adjusted dog who is a joy to be around and a perfect little companion for myself and my fiancé. She heels beautifully, even off leash, listens to all commands, comes back right away when called, and is very comfortable being crated while I'm not home.

Additionally, the classes being held in an urban setting really helped my dog adjust to the sights and sounds of city life and she is not nervy or anxious around cars or loud noises at all now.

Nicole herself is a pleasure to deal with. She's kind, caring, extremely knowledgeable, and her rates are very competitive.

Thank you so much guys, you've helped train both myself and my dog. I highly recommend K9X Training and Obedience for anyone who is looking to train their dog in a general sense, correcting problematic behaviors, and even specialized training that goes beyond just the basics. Nicole does it all!

P.S. I love that you've included Quinn in the cover photo for this page!

Thanks again,
Sarah & Quinn :)


Lloyd Kesper

6 February 2019

Absolutely incredible.

As a first time dog owner, I knew there was a lot of work ahead of me when it came to my Cane Corso Titan. It did not take long before I realized how over my head I was, and that help was desperately needed. After some searching, we got into contact with Nicole who came very highly recommended.

Starting with puppy classes, Nicole gave us every shred of information we needed to curb any of the difficult behavioral issues we ran into and answered any questions we had. From chewing at the leash, obnoxious barking
and most importantly the pulling on walks; everything got solved and quickly and we could see Titan turning into a fantastic dog!

We could not have been happier with the results from the puppy classes, and continued on to do formal obedience. A mixture of individual lessons and group classes made a tremendous impact on Titans behavior. Actually being able to work through any of his behavioral issues in public settings made all the difference. Learning proper heeling for walks, and the crucial commands for everyday activities was one of the most important goals we had in mind, and doing that in the actual environments that it would be used in gave me a lot of peace of mind that Titan knew how to behave in public, not just behind
closed doors.

Nicole and Justin are an absolute joy to work with! The professionalism, friendliness and knowledge they both bring to each and every training session makes each class something to look forward to. Results came quickly, if one method did not work Nicole had ten more up her sleeve!

There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to walk my dog and have people come and compliment me on his behavior. It is all without a doubt thanks to Nicole and the K9X team. Titan is absolutely amazing with other dogs and people, he is calm, gentle and listens to every word he is told without a second thought. Nicole worked through every issue we had, and was always
a phone call if we had any questions at all. Her knowledge and understanding of dogs was unmatched and our expectations for what we wanted with Titan were surpassed within months. We could not be happier with the dog we have and it would not have been possible without Nicole's help and guidance.

The training we received from Nicole at K9X was the best investment we have ever made, thank you for all of your help!


Kristen Choffe

6 February 2019

There is a dog, we call him Leo's nemeses, that we pass every day pretty well on our walks. Always on the other side of the street. Leo goes nuts every time we see him. Growling and barking and pulling. And that causes the other dog to do the same. The owner and I yell hello to each other over the noise. Today when we passed I got Leo to sit. He sat the entire time and so did her dog. And we actually got to have a conversation!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!
And all this after just one hour with Nicole! Can't wait for the next lesson. Utterly unbelievable!


Sanjith Jey

6 February 2019

Amazing. Confident. Optimistic. Fun. These are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of K9X Training & Obedience.

I reached out to K9X when I heard of their proven track record of training and rehabilitating dogs. They welcome any issue(s) no matter how problematic it may be and set you up for success.

If you’re unsure about K9X Training and Obedience, just one consultation is all it takes for you to get a great idea of how exceptional the training will be. I was convinced after one consultation and I’ve never looked back. Having a mixture of individual and group classes allowed my dog to be exposed to different situations and environments. Training was exciting and not knowing what to expect, prepared us for anything.

All dogs given the right training and leadership can succeed. K9X Training and Obedience taught me to be more self confident while training and my bond has grown exponentially. K9X teaches you to strive for greatness.

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