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Founded in 2007, Just Mind is a boutique collection of counselors in Austin who offer their patients a comprehensive list of psychological services. Their mental health professionals are trained to meet the unique emotional and diagnostic needs of their clients in a welcoming and safe environment.


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David Aitkenhead

27 April 2019

Last week, while attending the 2019 Conference on Crimes Against Women, I had the distinct blessing of learning from and conversing with Dr. Donde Sapana. Without doubt, she is a remarkably astute, knowledgeable, articulate, and professional scientist/psychologist. Her goodness, kindness and empathy flows readily in her words, her tone, and in her beautiful smiling face. If the only way I could meet her was to create a purely fictitious personal issue, I'd surely consider it. (Just kidding.) More...


Nadirah Kofi

18 February 2019

inspiring and uplifting posts


Amy Willis

27 January 2019

I’ve been working with Marian for almost two months and she has been so wonderful. My experience with Just Mind has been nothing less than exceptional from the very first phone call to the office. Communication has always been great and I’m so thankful to have found such an amazing therapist to work with with. I would highly recommend Just Mind to all of my friends and family. More...


Dina Gioldasis

28 December 2018

Life’s changing experience. Marian Thompson is truly an angel! I am so grateful to have found her! I catch myself throughout the day thinking about the progress I’ve made with her, and I just feel so completely blessed. Also, I love the office decor and atmosphere. Endless appreciation! More...


Tofik Khan

9 November 2018

Tofik. Khan


Jessica Sanchez

29 October 2018

My son recently starting seeing Patty at Just Mind for his anxiety and learning better coping skills. He loves it. They are still in the getting to know you/ trust you phase of therapy so I haven't seen a ton of progress, but I know that it is a process. He looks forward to his therapy every week. I know that Patty is going to help my son and I'm happy to have found Just Mind. More...


Annie Franzen

7 October 2018

Marian is excellent; highly recommend Just Mind!


Heather Hanlin

30 July 2018

I've been very impressed with the set up at Just Mind. I can't speak for all the therapists but ours is excellent!


Matthew Sanchez

30 July 2018

Great owner, great therapist. Truly genuinely caring people.


Shamim Amin Momin

27 May 2018

i feel more comfortable in my life and start thinking a positive . and even i can share my feeling with my husband.


Samantha Casarez

27 May 2018

I am so happy with my experience thus far. Linder is so easy to talk to and I look forward to our meetings every week. She makes me feel comfortable when I have literal word-vomit and ramble on for a bit.



27 May 2018

My experience with Helen has helped me tremendously. She's helped me make sense of problems that I wouldn't have been able to comprehend on my own. She's been an integral part of my growth at a very tumultuous point in my life by helping me better understand my emotions and has been a huge support role in my life as of recently. Her positive attitude, feedback, and suggestions have only helped move me further in the right direction. More...


Ben Anderson

27 May 2018

I am writing this review at the request of my 11 yo son. Loren Lomme has done both him and my 14 yo daughter a world of good and it is very much appreciated. Very professional, caring and effective. Thank you Loren! More...


scott ziegler

27 May 2018

It's great! I was contacted right away and had an appointment almost immediately. Most other places had a wait list a month plus out. Also, the availability of the counselors is very convenient. Weekends and evenings.... unheard of and work friendly. Patricia has been stellar with helping me help myself. I've been to a few counselors where I just felt very disconnected and like a number rather than a patient or person. Love Patricia and the work that she does! I always look forward to my appointments! More...


Ann D.

7 June 2016

Excellent SE work in lovely, nurturing environment. I can't recommend Dr. Donde enough!


Hope T.

12 February 2015

The folks at Just Mind are great therapists, however, they are not Life Coaches. I have worked with Teri for about 6 months and really enjoy the work we have done together.  I completely recommend Just Mind for therapy. More...


Tim P.

4 April 2014

Billy is one of the most warm and compassionate people I've had the pleasure of meeting in my time in Austin, TX. He is professional and always makes you think about things from a different perspective that you wouldn't necessarily think of right away. I miss his life advice and always listening ear! Make a satellite office in NYC! ;) If you're looking for someone compassionate and caring without being mushy or touchy-feely, Billy is the guy for you. Proud to call him a friend. More...


Texas G.

3 April 2014

Excellent collection of mental health professionals. Depression, social anxiety, spousal abuse, obsessive procrastination, anorexia, grief, et al. They provide tools to help clients grapple with all of these issues. If I could offer more than five stars, I would attach as many as possible to this review. Outside of their counseling expertise, they have great administrative staff. Many payment options available. I needed receipts to submit last minute before my FSA money was deleted. They mailed them the day I called and I got them the very next day!!! No charge to me for the postage, which was greatly appreciated. Seriously. A lot of other offices would have been like, "You can drive over and pick them up at our front desk." More...


Ernest S.

2 April 2014

Billy is a rare bird: he has both deep insight and strong compassion to help people with their struggles. My dad was a psychoanalyst and I grew up around people in the therapy field, so I have met many people who do what Billy does.Unfortunately, not all of them are great at helping others. Like I said, having compassion is only part of the equation. You also have to be insightful and well balanced in your own life.I guess some folks call him William. I know him as Billy, but the name isn't what matters. It's how he approaches things, and what he can do to help. Trust me, Billy can help. He's a kind, decent, caring person who has the right skills.And if he's not the right person to help you, you can be sure he'll be honest and say that himself. I give Billy my highest recommendation, without any reservation and with total enthusiasm. More...


Parth V.

2 April 2014

I have known William for 3 years personally and professionally. William Schroeder is warm, relatable, and intelligent and it makes him a great counselor. If you want someone who listens to you, works to understand what makes your difficult times unique and what you personally need to do to work through them, William is a great candidate for the task.  His passion for his career and clients shines through in just about every conversation he has.  He's helped me personally, and I have had and will have no hesitation recommending him to others. More...

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Helping our clients overcome their struggles and lead a more enjoyable life with a greater sense of happiness.

We have a diverse team of therapists, each with their own life story and experiences, who can help with most situations and possible diagnoses.