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Matt C.

6 August 2019

Trey was very helpful with my order and taking care of any concerns. Tim the delivery driver helped unload and carry wood to the side of my house because I had just gone through shoulder surgery. Great job


Eunice V.

28 July 2019

Tim, J&W's driver is excellent. He was on time, unloaded the lumber right where I needed it and was very professional. Thanks Tim!


John S.

10 July 2019

Tim today delivered my redwood to my house and did an excellent job. He was very courteous and polite. Great guy to have working for J&WThank you,John Santander


Jessica A.

3 June 2019

Very happy with the quality and costumer service. Joseph was extremely helpful. Currently working on a covered patio in one of my rental properties and was very pleased with the selection .


Chad C.

28 March 2019

I needed some redwood boards for a raised garden bed. Joe helped me find great boards and even cut them for me. He was a big help.  With good products and great service I will come back to J and W  lumber. More...


Susan S.

3 December 2018

About five months before our project started (complete demo and rebuilding two large decks), we emailed Junior and he estimated the amount of Trex material and supplies we would need.  We decided to order all material through J&W Chula Vista, with Junior being our point of contact.He helped us every step of the way...estimating amounts, timely delivery, an exchange, answering questions.  He responded to every email and phone call with accurate, timely responses; not to mention patience.  For us, this was a big, costly project and out of my area of expertise.  We really feel that working with J&W Chula Vista helped our month-long project run smoothly.Highly recommend!  These employees know what they are doing. More...


Tami C.

26 August 2018

GREAT GUYS!  Nice selection of lumber, very knowledgeable and we couldn't have asked for quicker or better service!  Thanks guys..our planter boxes turned out great! More...


Rob Green

16 July 2018

Thank you for being there when it came time to design and build our side yard gates. We found just the right stuff to make our vision a reality at your Murrieta Store.


M. R.

22 February 2018

J&W Lumber has quality lumber and friendly service.  I won't buy redwood from anyone but them.


J. B.

28 September 2017

Solid place to get wood ! I will return.


Elaine D.

18 July 2016

Chula Vista J&W Lumber rocks! Shaun helped me so much in estimating how much the project I want would cost. I wanted to make sure it was affordable for us. He also referred Techton Construction and I couldn't be happier. J&W were so patient with me since I totally called them and emailed them SO MUCH, lol. It's our first major project in our brand new home so it was nerve racking! Can't wait for everything to be done! More...


Dave C.

1 February 2016

Stopped in for a small project, great service right off the bat. Very friendly and helpful. They cut the piece I needed to length for me, which saved me some time. Seemed to have a large selection of options, including pre-made items. More...


What W.

30 September 2015

I constructed my first, second floor, off the master bedroom 11X12' deck with the help of JW Lumber in Sorrento Valley.  Usually I go to Home Depot, but was intrigued with the design help offered and advertised.This being my first experience building, I really had no idea what to expect.  I worked with a big quiet guy who was very generous with his time.  Big guy used the store computer to design the deck with me and discussed selection of wood and railing. Then gave me the design and itemized list so I could think about it.  I decided to go ahead and order the materials, had them delivered to my home and preceded to stain, assemble and construct the above deck with my husband and kids occasional help.  There were many challenges involved with building a deck for the first time.  But I soldiered onward, I used youtube and my search engine to research everything.The guys at RW Lumber were as helpful as they could be when I dropped in to buy something else to complete my deck.  They were also wonderful about giving me additional, replacement, inside pieces, of the easy rail system to finish my cable railing instillation.  I also enjoyed picking out all the finishing wood pieces from their stash.  I'm grateful that the return policy is easy, like Home Depot.Some things I was surprised by on this adventure; the design was 3 inches on paper and hard to see, the material list was not complete, it was not a "kit", the easy rail cable system wasn't EASY... it was HARD to install.But there is no fun without challenge, and this was challenging.  Great experience:) More...


Paul D.

15 May 2015

Hi Joe- review from 9 days ago...                  First I wanted to express my disappointment in that we may have miscommunicated  what was said in regards to the payment to J&W Redwood... We in fact had not paid for the entire balance at the time we had completed the fence, that being Friday after 5:00pm... In fact this was placed on our credit account and part of that is that we supply them with the names and addresses of where the material will be installed.. The process of the preliminary notice  is to protect there interests as well as the home owner... It's never intended to be used as a scare tactic...          Having worked w/J&W Redwood for the past 20 years I can honestly say they have always provided the best materials and customer service to us in regards to fencing..        Your invoice comes due on the 15th as we fully intend to pay in full. thus at that time you will receive what's called a Lien release... Although I can imagine it probably felt like a gut punch to get a letter in the mail speaking to placing a lien on your property I can assure you this would not ever happen under our watch... Matter of fact this is an industry wide practice in the construction field... So with that said I was hoping you would reconsider your previous yelp review as that J&W is an honest and ethical company who I would stand with and will continue to in the years ahead.Thanks Vice President Aanco Fence inc paul Drapeau More...


Melaine Mizell Mercado

9 May 2015

I've dealt with several people at the Escondido J & W Lumber, all have been very knowledgable and super nice. I have a beautiful redwood fence, and they gave me the name of a contractor that did a great job. Check out J & W for any of your outdoor lumber needs, I feel very comfortable recommending them. More...


Sally M.

11 April 2015

We stopped into J&W Lumber to take a look at the different decking and railing system options. Everyone there was so friendly and very helpful. They were very knowledgable about the products and pricing and even gave us recommendations for contractors who install decks. We spent quite some time there deciding on the right material and Adam helped us out a lot. We were able to see the samples in light and they have some of the samples set up like a patio, so you could see what it would look like laid out and with varying railings. The pricing was very reasonable and I'd definitely recommend checking out J&W for your patio needs.Dog friendly as well! More...


June W.

8 April 2015

Great customer service!  In my words, they are a boutique hardware and lumber store.  If you are looking for good and higher quality products, this is definitely the only place to go. They even went out of their way to drop the stain for our project off at our house since their inventory showed they had the stain, but it wasn't on the shelf.  So they kindly dropped it off at my house the next day.  They have GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and GREAT PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE.  I highly recommend them over and over. More...


Steve C.

20 March 2015

Went to JW Lumber today after biking by it. Never knew it was here. Very convenient for where I live. And they had exactly what I was looking for. And it was good quality wood, not warped or rough. So easy to pick out the pieces I needed. They had a great selection of wood and the staff were very helpful. And easy to look around and see exactly what you need. Pretty basic really, good staff, good quality wood and reasonable prices with no hassle. That's all I need. Recommend this place  to everyone. More...


Tiffani P.

31 May 2014

I am building my first word working project and visited this place after visiting several lumber shops.  This place is not only very organized but had so many options to choose from.   The topper was the associate that helped me.  I didnt get his name but he is a tall fellow.  He was so very helpful and knowledgeable, he answered every question and was encouraging to me for my project!! More...


Art L.

16 January 2014

Very friendly employees and a great selection of wood and some hardware.  As long as you're next expecting a mini home depot, this is a great place to consider.


Sara B.

26 November 2013

Yesterday, I had to call to get some samples for a project that my company is doing and Corey, one of the sales reps in the Sorrento Valley office, answered all my questions and even went out of his way to drop off samples at my office the same day!! Excellent customer service and excellent product knowledge. I would give Corey a raise if he were working for me! More...


Richard D.

30 July 2013

EXCELLENT SERVICE AND PRODUCTS;I recently made two purchases of redwood lumber to be delivered for construction of two pergolas at my home (total of 80ft. length between the two pergolas).  The staff's service was excellent and accurate.  The lumber that was delivered was of the same quality as I had selected (some had to be ordered).  The delivery (curbside) was prompt and courteous.  I have more projects ahead and will return for additional purchases.  Bravo to all at J & W who create such a good impression.  Tambien, dos empleados hablan espanol! More...


Alfredo B.

8 September 2012

I have to give my deepest thanks to J&W Lumber.  I was faced with having to get a large beam cut to size and they were nice enough to cut it for me when I went to their office.  Their customer service is excellent and I recommend them on that strength. I'll make sure to get my future lumber needs from them. More...


Erin C.

20 March 2009

Ok its probably weird to write a review of a lumber yard but I was impressed with this place. We were thinking of replacing our deck with Trex or some other composite decking. Tired of sanding and staining just to have the termites eat it up again. The staff was really cool and super helpful. Also they knew what they were talking about. Which is so refreshing these days. We took in our measurements and they priced it all out for us and we did a comparison price of regular wood. Trex isn't cheap about 3x more than wood but the price is built into the initial investment. They have an e-mail list too and will let you know of sales and specials. They had some discontinued trex lines on sale. Really half the price. Lots of it in stock too which is awesome cause Home Depot only has one color in stock and you have to special order all the railings. Bottom line... if you have a wood project go here! More...


James F.

10 December 2008

J&W Lumber (formerly known as J&W Redwood) - their Sorrento Valley location is right across the street from the Sorrento Valley Coaster Station. I needed to get some redwood boards to replace some boards on a deck and some deck cleaner, and I found their staff to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly.They have a great selection of different grades of redwood and other hardwoods for outdoor construction (decks, fences, patio awnings, etc.) and a selection of products to go with them (sealants, stains, cleaners, etc.) - but not much else since it's just a lumber yard and not a whole hardware store. But it's the place to go for redwood in San Diego. More...


Sylvia C.

21 January 2008

For wood/fencing needs, my husband and I go to J.W. Lumber. The staff is efficient, courteous and very helpful. Each time we have had to purchase lumber supplies and/or wood stains, the staff is willing to answer our questions as well as help load the wood into our car.