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Hi How are you? We have been training dogs for over 14 years! (Over 6,600 dogs Valleywide)Thank you for answering the last question on your dog! Based on a detailed evaluation at your location we give you a accurate,fair,quote!($35 charged for our car and gas expense) Please call us at 480-688-6828! Bark says this Congratulations K9katelynn! You've won the Certificate of Excellence 2018/2019! k9katelynn has over 29,300 associates with over 4500 endorsements on LinkedIn! Highest ratings on angies list for the past 8 years! Check us out on you tube! (K9katelynn) has over 600 videos with testimonials!! http://youtu.be/hKHbAtNQ0Co http://youtu.be/cvGibF3vtfs http://youtu.be/Y20HDgttCEY (copy and paste) http://youtu.be/-ZNgy4lrEiY http://youtu.be/e1fCIpA7ADk Google plus with over 885,000 views! K9katelynn has top ratings with the BBB! See many more testiomals and referrals at k9katelynn.com! We deal with the issues you deal with on a daily basis with great success! Be one of over 23,500 members on Pinterest!!II now on instant gram!

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K9katelynn Reviews

K9katelynn Reviews

Review of K9katelynn by Kennedy & Tchere
5 20/04/2019 Kennedy & Tchere

We are at the beginning stages of training our 9 week old Golden Retriever! We have a long road ahead with training, but he made us feel confident and excited! I love how personable he is, it feels like he is going through the journey with us, like a family. You can tell he is passionate about his job, and that is a trainer we wanted! Thank you again!

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you so much for the review! Great meeting you! Have a great Easter from your friends at K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Jaclyn Boyes
5 17/04/2019 Jaclyn Boyes

K9katelynn donated gift certificates to our non-profit helping us raise money for early childhood education for families in poverty and victims of domestic violence. We are so grateful for the generously of this business.

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you so much for the review! Nice to be able to give yo the community! From your friends at Phoenix dog training! K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Steve smith
5 16/04/2019 Steve smith

I really enjoyed working with k9katelynn. It was very beneficial for both us and the dogs. The dogs made a lot of progress and we learned a lot about properly training the dogs so that the progress can continue even after the lessons.

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you so much for the review! Nice working with you! From your friends at Phoenix dog training! k9katelynn.com!
Review of K9katelynn by Rachel Dyer
5 15/04/2019 Rachel Dyer

Very fast responses and they answered all the questions I had. I am excited to work with them.

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you for the review! Have a super night from your friends at Phoenix dog training! K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Joel Padilla
5 12/04/2019 Joel Padilla

Fast reply and they work very good with my schedule making it easier to not worry about work and have time for my puppy !

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you for the review! From your friends at Phoenix dog training K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Michelle Clarke
5 06/04/2019 Michelle Clarke

Wonderful company! Not only do we love their service, but they are dedicated to giving back to the community.

Thank you for generously supporting our teachers!

-- BASIS Scottsdale

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you for the review! Always a pleasure for K9katelynn.com to give the community! Thank you again from your friends at K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Amanda
5 01/04/2019 Amanda

I loved I simply clicked on here on Bark and K9katelynn responded with a text to me right away. She was very easy to schedule with and now I am all set for an evaluation.

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you for the review! From your friends at Phoenix dog training! k9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Tiffany
5 19/02/2019 Tiffany

I went into this training with my rescue dog (whom I've had for 3years) who's had severe anxiety issues from a rough early life hoping for just some basic behavioral modifications after all my routes/attempts have failed. Tom has exceeded all my expectations and has helped us reach milestones we weren't sure we'd ever reach! She's much more social, happy and when her anxiety rears, we both have better tactics on how to deal with those moments and how to move past. I highly recommend his services to anyone, even if your dog isn't having anxiety, behavioral disorder problems. My other dogs have become even better behaved since she has started training as well, in little things such as barking or waiting at the door. Trust me, its bigger than you think!

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you for the review! By you taking good notes and following up with the training you saw a great improvement! She’s a great dog! Thank you again from your friends at Phoenix dog training! K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Tami
5 11/02/2019 Tami

We reached out to Tom and K9Katelynn as there was frustration in our house as our puppy thought my husband was his playmate and would not listen to him. He is a very high energy dog and though we kept him busy (run, hikes, walks), he was still energetic and would do commands when he wanted to. He's made so much progress and the listens to my husband. Their relationship is really good and I'm grateful. It does require work-Tom isn't going to "fix" things just while he's at your home. You need to put in the time and commit to training. Would definitely recommend to someone committed to the process.

K9katelynn replied:
Thank you! He’s a great dog! Pleasure working with you! K9katelynn.com
Review of K9katelynn by Cheryl Meyer
5 07/06/2018 Cheryl Meyer

I wish there were more than 5 stars, because Tom of K9Katlynn deserves as many as there could possibly be. I was amazed at his patience with my puppy and with me. He has her doing more than I could dream of for a 6-month old puppy and her 80 yr..old owner. Thank you Tom. You are the BEST.😘

Review of K9katelynn by Madalena Harwood
5 27/05/2018 Madalena Harwood

If you are thinking about finding someone to help you train your dog(s) Tom is a great resource. He is an excellent trainer and helps dog owners through each step to make their home life with their dogs more pleasant. Tom gave us the tools and knowledge to help us be consistent with training our dogs from week to week. I am glad we did this training and highly recommend others to hire Tom if you need help in this area.

Review of K9katelynn by Michael Wittmers
5 07/09/2017 Michael Wittmers

Thank you for a great experience. We learned a lot about our dogs and how to give them positive training. Classes were on time and very professional!

Review of K9katelynn by Nathalia Hallam
5 26/08/2016 Nathalia Hallam

The training was very helpful for us and allowed us to learn better ways to handle our dog. Our dog is responding well to the new commands and the training was simple to learn.

Review of K9katelynn by MJ Jensen
MJ Jensen

I have met Kate through many community events and know that she is one of the top dog healers in Tucson. If you have an animal that needs some special care, talk to Kate.

Review of K9katelynn by Susan LaConte
5 Susan LaConte

Tom did a great job! After our first evening of training we saw an improvement in our dog's behavior. It was evident Tom enjoys working with dogs and their owners.

Review of K9katelynn by Brandy Trainer
5 Brandy Trainer

Top Dog trainer in the Valley!!!!DOG TRAINER/TRAINING.....................hope you had a great day:) Do you or others need help with your dog?:) Does your dog/puppy have fear issues? Jump? Aggression? Barks? Need help with basic commands? Advance training? Need help on swimming?Too much energy? Potty training? Pull on a lead?Bite?Dig?Problem solving? Run away?Learn how to run on tread mill? These are things we do everyday! Let k9katelynn help:) Need on line help?Great ideas can be found on k9katelynn.com..With top ratings by the BBB-A# ..top merchant on merchant circle.com, we are the leader in the valley in dog training:). .. K9katelynn is a Top merchant on merchant circle.com,,,,(over 2800 business connections on their)*with over 160 reviews and over 600 compliments) Please follow us on twitter(over 800 plus following us) for some great advice on dog/puppy issues from the leaders on the subject around the world! Look for us and add us on "Linked in" for testimonials and great information(over 5200 following us their) With over 2100 endorsements on Linked IN... Interested on keeping up with k9katelynn and what we are doing on a day to day basis? Add us as a friend on face book(over 7000 people following us their) and or Look for us on PINTEREST over 700 followers!!!....every day we post interesting ideas on the subject of dog/ dog training and inform you and our guests/friends/clients....You can also find many blogs and answered questions here on merchant circle.. K9katelynn Prides itself with a excellent reputation and uses only training methods that are conducive with building a great relationship with you and your dog!! We work with and are endorsed by many veterinarians , pet food stores, dog groomers and pet sitters in the valley ! We proudly serve the entire valley (will travel upon request to other areas) and come to you..to help you:) We will come to you and do a evaluation on you and your dog!!! Based on that evaluation we will put together both a package and pricing program that will help you and your dog achieves the results you/your dog are wanting! By doing this we give you a accurate quote and time on what needs to be done!! We are looking to build a long term relationship to help you and your dog being happy and respectful to each other!!! thank you from your friends at k9katelynn.com Thank you again for taking the time to visit with us today!!!! We also try to give back to the community by giving training sessions to charity events for those events to raise money for their charities. if you are a charity and looking to raise money for a great cause(last 14 months over $9800), please let us know!!)(look for our new videos and endorsements on our web site!! K9katelynn.com • Location: Valleywide- we come to you!!

Review of K9katelynn by Mike Wittmers
5 Mike Wittmers

Great experience. Our dogs needed some training and we were given very useful information and tools to help!

Review of K9katelynn by Tessra Norvell Decaire
5 Tessra Norvell Decaire

The best thing that could have happened to me and 2 dogs Shirley and Thor! I got discouraged but Tom was professional and encouraging!

Review of K9katelynn by Kristin Horstman
5 Kristin Horstman

I want to thank Tom at K9katelynn for donating 3 gift cards for his amazing dog training to The Joy Bus nonprofit charity! We deliver freshly cooked meals to homebound cancer patients and Tom's generous donations has been able to help us raise much needed funds for our cause! Thank you so much!

Review of K9katelynn by Rachel Senkfor
5 Rachel Senkfor

Thank you K9Katelynn for all of your help training my dog Summer. While Summer was a very well behaved dog overall, she needed some help with learning basic commands, jumping up and walking on a leash. After going through this training program, I can say that all of these got accomplished!!! Thanks again for everything!

Review of K9katelynn by Daniel Caruso
5 Daniel Caruso

The pups, believe it or not, enjoy their sessions with Tom. And all three are already experts on the treadmill. Slowly but surely they are learning better habits and Tom is quite patient and provides excellent instruction to them and to us. Highly recommend.

Review of K9katelynn by Tom Wood
5 Tom Wood

Tom has a systematic, structured, and easy to understand approach to dog training. Our Golden Doodle has come so far in the months since we started our weekly trainings with him! He shows us the steps to be followed for each discipline, and gives us the chance to practice right then and there to get his feedback. My wife and I highly recommend him.

Review of K9katelynn by Chris Mcguinn
5 Chris Mcguinn

I hired K9 Katelyn to help train my australian shepherd and liked his approach of positive reinforcement. I've done dog training classes in the past, but hands down I've never learned as much as I did by going through this program. I took at least a page of notes during every session which aided me greatly when we practiced during the week. I literally feel like I have a book of knowledge now and could train any new dog on my own now. And the only reason I think I could do that is because of the copious notes I was asked to take each week during our training sessions. My dog is super well behaved, was able to learn all the skills, and is very obedient now. I can't thank Tom and K9 Katelyn enough for helping me train my dog.

Review of K9katelynn by Megan Pope
1 Megan Pope

Found Tom very rude. He seemed to think everything we were doing was wrong. Ended up making him leave due to how rude he was.

Review of K9katelynn by Amanda Sienkiewicz
1 Amanda Sienkiewicz

I called to get more information on pricing and programs. No return call. I found someone else.

Review of K9katelynn by Eileen Dallas
1 Eileen Dallas

I met with Tom yesterday for him to evaluate my dog. I am hard of hearing and when he talked he sounded like an auctioneer. I couldn't understand half of what he said. I use a walker and he recommended a treadmill for the dog. My dog doesn't need a treadmill to learn how to do his business outside. I thought he would be able to put a package deal together, but when I tried to tell him about certain things he kind of blew me off. To top things off, he asked if there were other dogs in the house. I said no, but my friend was moving in with her dog. He then asked if we were gay. It was highly unprofessional and impertinent to ask a personal question that had nothing to do with my dog. I don't care how many awards are won or how great a trainer is...my personal business has nothing to do with the training of my dog. I can be your best source of advertisement or your worse nightmare. I prefer the latter.

Review of K9katelynn by Jill Barnard
5 Jill Barnard

From our first meeting with Tom I knew we were in good hands. He is extremely professional, knowledgable and friendly. His ability to train worked well for the trainees (us humans) and our dog, Noodles. We learned multiple commands (necessary and fun ones), he helped with safety issues and any questions or problems that we were having. Noodles is doing so well and it is directly related to Toms excellent ability to train. We are so grateful to Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone! I would not hesitate to call him for additional training or a reboot if we needed it. Make sure and do your homework- it really helps!

Review of K9katelynn by John Reeves
5 John Reeves

Tom was top-notch working with our Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Bayner. He is knowledgeable, very patient, and adapts his training methods to the individual dog and its owners. We saw tangible results every week. We had to take some breaks in training due to some travel commitments, and Tom was very flexible about scheduling. He also gave us helpful tips that would not have occurred to us, like using a treadmill and swimming laps to keep Bayner well-exercised. Tom also suggested specific toys that would keep Bayner mentally stimulated, and he had good health care tips like regularly using an ear wash and using bully bones to satisfy puppy chewing needs. Each time Tom came to the house he provided more training exercises and tips and always followed up on them. Bayner is better on a leash, obeys commands more readily, and is more fun to be around. We would absolutely recommend Tom to anybody looking for an effective dog trainer.

Review of K9katelynn by Robin Stewart
5 Robin Stewart

I met Tom from K9katelynn through a friend that graduated from his training program with her two poodles. While I was a bit skeptical at first, as I had been down the private dog training route before, I was still a bit overwhelmed with my dogs lack of obedience and anxious behavior. Tom took the time to understand my goals as a dog owner of two minature poodles and my desire to have them fully and happily integrated into our family. His organized and methodical approach to step by step training made perfect sense to me. He helped me understand that with patience and loving praise, my dogs would very soon understand the newly placed boundaries that would nurture them physically, emotionally and mentally. I quickly put into action training techniques that he taught me to eliminate jumping and we experienced, immediate positive results. Later today we did our first "walk" in the pool, also marked with great success. Each dog swam on a lead for approximately 15 minutes with short rest breaks. As I sit here now, writing this review, they are both sleeping quietly in their own space rather than anxiously demanding my attention. I realize the success of a perfectly trained dog lies with my willingness to be prepared and consistent. I am willing to put in the hard work now for the long term gain of being a pet parent to two stunning, happy and well behaved mini poodles. Thank you Tom for your honesty and courage in showing me my well intentioned tough love and rigidity in raising these dogs wasn't aigned with my desire for them to exist harmoniously with our family. If you're considering dog training for your puppy or dog, please give K9Katelynn an opportunity to get to know you and your dog. I'm hard pressed to believe you'll find a more loving and patient trainer.

Review of K9katelynn by Bob Fisherr
4 Bob Fisherr

Tom, is professional, patient with owner and pet. He prompt and will answer all your questions and give you as much time as you need. My Aussie loves him. Four stars in every catagory!

Review of K9katelynn by Cheryl S. Meyer
5 Cheryl S. Meyer

I wish there were more than 5 stars, because Tom of K9Katlynn deserves as many as there could possibly be. I was amazed at his patience with my puppy and with me. He has her doing more than I could dream of for a 6-month old puppy and her 80 yr..old owner. Thank you Tom. You are the BEST.😘

Review of K9katelynn by Meridith McCauley
5 Meridith McCauley

K9KATELYNN was recommended to us by our Veterinarian for our GSD Presley when she was just 9 months old. Presley has the capacity to be aggressive in certain environments like the Vet. We postponed reaching out to Tom because we thought we could teach her to behave; however, after 15 additional months we realized she controlled us and was misbehaving more frequently to the point where we couldn't trust her in public and she easily over powered us. So I broke down and called K9Katelynn as recommended. We are so incredibly pleased with her progress. From the first day, Presley respected Tom and listened to his training commands. Frequently, I was amazed at how well she listened to him and followed his direction. We had quite the laundry list for Tom of our expectations but over the course of 2 months, Presley has learned the commands and is progressing towards mastering them. Does it take a daily commitment? Yes! But GSDs like Presley require such devotion. Tom has provide us the tools to move forward which will ensure Presley is happy and well behaved. Thank you so much Tom! Presley is well worth the investment!

Review of K9katelynn by Audrey Platt
5 Audrey Platt

Highly recommend Tom the dog trainer for all dogs, young and old. This training saved us from needing to get rid of our aggressive and unpredictable dog. It is a lot of work on our end but it is definitely worth it. Thank you Tom!


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K9katelynn Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Helping people out with their dogs! Problem solving! Love dogs and dogs for the most love me!

What inspired you to start your own business?

Great helping people out and being successful doing it! By putting the clients and dogs needs first we all win!

Why should our clients choose you?

Bark states this.. Congratulations K9katelynn! You've won the Certificate of Excellence 2018/2019! Highest ratings with the BBB! Highest ratings with angies list for the past 9 years! Over 29,300 associates with LinkedIn! With over 4500 endorsements! 23,500 followers on Pinterest! 885,000 views on google plus! Over 6,600 dogs trained Valleywide with over 14 years of experience! K9katelynn.com

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From December 2005 to present.

Professional dog training

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Congratulations K9katelynn! You've won the Certificate of Excellence 2019


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