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Charlottesville, VA, Albemarle

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K-9 Life, LLC.

Charlottesville, VA, Albemarle



K-9 Life, LLC. is here for YOU!
I understand, EVERY dog is different. EVERY dog LEARNS different, so it's frustrating that you read and read, and try and try different ways, just to get further backwards then you were when you started!!


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Anthony-Anttat Henshaw

18 September 2019

she showed me some things with my dog dino. i thought he was to old to still teach a few things. well she showed me otherwise now he is doing some of the new things i have taught him. others still learnin GB. she knws exactly what she is doing and animals love her More...


Katherine Wood

10 August 2019

She is a fantastic trainer! Taught me everything I know now :)


Shy Dubay

17 February 2019

So what can I say about Jessica .. well the first thing that comes to mind is she’s a GODSEND ! Ellie was in training classes in petsmart with no luck. I gave up thinking this was just how she was going to be (barking at people and pulling on the leash ) well here comes Jessica ! Within 45 mins Ellie was a totally different dog. Ready to learn more and show how great she is. Jessica is so sweet, full of energy and knows what she’s doing ! If you come into the vet office I work for and ask for a trainer Jessica is going to be who you get ! She puts you and your dogs to work and trust me you’ll both need a nap after !! I’m so thankful for her and what’s she done. I’m so excited for what will come next ..and so is Ellie ! More...


Emily Barker

8 January 2019

Our pup started to show behavior issues and we needed help. Step in Jessica. She helped us from the first phone call to her trip to our home, it's all be so helpful and we couldn't be happier with how our pup has been transforming back into his cuddly self. She's accessible, and wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend her! More...


Beth Sparling Vanda

23 December 2018

Jessica US theAlpha! Our 3 month Doxie Mandy was incorrigible and sooooo stubborn. Jessica came in & w/in seconds Mandy was submissive & doing things like leave it & sit that we hadn’t been successful. She also does a great job training US! More...


Dayna Symons

20 October 2018

Jessica helped me train my pups when nobody else would! I was quite a distance away so she set up a video chat to help me learn how to work with my dogs! I highly recommend going with her!



2 August 2018

K-9 Life saved me so many times. I was the smart college student who got a puppy her first year! It was stressful raising a pup on my own until K-9 Life stepped in! She was phenomenal with working with me over long distances! I will always recomment K-9 Life Training! More...

Thank you Dayna! I have had a blast helping you through your trials and tribulations of accustoming yourself in Penn State, and raising a new pup. Sorry this took so long to respond. I had a blast with the training session at Penn State Creamery with you last week! After the holidays I will definitely be there again for more training. You guys are doing great! Agner has gotten so big!????


Abby Farson Pratt

5 July 2018

Deven is an absolute genius with dogs: Her positive, science-based approach has helped us tremendously with our own dogs and our foster dogs. Her staff is also fantastic. We have attended multiple classes at Canine Campus and always leave with great tactics and approaches that help our high-energy, anxious, intelligent German shepherds. We recommend her classes to everyone we know with dogs. If you're looking for a dog trainer in Charlottesville, look no further than Canine Campus! More...


Genevieve Brackins

28 March 2018

Wonderful place, amazing work.


Cameron Baumgartner

21 February 2018

Fun puppy socialization class! We learned a lot of useful principles for dog training.


Jane Lawton

1 June 2017

When I first moved to Cville I took my rescue, "project" dog to Deven to see if she thought my very timid little girl was ready for training. It was obvious from that first meeting that Deven "got" Maisie. We've been training at CC ever since. Between training and Deven's suggestions for working with Maisie at home I have a transformed dog. Yes, she's still timid, but she has a happy dog life that is more than I had believed could happen for her. I cannot recommend Canine Campus too highly. More...


Celeste Freeman

12 March 2017

Good training

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The WHOLE concept!! My warm fuzzy moments are when the owners and their dogs begin to "speak" to each other. When the owner tells the dog what they want and the dog responds instantly, THAT moment, the moment when the owner looks at me with an ear to ear grin, just like a kid waking up on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought them.
That's what I love MOST about my passion.

LOST communication through traditional/ commercial dog training classes. I know this because I taught them.
I want to "CONNECT" and "REBUILD" the broken communication and build a "respect platform" between dog and owner.

Everything looks good, sounds good, but did you know that I knew at an early age, dogs would be a major part of my life.  I study animal behavior every opportunity I have. Committed to making my passion, my career, I enrolled in the Animal Behavior College and acquired certifications in Dog Training, Animal Behavior, Pet CPR and First Aid. I am also a certified Mentor Dog Trainer. I am currently attending the Dr. Ian Dunbar Academy, Udemy.

So basically...not only can I train your dog, I can also teach YOU to be your own dog trainer. 
Let's get started!