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James Farrell

6 May 2019

Anesh is a great trainer! highly recommended. He gave Sunny (my border collie/husky mix) and I our confidence back for off leash adventures. Sunny is about 1.5yrs old and started to test me more off leash but with Anesh teaching me how to use an ecollar properly and SAFELY (i tested it on myself first haha) we were able to get back on track with an obedient dog and an anxiety free dog dad. What i really appreciated also was that i was able to text Anesh in between our training sessions if i had a question or a lapse in my memory on how to handle certain dog situations vs. having to wait a full week to ask on our next training session. Thank you K9 Expeditions from Sunny and myself :) More...


Pooya Sayyadi

27 January 2019

Anesh is very reliable, and we have had nothing but a great experience with him.


Robyn Fleishman

28 December 2018

Anesh is one of a kind! My young Doberman started with him 2 weeks ago and he has been nothing but amazing. My dog has previously attended your typical doggy day cares which are managed like the wild west, no structure, just mayhem. I was looking for a structured day care who could keep up with my dogs training but they just aren't out there... then I finally found Anesh! Not only does he keep up with the training but also helps and works on any issues your dog has. The long hikes are amazing, my dog is loving them and being exposed to new things too! He also provides updates and sends photo's! Anesh offers a very unique service which is hard to find. Not only is he great with my dog but his customer service is top notch too! It's nice to come home after work and my dog is happy and tired. I am so happy I found him and that my girl can now enjoy long hikes in the beautiful outdoors and I know she is safe and well taken care of! More...


Johanna Balge

28 December 2018

Anesh is honestly the best with our two dogs. We have high energy, intense dog breeds that require a lot of mental and physical exercise to tire them out and Anesh delivers. They are calm and tired at the end of the day when I come home and previous dog walkers could not accomplish that. And the dogs LOVE him. I honestly think some days they are more excited to see him show up then they are when I come home. It is worth every penny to have him take the dogs and I know they are safe and well cared for and they are having an awesome time as well. More...


Nadine A.

29 October 2018

We are so very fortunate to have found Anesh and K9 Expeditions. We adopted our dog, Riley, from THS, over 1 year ago. She was rescued off the streets of Augusta, Georgia, and exhibited a variety of issues such as anxiety, distrust of people and non-social behaviour with other dogs. We tried training her ourselves without much success. In a nutshell, she was a very sweet, but difficult dog. We called K9 Expeditions and made an appointment with Anesh. He came over and assessed Riley and provided us with a list of issues which he saw as requiring immediate training. Since we were going on a vacation, we decided to board Riley with him as he assured us that he could help her during that time while we were away. Well… he was right! She was a totally, different dog when we came back. She stopped lunging and barking at other dogs while out on her walks. She started listening to us when we called her and most importantly, she learned to socialize with other dogs. We’ve boarded Riley on 2 occasions for a period of up to one week. During the time we were away, Anesh sent us daily pictures of Riley on her hikes and chilling out at night. You could tell that she was happy. We continue to send Riley to K9 expeditions for her long hikes with Anesh. She absolutely adores him, and I know that the feeling is mutual. Whenever she sees him, she becomes so excited. She runs to greet him and whimpers with excitement. She literally drags him to his van and barely glances back at us as she knows she’s in for a fun and exhausting day. We highly recommend K9 Expeditions for your training, exercising and boarding needs. Anesh is knowledgable, patient and has a love of dogs. We feel comfortable and confident leaving Riley in his care. As a owner, you can’t ask for much more than that. Anesh… Thank you for taking such good care of our Riley! You are amazing. More...


Kevin R S

1 July 2018

Anesh is a one of kind dog walker! He is a terrific person to care for your pup. He has stellar service, I love his enthusiasm and I can tell that he's excited to care for your dogs. They'll be happier and healthier with every fun hike. Thanks Anesh! More...


Shannon Holliday

27 May 2018

Couldn't be happier with K9 Expeditions. My dogs always come back happy, exhausted and clean. One of my dogs is a pretty big guy and can sometimes have a mind of his own. I have to say that I am always 100% comfortable with Anesh taking him. Puts this doggy mom at ease. More...


Victoria Duong

27 May 2018

When work demands long hours, it takes time away from being able to train and exercise my dog. Because I was around all the time for Jasper as a puppy, I was worried that my absence would cause him separation anxiety and lack of sufficient exercise. I was hesitant to leave him with anyone else, but decided I had no choice. I'm glad I made the jump with K9 Expeditions as I come home to him being well-exercised and he's even better on leash when I walk him! Not only do they provide trusted care, but those extra training perks are what I call great customer service. I highly recommend! More...


Angye Gaibor

27 May 2018

Awesome dog trainer, had so much patient with my Gucci ❤️


Anesh Srikrishnakumar

27 May 2018

Hi Everyone, this is my dog Moxie. She helped me start K9 Expeditions and her story is very unique. She was with me ever since I was 15 years old and she had lots of issues. She would constantly be under-stimulated and overfed by my family. This is my fault of course, because I lived with a family that had no dog experience. This caused a lot of weight gain and health issues. When we started hiking as a team in 2012, Moxie shed 20 pounds in just 4 months, looking like a brand new dog. She became full of energy and less lethargic. Daily hiking had kept my dog's weight healthy and consistent over the last number of years, and I hope she will live a very long life to enjoy all the beautiful trails this Province has to offer! K9 Expeditions was the decision that changed my dogs health and well-being forever! More...